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I own a double door Samsung refrigerator. I changed the water filter two months ago and now I have a sulfur smeling water and ice. How can I get rid of the smell

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I own a double door Samsung refrigerator. I changed the water filter two months ago and now I have a sulfur smeling water and ice. How can I get rid of the smell

... Samsung Refrigerators

We have Kitchenaid model ksc25inbl00 that has a old ice smell we cannot get rid of. We have replaced the water filter, checked the food and replaced the ice five times and it still smells on both sides of the refergerator and freezer. Any ideas?

... KitchenAid Refrigerators

There is a smell that I cannot get rid of. The only thing left is there has to be a pan somewhere...where?? I have a size by side whirlpool with water dispenser and ice maker....please help!!

Check under the front doors. At the bottom of the unit there should be grillework or a kickpanel. These are usually springs clips which will release when you pull the panel.\012\012There should be a pan behind this grillework. The only ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore side by side model 363.9554780. The ice dispenser works but the cube or crusher gets frozen with ice and doesn't work. The water works but today accidentally the selector was on ice crusher and after pushing the button nothing came out and now the water doesn't work and I smelled a slight scent of rubber burning. The freezer and ice maker is still working. What is wrong? Can I fix this myself?

... Refrigerators

I have water pooling on my fridge trays and than turning into ice . The water seems to be coming from the vents. How do i get rid of that.

The freezer compartment has a drain hole behind the back wall inside the freezer compartment. The drain hole has probably rusted and has gotten larger. Carefully remove the icemaker and the screws from the back wall inside the freezer compartment. Li ... Whirlpool ET9FHTXM Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have the MDS 2657 HBE there is a new noise that I have been trying to get rid of. It sounds like a solinoid stuck. I have defrosted it cleaned the underside and back. replaced the ice maker and water filter. The new ice maker is installed and still not filling up with water to make ice. Is there any advice that you could help me with?

It could be the valve (solenoid) or ice blockage in the fill tube. If you hear this noise when it is trying to harvest ice I am inclined to believe that your valve is good though. ... Maytag Refrigerators

My name is Robert I have a whirlpool top freezer mod. # et21cmxjw01, the concern we have is warter dripping in refridgerator from freezer, disassembled and found ice backup over the top of drain pan and under bottom of freezer pan and drain plugged with ice evaporator had some ice not a lot, my question can just a pluged drain with ice one time cause all this (unable to get rid of the water ) can there be a concern with the heater element or the timer (the element resistance is 30 olms) and for

Remove the food and the ice maker from the freezer ( if equiped ) . Remove the rear freezer panel . Using a hair dryer , start in the middle , below the coils , defrosting , until you see the drain hole . Use hot water to help defrost the hole . Once ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I love my GE profile side by side stainless refrigerator. My only issue is; the panel that is in the water and ice dispenser is not stainless, it is a plastic or some other material. I have no problem with it not being stainless, but this other material has a unsightly stain where our water dripped down. Our water has a high mineral count, so what can I do to get rid of the residual of the water left on? Thanks Debbie

... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Water dripping from bottom of freezer in the back down into the refrigerator. We have the ice maker water shut off since yesterday. Is this just condensation? Hasn't happened before and we have had the refrigerator since new in 2002. Freezer is perfectly cold and dry, but there is a bunch of water in the fridge. We have wiped out the fridge many times to get rid of the water on the shelves and down below the crisper drawers where it collects. Any thoughts?

You have a plugged drain, if you pull back panel in freezer you will see ice under coils, use hair dryer to loosen ice and find drain hole ... Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

Hello, I have a GE Profile Refrigerator Model # TFHW27R that is 19 years old. I have always had a filter on the incoming water line. When we use the water dispensor we can see scale like stuff floating in the water. However, there is no scale stuff in the ice. Do you know what this could be and how to get rid of it?

You have a water reservoir behind the crisper in the fridge which could have the calcium buildup in it which is breaking loose. You may have to take it out and clean it or replace it with a new coil of line or tank if it wont come clean. . Part 810 ... Refrigerators

Fridge smells i noticed a few days ago water under my salad bins so i got my instruction booklet out which said that the drainage maybe blocked & 2 use a straw to push in the hole to clean it out which seemed to work but now ive noticed an awful smell like somethings gone off. what should i do to get rid of the odour & whats causing the smell

The drain leads to a pan under the fridge that sits on coils and evaporates the condensate that drained out. you should be able to access the pan and remove it and clean. or you can just wait for it to evaporate and go away. (better off to clean) s ... Hotpoint FFA70 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Ice covers the coils in the freezer and then the freezer and refrigerator quit working. A refrig repairman came out and told us to take the cover off of the coils and pour hot water on them to get rid of the ice. We are now having to do that every month, and still the ice covers the outside of the cover. This can not be right.

Turn the temperature inside the fridge and freezer up and it will keep the coils from freezing. the same thing happens in an a/c ... Jenn-Air JCB2282H Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Maytag MSD2556AE Side by Side Refrigerator/Freezer. I keep getting a puddle of ice in my freezer and water leaks out of the freezer onto the floor. All this happens in spite of the water line to the refrigerator being cut off. My kitchen is starting to smell like mildew from the water leaking onto the floor. Please help. Thanks.

