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Whirlpool model # ED25DQXDW04 - Everything freezes in the back of the refrigerator and it stopped making ice cubes - no water comes into the freezer side to make ice cubes. We're throwing away a lot of food that's been frozen as a result of this. We bought the frig with the house and have no owers manuals to refer to. Help!!!

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This may not be the problem now but by the sound of the malfunctioning ice maker, it could be in the future. The start device on some models of refridgerator for maytag and whirlpool have been recalled. If your appliance was manufactured in the last 5-10 years you may be having an issue with this component. Mine recently caught on fire at this device that is located near the compressor. If you would like to be a part of the petition for a recall on this appliance contact me at [email protected]

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Whirlpool model # ED25DQXDW04 - Everything freezes in the back of the refrigerator and it stopped making ice cubes - no water comes into the freezer side to make ice cubes. We're throwing away a lot of food that's been frozen as a result of this. We bought the frig with the house and have no owers manuals to refer to. Help!!!

This may not be the problem now but by the sound of the malfunctioning ice maker, it could be in the future. The start device on some models of refridgerator for maytag and whirlpool have been recalled. If your appliance was manufactured in the ... Whirlpool ED5FHEXMQ Side by Side Refrigerator

Bought new fridge freezer yesterday and the freezers is reading -18 but the ice cream is melted I loaded it with not a lot of food - ice in top compartment is frozen perfectly, big box section food is not frozen and ice cream in bottom drawer is like milk I live in spain and the fridge is a KGN 39A10 THANKS

Your refrig is under warranty . I would suggest calling an authorized warranty repair company . ... Bosch KGU32124 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Freezing problem food in the refrigerator are freezing(milk, salad, condiments etc.) food in the freezer are not completely frozen (soft icecream, frozen meats are a little soft) but the ice cubes are frozen. Maybe the take a little longer to freeze. Should I just throw this refrigerator away?

HI thanks for your question. try turning the thermostat to a lower, number. and clean all the coils at the back by the compressor. it might be all you have to do/ thanks the appliance doc. please rate my answer. thanks. ... Amana ATB1935HR Top Freezer Refrigerator

My Whirlpool fridge, a smaller model (24" wide, 22" deep, 61" high) was bought in late 2005. It has been moved a couple of times. It is now in a basement but plugged into 3-pronged outlet. It had to be moved across the room and an appliance extension cord used because its own cord wouldn't reach the outlet. But the problem has been and still is since it's been here that the bottom part doesn't keep the food cold at all, and the freezer does make ice cubes but the ice cream is soft and the frozen

If the freezer was tipped on its side to move, and you plugged it in before waiting for the refrigerant to settle - your compressor may have been saturated by refrigerant.\015\012Normally - 12 hours is recommended for refrigerant to settle in t ... Refrigerators

My Samsung RB195 fridge does not keep food frozen and won't make ice cubes. The unit was bought 2 years ago but was just taken out of the box last month when we completed our kitchen remodel. The fridge keeps things cold but the freezer is not working very well at all and seems to be getting worse. The freezer temp is reading -10 but it is clearly wrong. I have read the manual but can't find an answer. What do you think ?

Side-by-side refrigerator is a perfect expression of exquisite art and futuristic technology, n ... Refrigerators

We have a Whirlpool gb22dk refrigerator freezer. The bottom freezer keeps meat frozen but will not keep sea food ice cream bread ect frozen. This fridge came with our house which we purchased 2 years ago and is about 4/5 years old. This problem only started a couple of days ago. We normally kept the freezer at about 4/5 on the dial but last night turned it up to max and at noon today more of the sea foods had thawed. The ice cube tray remains frozen. Please help

1st.Check the freezer door gasket for any place it maybe torn or not making a 100% seal when you close the door.That would make temperature drop. 2nd.take off bottom kick plate so you can look under the refrigerator.Using a flashlight make sure ther ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

The ice maker lately rarely makes enough ice. I hear the engine grinding away but few cubes are dispensed. Little ice actually collects in the dispenser, and the 'flag' rarely descends, as there is not enough ice to trigger 'stop.' It seems like the tray is frozen in place. When it worked properly there was always a generous supply of cubes ready to be dispensed.

