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Icemaker for sub zero 632 is not working, tray will not fill with water,there is no water in tray, It worked fine before hurrican, we emptied the frig and freezer and shut off the breaker for the hurr

\015 We shut down the freezer and frig after cleaning it out for Hurrican Ike. After we got back into the house powered it up again and made sure ice tray was empty. Ice maker will not make ice, water will not fill in tray so I guess it is not getting a command to fill. I took it out and checked it and it looks fine. Anything else I can do to make it fill with water? John\015

Answers :

Check the water pressure ... if you have a filter in the line it may be restricting the pressure ... I had the same problem and a new filter fixed it

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Icemaker for sub zero 632 is not working, tray will not fill with water,there is no water in tray, It worked fine before hurrican, we emptied the frig and freezer and shut off the breaker for the hurr

Check the water pressure ... if you have a filter in the line it may be restricting the pressure ... I had the same problem and a new filter fixed it ... Sub-Zero 632 / S

My LRSC26923TT side by side fridge/freezer has stopped making ice. It still dispenses water but it would not dump the last tray produced. I removed the cubes from the tray by hand, emptied the freezer, and shut down the fridge for an hour with the freezer door open to allow all parts to thaw and the electronics to reset. When I turned the fridge back on, it returned to normal operation, except the ice maker still will not work. The ice maker has an on/off switch. I've cycled that switch both on

... LG Refrigerators


Whatever you do do not run the refrigerator with the freezer fan not working. That Fan is about $70.00 depending who you get it from and easy to change. If you could find someone we could do it without calling service, that is what we are here for. S ... Maytag MTB2156GES Top Freezer Refrigerator

We have an older Admiral frig with ice maker and water dispenser. The ice and water dispense from the same site. It is leaking all over the inside. I had to melt a 3 inch slab of ice. Right now the freezer is empty and the leaking was more obvious. Is the water tube over filling the tray and is it fixable?

Reloace the water valve this is a dual valve / one side for the ice and other for the foutain . mm ... Admiral 26 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator

The icemaker is Style 1 where you lower the wire shut-off arm to turn on the switch. When the icemaker dumps a tray of ice, it raises the wire arm as if the bin were full, but the bin is empty. Each time it dumps one tray full of ice, I have to lower the wire shut-off arm again to get another tray full of ice. How can I stop the icemaker from shutting itself off each time it dumps a tray of ice.

Hello, I don't know how it happened, but your cycle function timing gears are out of sync with one another. Possibly, some of the gear teeth are missing off 1 or more gears, too. I'll explain the NORMAL OPERATION and you will have a better understand ... Refrigerators

Sub Zero bottom freezer condensation tray filling with water. Freezer function stops when water is in the tray. empty try and freezer works fine? What is causing the tray to fill up?

Try cleaning the coils. The unit is self-defrosting too often and not allowing enough time for the water to evaporate. Under yourrefrigerator/freezer is a set of coils and a cooling fan that you needto clean at least once a year. The coil ... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Frig warmed up last week, I emptied freezer and thawed out coils. Fan works fine and frig cooled down to 40*. This week the frig warmed up again and I have frost on the back wall of the freezer. The cols in back are clean. Any suggestions Steve

... Estate TT18TKXKQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

My five year old frig. is dripping from the spout in the back, that comes down from the freezer. Everything in the freezer is frozen the refigerator is working fine. But there are droplets continuously in the back unit in the fridge that comes down from the freezer. This has been ongoing about two weeks. I am going to completely shut down the frig and let everything thaw out to see if that helps, but I am about to call an expert to help?

See if the thaw out works for you first. Water will drain from the unit but if the amount of draining has increased, there may be an issue somewhere. ... Whirlpool (ET8FTEXSQ) Top Freezer Refrigerator

I bought a 9 nyr old top mount Whirlpool frig from a friend a few weeks ago. At first, it worked great, now the freezer is fine but the frig won't chill below 60 degrees. It has only one thermostat and we have triple checked to make sure all vents between freezer and frig are clear. They are both just about empty now, anyways.

If you have tried with the frig filled and it's the same then the thermostat is faulty.  It can't be fixed, replace it. ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire model FRS26BH6CS5 with a freezer problem. The freezer compartment periodically melts down quickly (in a few hours) and shuts down. I must remove the ice tray and bang on the ice maker with my hand to get it to recycle on. I think the heater element in the cube mold is sticking in the heat mode. I've had two repairmen to the house and both told me the compressor was overheating and responsible for shutting the freezer down and that this was problem normal. I think the thermos

CLICK HERE for the schematic blowout of your icemaker.\015\012\015\012Your thermostat is defective ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Hi I have A GE 18 cube frig model GTA18QBNBWW. Initially the food on the top shelf was freezing in the frig I discouver the coils were blocked by massive clumps of cat fur. i cleaned it out. next day i noticed that the freezer was frosting. there was already a problem in the frig side. I took the back of the freezer apart, ran hot water down the drain and thawed a blocked drain. i also found a blockage into the tray which i cleared. i then cleared the evapourator coil of frost and wiped dow

You have done a good job so far . so next ck the dampner at the top in the fresfood side . it may be stuck open causing the freezing . but the evap coil was frozen so you may have a heater out in the free ... Refrigerators

We have a side by side GE. The freezer freezes solid and then the cool air can not travel up the back side to the frig and the frig get really warm. Can we shut off the freezer and still have the frig work? We have had the computer panel on the back, the ice maker arm motor and the defroster coil all replaced. I will not put any more money into it. Could it be that the flap on the front of the door to dispense ice doesn't seal completely?

