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I have a Sub Zero 650 and the freezer is working just fine, but yesterday the refrigerator part started acting up. It just will not hold a cool temperature. It will warm up to 55-60 degrees, and then the compressor will kick on for a few minutes lowering it to 48-50 degrees, and then it will shut off. This morning I opened up the top to vacuum out the condenser, and I noticed that the compressor was very hot and the evaporator coil?? (copper oil at the top of the compartment) was iced over.

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Hi, from the detail explanation you made above concerning the refrigerator, the freezer works fine and the fridge is not cooling means that the thermostat in the fridge is faulty.
Concerning the kicking of the compressor, it's sounds like an "overload and relay" on the compressor.
This is the\015\012equivalent to a starter on a car. When they go bad, the compressor just\015\012does a "buzzzzz.. click" for some seconds or minutes. In the worst\015\012case, you may have a bad compressor, but this is less common.

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I have a Sub Zero 650 and the freezer is working just fine, but yesterday the refrigerator part started acting up. It just will not hold a cool temperature. It will warm up to 55-60 degrees, and then the compressor will kick on for a few minutes lowering it to 48-50 degrees, and then it will shut off. This morning I opened up the top to vacuum out the condenser, and I noticed that the compressor was very hot and the evaporator coil?? (copper oil at the top of the compartment) was iced over.

Hi, from the detail explanation you made above concerning the refrigerator, the freezer works fine and the fridge is not cooling means that the thermostat in the fridge is faulty.Concerning the kicking of the compressor, it's sounds like an "ov ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Sub-Zero 561 freezer is 1. noisy (more than usual) when "freezing". when I open the door you can hear a clicking from the compressor or fan. 2. does not stay at freezing temps consistently (I keep a thermometer in it and it sometimes rises to 10 to 20 degrees C warm) 3. because the temp is not constant, ice forms around the icemaker unit and at the top (ceiling) of the freezer. 4. the ice (water droplets) at the top only occurs about an inch from the left side toward the seal, however, th

Replace the rtc overload on the compressor body,as it is the input power to the unit and operates the compressor to cool the unit,they unplug off the compressor and re-plug in ... Sub-Zero 561 / F

My sub zero vacuum condenser light keep bleeking any time the refrigerator door is open temp light reads above 40 degrees freezer side ok  sub zero 632 side by side

... Sub-Zero 632 / S

We have a K.A. KTRS22K refrigerator, top freezer. Just recently the stuff in the refrigerator spoiled. There was a large amount of frost in the freezer, and after unloading the refrigerator to let it defrost open to the 75 degree garage I removed the 1 shelf in the freezer and the bottom pan. Ice still in there after 5 hours. Question, suspect bad defrost timer? I blew out the condenser with the air compressor. The garage ambient could hit 80 but no more. The gaskets on the freezer door are not

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I have a ten year old Sub-Zero 650. The "vacuum condenser" has been displayed for over a year even though the coils have been vacuumed and are kept clean. The fridge has been working fine despite the display. In the last couple of weeks the freezer has been maintaining the temp. perfectly while the fridge has been fluctuating between 40 degreed to 58 degrees. being no expert, it seems there is a sensor that tells the fridge or freezer what temp. it needs to be. Since the freezer is ok, it seems

Look on your sub zero for more model numbers. I have found some information indicating that the refrigerator thermostat may be the problem but need those numbers to confirm. Thanks, Sea Breeze \015\012You can also find ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Both sides warming up. Refrigerator freezes bottom half, drawers and door. Warms up to 50 plus degrees top half. Freezer warms up on top half as well. Melts all ice from ice maker. Cleaned Compressor by vacuuming adn blowing with compressor. Worked for a day, then doing it again. UGHH just threw away $200 of groceries yesterday and now am going to have to do it again. This thing sucks!!!