Hello,A faulty ice maker thermostat, a choked up water line or a defective \015\012water inlet valve could be the reason your ice maker is unable to \015\012produce proper ice cubes. There will be water line behind the \015\012refrigerato ... Bosch Evolution 800 B20CS80SNS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

The ice maker on our GE side by side kicks out cubes before they are fully frozen, resulting in water freezing in the bottom of the cube storage bin and freezing up the delivery screw with a frozen mass of hollow cubes. How can I adjust the cylce time to give the cubes more time to freeze completely?

You can not adjust the cycle time. It is controlled by a thermostat. I would need your entire model number for the refrigerator to effectively troubleshoot the issue more.\015\012\015\012Link for all appliance model numbers.\015\ ... Refrigerators

My freezer doesn't keep ice cream frozen more than a couple of hours. Other foods are frozen, but some slightly 'soft' frozen. Up until a couple of weeks ago it would produce ice cubes regularly. Now if I get 3 trays a day, that is about it. what is going on?


Some water dripping down into ice cube catch tray every time ice maker fills -- results in large frozen mass inside ice cube tray after several days.

When this happens we remove the icemaker, remove the ice chute from the back of the icemaker (usually you twist the chute to get it off}, and we then silicone seal the chute and the top of the ice mold where the ice chute sits. You have to be carefu ... Whirlpool GT2SHKXM Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

Refrigerator does not cool. Electrolux FRIGIDAIRE we moved into a new construction condo and all appliances were new we liveed in it for 6 weeks frige was fine but loud it is a model GLRT 13TEW4 serial #4A63619637 then unplugged it for 6 months to go away now plugged in again for one month and two days ago ice cream was melting in freezer and frozen ice cubes stay froze but frozen juice is thawing also the fridge is getting warmer as we move it to colder ??? we sent in the warranty before hand

If the unit is less than 1 year old call Frigidaire factory service. In the mean time check in the back of the freezer or in air channels for frost build-up. It may indicate a defrost problem or air leak. still best to have factory tech check if in w ... Refrigerators

Ice/food defrosting The food is not freezing solid, it is always only partly frozen, and the ice melts, then suddenly re-freezes causing a solid block with a lot of ice elsewhere in the freezer around the food. I have had an engineer (not GE) out to look at it, who said he couldn't find a problem! It is currently turned up to #8. I can't find a local GE specialist engineer in Kent and am getting frustrated. The same thing happened about six months ago and then rectified itself - I had to throw a

I think it is the defrost cycle timer switch. When it goes bad it sticks open and runs the defrost cycle which temporarily warms the walls of the freezer. Bad thing if it sticks. It is a part that costs about $50 that you can find at an appliance ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer does not get cold enough to keep the foods frozen. The coils have been cleaned and its been disconnected from the power for 30 - 40 minutes (twice) and neither seems to have made any difference. The compressor seems to be running and ice cubes in the ice maker are remaining frozen.

DEFROST PROBLEMThe evaporator coil behind the cover on the back wall inside the freezer will ice up under normal conditions. Every 8 to 10 hours for around 20 minutes the defrost timer (or in most newer models the electronic adaptive defrost co ... Refrigerators

Noticed 3 days ago. The ice tray was frozen solid to the top with water not ice cubes. looks like iceberg all the way back to where water line connects to ice maker. Now water had leaked somehow up to the front by the door and is dripping down the inside of the door. I pulled it out and cut off the water to the ice maker. How do I defrost it and what or where to look for the apparent water leak. Whole freezed has ice crystals almost like snow in it and on all the packages of food.

What I have seen in a thing like this is a simple water valve drip. Some of them drip like a faucet. This causes the cubes to stick together and all kinds of grief. I have your service manual. ... LG LRBN20510WW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

We bought this refrigerator last fall and the ice maker worked for the first month or so but then it quit making ice cubes. Not sure why. I checked the water line and it's not frozen or clogged. Also checked to make sure the ice bar was done. Nothing in the tray that would interfere with the ice bar. Not sure what to do next....