Hello,Pull the refrig out and remove the 8 " x 10 " panel . Behind this panel ,\015\012 is the main control board . Unplug the refrig . Remove the BLUE plug \015\012from the board , with 3 larger wires going to it . Looking at the blue \0 ... GE Refrigerators

I have a kitchenaid superba refrig that is almost 10 years old. About 2 months ago the frig quit working. I had sears repair come out and they told me to replace the circuit board which I did. It has not been working right since. It runs all the time even though the freezer is o degrees and the frig is 35. I can hear a clicking noise under the frig usually 2 clicks about 3 or 4 seconds apart. ( like it is trying to shut off) It will run for a couple days then it will shut completely down and not

This must be a compressor problem, the clicks could be the compressor trying to start up. ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Kenmore Frig - Evalerator Fan issue. I have a 596.70003000 model and had an issue with the Evaperator Fan. I thought it failed but after replacing it still did not work. I review the scematic and found there is a Fan Delay bypass test plug so I connected a wire and bypassed it and now it works fine expect it never shuts off. The frig and freezer are both running a normal temps and I see no excessive frost in the freezer. I am suspecting the defrost timer or the door switch. I don't s

Hi,You are right it could be either the door switch or the defrost timer...but the only way to tell would be to actually ohm out the two and see which one it actually is...or become a parts changer which many techs are... and just change parts ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore 106.70233900 I noted items in freezer were not frozen well. Every time the frig would go to shut off it would go through this "clicking" on & off process for about 2 minutes. I unplugged it thinking maybe ice had formed...I plugged in back in 4 hrs later......has not shut off yet and small amount of water in plastic container in freezer cold but not frozen....any ideas??

Check the overload protector on compressor ... Refrigerators

Our F&P Active Smart E522B S/S bottom freezer unit stopped working today Tuesday 8th March 2011. Seems to have a spike in the power from the fridge/freezer unit itself to the mains and shuts the outside power board down to the house (basically the power circuit breaker shuts the power down). Everytime I turn the fridge back on no matter what power socket I use in the house, the circuit breaker outside in the power box turns switches off. Any advice would be helpful.

... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart® E522BR Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Leaking water I have a kenmore model # 253.73754300 and there is always water on my top shelf of the frig. The ice maker is not enabled. The frig does not have a tray to remove in the freezer to see if there is ice buildup - Do I take out the entire back of the freezer? What to do? mmw

... Kenmore 73752 / 73754 Top Freezer Refrigerator

The freezer do will not shut and the middle tray wont push fully back. We have fully defrosted the freezer and when we take out the middle drawer it shuts fine. Any suggestions?

Sounds like u have a tray in wrong place .......or back to front ... Zanussi ZI921 / 8FF Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Siemens fridge freezer which keeps icing up. We called out an engineer last year who told us we needed to defrost it. He took off the back panel in the freezer and I don't think he replaced it properly. About every 4 weeks the freezer temperature drops and the fridge temperature goes up. We switch it off and thoroughly defrost it for three or four days ( we also empty the evaporator tray at the rear of the unit). We've taken out all of the drawers to the freezer in case they were pus

... Refrigerators

Refrig. Model No. TCS18PADBRDS. Serial No. TZ906487V. The freezer compartment was icing up and water was draining onto the floor. I turned the freezer control to the lowest value.Then, after unscrewing the box at the back of the frig I cleaned the exhast line in the back of the unit which was plugged up. During this time I did not turn off the power or shut off the water line. After cleaning the "gunk" from the exhaust line, I replaced the cover, and turned up the freezer control. The freezer

Does the ice machine still sound like it is running. If not, you may have shorted the unit accidentally. I believe though that it might have just frozen over the water inlet so try defrosting ice cube unit again preferably by leaving it unplugged for ... Refrigerators

Things in our freezer started to thaw. After about 3 day of cool down the freezer completely shut down. The following day the refrigerator stopped working. Any ideas? One other thing, water started dripping from the freezer through a seal after we emptied the freezer.

Several things hereto look at.First is your de frost timer (if older than 6 years)you can advance it with a screw driver or some by hand.Turn it until your fan in freezer comes on.If it does ,,take temperature in freezer and if its close to 10 degr ... Maytag Refrigerators

This is a side by side refrigerator/freezer with water freezing on the bottom of the freezer as well as water pooling under the freezer area & seeping out the side and front of the freezer on the floor. We pulled out the refrigerator and saw no leaks where the tubing is connected. Is thare a pan under this refrigerator or some other area that this water is coming from. The ice maker is working well as is the in-door water service. How do I identify the problem? I have never emptied a water tray

Defrost wiring problem, defroster stuck on or timer not working properly , eventually wires may short out. Had this problem on my whirlpool ... Refrigerators

When I was chipping the ice out of the freezer I struck something built into the bottom freezer tray. All I hear now is air blowing. Did I only ruin the freezer or is the whole frig. toast? I only use it to keep drinks cold.

Hello and Welcome to FixYa!\015\012\015\012\015\012Try switching off the unit for some time and turn it On... Check for the working of the unit..If it works properly then you don't need to worry... If not then the unit needs to be diagnos ... Avanti 498YW-1 Compact Refrigerator

Water leaking from inside F&P frig model E521T. It starts from the top of the frig under the freezer and runs down the back of the inside frig out under the trays.

My fridge was working perfectly except for a small water leak as described above about every 10 hours.The spout on the freezer drain tray cracks where it attaches to the drain hose. It can be accessed by removing the lower back panel inside the refri ... Refrigerators

My 5 1/2 yr. old Kitchen Aid Frig with freezer on bottom keeps making a creaking noise. When I open the freezer the noise stops, but when I push in the light or shut the door, the creak comes back. The icemaker is working and freezer is cold. What can be making this noise. It is driving me crazy! Thanks for your advice. Shell

I have the same problem! Did you find a solution? ... KitchenAid Refrigerators

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