How old is the fridge? It sounds like the compressor itself is going bad. If you think it may\015\012still be under warranty please contact the manufacturer to file an\015\012RMA. If you happened to purchase the fridge with a major credit card (no ... GE Adora DSS25KSTSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

My SUB-ZERO refrigerator/freezer Model 361RFD Serial P461925 installed 1984 , seems to be running almost continually. The temp on the condenser side of the upper compartment is around 80 degrees f, and the temp on the discharge near the compressor is about 100 degrees f. I am considering running an outside air duct to the condenser side of this compartment. Will this do any good? Is this an option? This unit is completely built in to my kitchen cabinets, and this problem was evident from the ins

First could be on the freon, and secondly you have to clean the coil, there's a possiblity that the motor can't hardly operate and hardly give the right amount of cold.. ... Refrigerators

Kitchen aid side by side refrig/freezer overheated compressor due to dust filled condenser coil. I vacuumed coil fan (cond) restarted but compressor would not. I suspect overload for compressor is open and wont reset? Part#vcc3115608a02 Compressor#vegy7h embraco

Have you tried checking the start relay that is on the side of the compressor its the small piece usually under a small black box located on the side of the compressor. You can use this link in order to test the start relay and the overload click he ... Refrigerators

I am cleaning the condenser on my 600 series Sub zero (48 wide). I removed the outside grill on the top. Inside is another black mesh type grill with 6 screws that is over the condenser fins. I have removed the six screws but it still will not pull off to access the fins so I can vacuum. I tried vacumming through this grill and it doesn't do anything as the holes are too small to really do anything to the dust covering the condenser fins. Help!

Get the brush from any handy man store that will do the job :)i live in south carolina ...got it at lows...good luck ... Sub-Zero 695/S Side by Side Refrigerator


\015\012the problem which you are facing is due to three reasons as follows:--\015\0121)the defrost heater is faulty or 2) the defrost thermostat is faulty or 3) the adaptive defrost control (ADC) board (e.g. the circuit board that controls t ... Maytag Refrigerators

Doesn't cool ..Viking Side by Side ..unit is about 7 years old ..no former trouble ..quit cooling; will only reach 40-50 degrees in freezer section ..compressor runs continuously along with compressor fan and freezer fan .. have cleaned condenser coils at top .. have removed cover from evaporator within freezer .. no obvious problems .. hard to escape conclusion that refrigerant charge has been lost

Hi,\015\012 Yes, If the evaporator was not frozen over then I agree with you. The unit has lost its refrigerant charge. The only thing you can do is to have a licensed refrigeration man find the leak, repair it and recharge it or replace the refriger ... Viking VCSB483 Side by Side Refrigerator

Wheelshot, We have a Sub-Zero 532. A couple of days ago, we discovered that the refrigerator side was only reading 60 degrees. I deiced the condenser coil behind the back panel, checked the compressor and fan for the ref side and they are both running. I also tested the 'cold control' and it would turn on and off. However, the temperature will still only get down to around 50 degrees. Could it need a recharge? What kind of freon does this model need?

The Sub-Zero 532 model uses two different refrigerants (R12 or R-134a), in four different quantities, depending on the serial number of your unit. ... Refrigerators

Amana SRD27S4W side by side, 13 years old. Freezer temp hovers around 20 to 30 degrees . . . Refrig temp hovers around 40 degrees. Evaporator fan runs constantly -- no ice buildup on evap -- condenser fan runs constantly -- thermostat dials set to max on freezer and refrig -- vacuumed codenser coils to no avail -- compressor seems to run continuously, except when defrost cycle is active and optimal cooling is never achieved. What could be the culprit? Your help will be greatly appreciated! Drink

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I dont know the model but is top mount compressor and side by side-- I suspect the condenser fan is faulty--sounds rather loud particulairly when you open the freezer side--As you know, it shuts off when door opens and resumes after 10 seconds after shutting the door Do you also think this is the problem and if so how do I access to replace. By the way, sometimes the noise goes away on it's own and restarts on it's own

... Jenn-Air JCD2295K Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Evaporator motor in top compartment of a Gladiator GAFZ21XXRK00 quit working. This isn't the first time it's happened so I got another motor. Installed new motor but no change. Motor warms up at the windings and there is voltage at the wiring harness but fan does not want to kick on. I've checked for voltages at all other connections inside of the top compartment and I can't find an open anywhere. Compressor kicks on and condenser gets frosted over. Could I have a bad thermostat not driving the