... Maytag MFF2258VEB: French Door Refrigerator with Dual Temperature Zones

Frigidaire Side by Side water and ice issue! Ice keep getting frozen to back of the top mounted ice maker, which leads to ice forming on the top shelf of freezer. Also lots of air bubbles in the water, when I fill a glass of water it looks cloudy with air bubbles which goes away after about 30 seconds. I just changed the filters and purged the system. Help!!

... Frigidaire PHS39EHSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I just bought a used kenmore freezer model 23971. The freezer works great at keeping my food frozen. The problem is the noise the freezer makes. You can hear it two rooms away. I read other querie

Check the fan in the freezer. ... Refrigerators

Hello: I hope that you can help. The ice maker on this model (et21dk) is spitting out water as well as cubes. As a result, my tray is a frozen lake of cubes. How do I fix this? Thanks. Ben My fridge is a Whirlpool

Ben open your freezer section and reach to the very back and top of your ice maker where the water inlet tube is located. Use your finger and check for ice formation near the end of the water inlet tube where the ice maker plastic water channel is. ... Whirlpool 21.0 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator with IceMagic Plus Ice Maker

Woke up this morning and water is dripping from the ice cube holder. All food is still frozen (maybe too early in the process to have defrosted). How do I remove the ice bin? What can I check to find out where problem is? Both lights in freezer and refrig work so power is not the problem. I am in process of removing back of frig but would like some tips first before I unplug it and investigate.

Before you do that make sure that the Defrost button is not pressed and also check the Thermostat (that's used for increasing and decreasing the temprature) it also triggers the compressor on and off process.\015\012\015\012Switch off you ... Refrigerators

I have a new Continental ice maker - bought 2 years ago, but was plugged in for first time yesterday. Motor won't run. Added water to proper level. Plugged in. Set cube size. In one minute red water light comes on. Turn Off. Repeat proess. Same results.Repeat process 25 times. Same result 25 times. Moror don't run. No ice.

Check the water pump, I had the same problem, the water pump was bad but unable to find replacement parts at this point. The pump is a ZB-1200 made by Zhongboa Motor Factory, \015\012\015\012Good Luck ... Continental PortableCE-IM65151 Ice Maker In Stock

I have a Magic Chef fridge. For a while now, food is "warm" one day and then it is frozen the next. The same situation is occuring in the freezer where ice cubes trays have thawed and are frozen later. This occurs although temperature settings are not being adjusted. Any ideas what to go after?

I would suspect a problem in the defrost circuit. I would find the model number on theinside left of the bottom compartment. Usually when this occurs I replace the defrost timer as well as the defrost termination thermostat. It sounds as ... Magic Chef Refrigerators

My Amana side-by-side fridge (model SZD26VW) stopped getting cold about 10 days ago, I bought it new 9 years ago. After checking my owners manual I decided it needed a good cleaning, so i took all food out, pull it out from wall, cleaned the condenser coils (lots of dirt) cleaned the condenser fan (lots of dirt)unplugged and open both doors for 24 hours,, started it back up and it worked great for 12 hours-got cold- made ice- cold water from dispenser... then it stopped (no cold air) no water co

... Amana ASD2625KE Side by Side Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite Refrigerator model 795.7724 bottom freezer is melting ice cream. Ice cubes are frozen but food and juices are not.

... Refrigerators

Sub-zero model 511(10 years old)with built-in bottom freezer. Ice maker does not produce cubes--just crushed, wet ice. Freezer temp is OK--all frozen food OK. If a new icemaker is required, can it be installed without removing the refrigerator?

... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

I have a 7 year old GE refrigerator (top mounted freezer) that seems to stay in defrost too long-- everything in the freezer defrosts, the ice cubes start to melt, the ice cream gets soft, etc. Food in the fridge doesn't keep well. I have spoiled milk before the expiration date. Later everything in the freezer has frozen back solid as a rock.Could it be the defrost timer? Is this something I can replace myself?

Probably needs a cold control, not cycling on at needed temp ... GE J Series 18.2 cu. ft. Top Freezer No-Frost Refrigerator TBX18AABWW

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