Sounds like you have a frozen drain line. I would unplug the unit at let the drain line thaw. This would be the easiest way to rectify the issue. Leave both doors open for 24 hrs. Hope this helps _MJ_ ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

Unit has cold water dispenser and ice maker. The cold water flows without a problem but water is not getting to the ice maker. We have not changed the water filter in the unit because we have a pure water supply. Does the filter supply only the ice maker. If so does the filter monitor turn off water to the ice maker if it is past due for a new one? If the filter supplies both the cold water dispenser and the ice maker, why is only the ice maker not getting water. We see no leakage of water whic

The filter should go to both your water dispenser and the ice maker. There is a electrical solenoid valve that controls the flow of water to your ice maker and on the inlet side of the valve there is a fine mesh screen that I would check. I doubt tha ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

H2S (Rotten Egg Smell in Cold Water and Ice)

If you have a braided plastic or braided metal supply line that is your problem. Use a plastic supply line with compression fittings. ... Kenmore TRIO® 77553 Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

There was a burning smell in my kitchen yesterday, later in the day I noticed that there was water pudding on the floor in front of the unit. Later I noticed that the ice maker wasn't working and that my frozen foods were starting to defrost. The fan was blowing but the fridge and freezer were not getting cold. Could that burning smell have been something in the unit going bad.

... Amana BCI21V1C Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My kitchenaid side-by-side refrigerator has a smell we can't get rid of. it seems to be coming from the motor. It's a sickly sweet smell exacerbated by the warmth of the motor. I've cleaned the inside of the refrigerator and freezer thoroughly and have 3 boxes of baking soda in it. I replaced the water filter. This bega about three weeks ago.

... KitchenAid KSRK25FV Side by Side Refrigerator

Water leaking onto the floor of the freezer covering the bottom with ice. Every few days we have to crack the ice and get rid of it .

The drain tube hole behind the inner rear panel in the freezer has plugged up and when it defrosts the water cant drain down to the condensate pan at the lower rear of the unit to evaporate ... Whirlpool GX5FHTXVA Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Water leaks from somewhere in the freezer and collects in the bottom where it freezes. How can I make it stop? It gets so thick it leaks out the front and make a puddles on the floor. I have to take a hair dryer to the ice chunk to get rid of it.

Your freezer has a drain that leads to the exterior drain pan beneath the unit. Occasionally this drain can become clogged resulting in standing water inside your freezer,due to line freeze over. In the freezer, standing water will become ice and may ... Jenn-Air JCD2389G Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an ER 1F. I had this problem and took 6 months with LG to fix it. When they couldn't fix it they gave me my money back and said keep the frig. So I bought another and this sits in my garage. I now want to use it out there as a second unit. So 1) can it still be used with out the ice maker and/or in door water. 2) if so can I use the water only. 3) if so can How do I get rid of the error and set the temps. ? Thanks [email protected]

1. yes. Open ice room door (back side of left hand refrig door) and turn toggle switch on icemaker to OFF. 2. yes. Do step 1 and connect water to refrig. 3. ER IF (Error Ice room Fan) may still come up. If it does and you don't like it, you coul ... LG LFX23961ST Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Whirpool model ed5vhgxmq10 icemaker not working, no water getting to ice tray,put water dispenser solenoid on ice valve and water would go to tray when water dispenser pushed,cannot swap wires from one to the other because connectors are different size, ice side solenoid reads about 235 ohms, water dispenser solenoid reads about 300 ohms, water solenoid clicks when water dispenser pushed, cannot get sound from ice solenoid, is ice solenoid controlled by another switch or motor?

... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

Water dispenser does not work, ice maker does work. This is a used Whirlpool side by side. I hooked up the water yesterday and the water dispenser worked. Overnight, something went awry and I do not get water, bu the ice maker is still making ice. I disconnected the water line at the front of the door, pushed the dispenser button and no water came from the line. If my ice maker is getting water, why doesn't my water dispenser?

Icemaker is in line with the water and runs from the icemaker threw the door and up to the water valve. So that is why the ice maker is working and the water is not working, most likely the water has frozen inside, And this can be caused by man ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Water dispenser I recently made a post saying my ice maker was overflowing on my westinghouse side by side fridge. Initailly i thought that it was the fridge scheduling too much water to the ice maker and it overflowing. Now i have discovered that it is not really that. What is happening is that when i get cold water out of the water dispenser water also flows into the ice maker causing it to overflow. It seems to get in to the ice maker from the usual way it would when the fridge makes ice but

Wow that's agood one!!!! theres a short for sure, just a matter of where. somehow your energizing both sides of water valve at once, sounds as if it would be behind the dispensor, at the switches. would remove the dispensor cover and have a look for ... Refrigerators

I have modle GC5SHEXNQ03 side by side refrigerator with water and Ice in the freezer door. I am not getting water in the door but the ice cubes are making and dispensing. In the lower back right (looking at the back) is the water valve with 1 intake and 2 electromechanical valves. The Ice maker valve is the tan solonoid and the water purple. I am getting a vibration on the tan one when the 120v is activated. I am getting 120v going to the purple one but no vibration. I have also just replaced th

Good day,\015\012Vibration of the coils is not really a viable test.\015\012If you are getting 120 volts to the water solenoid, and you changed the filter only two possibilities are possible.\015\0121. The W ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

I got a whirlpool refrigerator and the ice maker is not working. I put a new water filter on it and reset it. There is no water getting to the ice maker,but its getting to the water valve. So I poured water into the ice tray and it froze, but would not cycle the cube out of the tray.Does the water valve and the ice maker comocate with each other.

The water valve get the istruction to open from the electronic control which receive signal from the sensor in the ice maker.\015\012So the test must be perform to the three parts.\015\012First Soneloid valve if the coild is ok if not mus ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

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