... Gladiator Refrigerators

I have a sub zero model 650/S2,I bought it new in 2003.On several occassions the refridgerator which is set @38 degrees was not as cold as it should be.Milk,cottage cheese,yogurt were all watery and not cold,the next day it would be fine again.Friday and Saturday the refridgerator was not running,the temp inside reached 65 degrees,on Sunday it was ok again and still is.We have cleaned the top where the compressors are.Why does this happen? John

Hi,Some Tips when the Freezer/ Fridge is not Cold :-1. Do you hear any Click from Compressor when you ON the refrigerator?If yes, make sure that the Compressor should not shut OFF. Make sure itshould not be too hot to lay eggs ... Sub-Zero 650 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My sub zero 561/F has what I think is a noisy compressor. I would like to know how to get to the compressor and clean/lubricate. I believe the noise is coming from the top grill area. Don't know how to open the grill?

The grill has two and maybe three screws onthe under edge of it remove and lift up and tilt out / there is a spring holding it in place / remove and lif off .. do clean the condenser coil ( unplug or turn off power befre doing this ) vacuum the co ... Sub-Zero 561 / F

Have 02 model kenmore fridge with brazilian compressor (dc73c). suspect low gas. Appears to be NO access port of any kind to add gass. Do you have to open line up and solder in an in-line valve and then vacuum and recharge? How do you measure system pressures with no ports or valves ? Can't see any schrader type fittings and nothing on top of compressor. Believe gas is low. What do they expect you to do ? Tim

In todays world that the way they make them . you will have to install the valve. try a supco 3 in one on the prossess tube. hook up your guages to it and ck it . if in a vacuum you can add gas but if not don't . 134a only .. opening the system ... Maytag MFI2568AE Side by Side French Door Refrigerator

Kenmore fridge I have a Kenmore model 596.76512500. It's an 05' freezer on bottom with side by side top doors. The freezer was registering -1 degrees but my fridge was at 66. I turned on the rapid cool because I thought the door may have been left open. No luck I came back several hours later and the temp was warmer. I just sucked out a bunch of dust off the coils and compressor and it is disconnected. No ice build up in the freezer at all.

I would suggest if you can take a look at the damper control at the refrigerator side. it is located at the middle. it regulates the air coming from the freezer section and dependent on the signal coming from the thermistor... so that is the next thi ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a sub zero (model 550) bottom freezer. Moisture appears to gather at the right side of the freezer then ices up to the point that the drawer can not be opened. I have replaced the drawer seal and the one around the refrigerator door and vacuumed the refrigerator unit on top. The problem persists

I had this problem several times and have learned alot. Hopefully some can benefit from my learning and mistakes.\015\012\015\012On the inside of the freezer on the right is a drain tube. The defroster cover flows into this little drain ... Refrigerators

Approx. 5 years old model GDE18ZBRAWW is not cooling. The freezer appears to be working fine. Condenser Fan is running, compressor seems to be working as well, but only 66 degrees F in the top fridge section.

... GE Refrigerators

Sub zero 610R unit is on but no light and no compressor. door was ajar all night and top shelf is hot (80 degrees) while the room is 55. I assume the light was on all night but is not on now

... Refrigerators

My Sub-Zero 611/O is not cooling enough. The temp is 0 in the freezer and 46 in the fridge. I vacuumed very well the condenser. I can't tell which compressor is running. There are two, one larger than the other. The fan is running non stop. Last month there was every day a frosted area inside the fridge of about 6 inches in diameter and up to 1/4 in thick. I would remove it by just pulling it away from the rear panel of the fridge. There was a lot of moist and sometimes even some drips. The fros

You have a hole in your evap coil in your fridge. What your are going to have to do is call a authorized service company and get it fixed. you will need a evap coil and a filter dryer and depending on how long your unit has ... Sub-Zero 611 / O Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Sub-Zero side-byside freezer is at 35 degrees and says "vacuum condenser". What does it mean and what can I do?

At the top or bottom of your unit you have a removable panel that covers your compressor and condenser, you should hear a fan, that is your condenser fan, those coils need to be cleaned with a vacuum or dryer brush ... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Top shelf of old sub-zero refigerator 60 degrees, bottom shelf OK

U may have a defrost problem it would be worth paying for the service call if something simple like defrost or a fan would still be more than 200 but worth it ... Sub-Zero Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

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