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Have a Whirlpool ED25RF (XFW01) refrigerator that recently stopped working from time to time. Found that tapping on the control panel would make the fridge work again. A little research pointed to either a faulty cold control or frost timer, but not sure how to access the control panel. Already unscrewed the 4 screws and 2 hex screws holding the cover plate in place, but it still seems to be firmly fixed onto the top. Anyone know how to access the control panel?

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Have a Whirlpool ED25RF (XFW01) refrigerator that recently stopped working from time to time. Found that tapping on the control panel would make the fridge work again. A little research pointed to either a faulty cold control or frost timer, but not sure how to access the control panel. Already unscrewed the 4 screws and 2 hex screws holding the cover plate in place, but it still seems to be firmly fixed onto the top. Anyone know how to access the control panel?

... Refrigerators

I have to remove the liner from the freezer door portion of my frigidaire (electrolux 2003) freezer, model number: frs26r2aw6 to repair a leak in the water dispenser that is rotting out the outside of the door in that area. But it looks like the liner is glued into place, as I can find no screws holding it in place, even with the seal removed. Does anyone know how to access the screws that hold the dispenser to the metal portion of the door and whether or not the inner panel is glued in place?

... Frigidaire FRS26R4A Side by Side Refrigerator

Model VCFF036SS. The plastic male hinge piece to the MeatSavor/Produce drawer cover broke off. It is part of the right panel of the bottom part of the refrigerator interior where the temperature control to the drawer and the slider for the drawer is attached. There are 2 visible screws that hold the panel in place. Questions: How do I get a new panel (how to find the part description and number) and how do I take off the broken panel? Thanks

... Viking VCFF036SS Stainless Steel

Requesting Help In Accessing Back Panel Of Elite To Change Controller Assembly

The Er DH error code indicates the temperature sensor on the evaporator coil did not reach 50 degrees within one hour. This would indicate the control board did put the refrigerator through a defrost cycle.This problem could be caus ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

I have a Kenmore side by side model #106.50517001. It started defrosting and not coming back on at odd times, I thought that it was probably the defrost timer, you could unplug the fridge, plug it back in and it would start working but when you turned the timer screw, it would go off then not come back on. I replaced the timer and it still wasn't working. Out of frustration I slapped the control panel cover and it came on. What else inside there do I need to replace?

Replace the cold control that operates the compressor it is located on or near the control panel ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I recently had a problem with our Hotpoint HSS25GFTA. It was over defrosting and warming the freezer. I replaced both the defrost thermostat and the control board. This has not solved the problem. I have been messing around with the control codes accessed from the front panel by holding all four temperature adjustment buttons down for five seconds. I have figured out what some of them do but not all of them. I can execute some of the codes and observe the result but I can't seem to get

U can find the codes in the below website\015\012\015\012http://www.hotpointservice.co.uk/hs/pages/content.do?keys=FAQ:ERROR_COD ... Refrigerators

I am replacing the left side panel of the crisper drawer but not sure how to remove the screw with the hexagon top where the access hole is to small for plyers. Is there a special tool I should use?

1/4 socket of nut driver ... Refrigerators

Kitchen Aid KDDC24CVS. The fridge works but the control panel is not working. There is a printed circuit board both at the bottom front of the fridge and for the control panel inside the fridge door. The casing for the wires that run to the control panel cracked and as a result some of the wires were exposed. I repaired the wires and heat shrank each one but the control panel is still not working. I am assuming that one of the printed circuit boards have gone but not sure which one. Is the

... KitchenAid KDDC24CVS (48 cu ft) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Amanda afd2535deq loose left side handle on bottom freezer door. inside of freezer on the door there are two screws that are holding a support, but, under the support on the back door panel itself are two additional phillip head screws. if these two screws are taken off the back inside panel would that able the back panel to be removed and thus exposing the handle screws??? please advise. Mike Yermal

Mike,\015\012\015\012I would give you an idea for making sure what the screws are for without doing things you cant undo later. \015\012\015\012What you do is loosen on of these screws and check the handle. If the handle has started movin ... Amana Easy Reach AFD2535DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hello, This is directed to manison88's solution to "Warm fridge no airflow ...control panel beeping" posted May 20, 2009 for Kitchenaid KSSC42Fms. Why is the damper malfunction causing the control panel to beep and switch on and off? I have a similar problem and when I accessed the damper and tapped it a few time, then reset the power button, and now the control panel stopped blinking and turning on and off. The refrigerator is running again and everything seems fine. Local repair compan

Probably the control panel. If compressor is running normal, then compressor and power supply is good and the problem is with the temp senosr, thermostat, thermometer sensor, or control panel. Testing would definately find the problem ... Refrigerators

Noisy timer? on top front panel of EP20PK fridge . How do I access?

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

GE pss25ngna temp control panel will not SET hold the fridge side temp of 37 deg. The freezer side will SET the freezer side fine. Is this a bad temp control panel?

... GE Profile 25.6 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Thru-the-Door Ice and Water - Stainless-Steel

Our kenmore elite control panel is constantly scanning through all of the controls and does not appear to be cooling at all. The panel display will hold contant for a moment then begin scanning through all of the programs and the possible range of temperature settings.

It appears your thermostat or defrost timer has failed in this instance.For replacement parts - head on over to PartSelect.com or RepairClinic.com and enter in your full model number for a full parts listing.I recommend both sites b ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker


HelloYou can reset by unplugging fridge for 3 min then plug it back in.It may be looking for degrees in Celsius or degrees in Fahrenheit. Have you set that yet. ... Maytag 22 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator MBL2262HES / MBR2262HES

Our Samsung side by side's control panel is dead the diagnosis is that the pcb has died. We live in a remote area and the service guys won't touch Samsung. I can buy the parts on line question is how do you gain access to the back of the control panel.

The front trim ring is pressure clip mounted.Start at one corner and work your way around the perimeter.Thanks for using FixYa!! ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung rb2155bb control panel doesn't show actual temperature inside. have replaced control board and sensors, but system not holding temperature. we have to unplug then replug to get compressor to run and cool down, but it won't hold for long.

May be your temperature setting is got locked to child lock functions.\015\012Try to unlock it.By pressing the freezer temp and refrigerator temp button together for 3 seconds.This will unlock it.If it gets locked, then again press it to unlock it.Th ... Refrigerators

I am not sure of the model number of my fridge. It is approx 4 to 5 years old. The light has gone out. Checked the cylindrical button on the control panel at the top of the fridge and it was loose. It feels like it is floating free and not attached to anything. I am not sure but every time the fridge is opened, the fan is going. Not sure if this usually happens, or has it got something to do with the cylindrical door button. Could you please help. Thankyou - Shane

You will need to access the back of the door switch from inside the unit,to press in and release the tabs holding the switch,but before you remove it bypass the switch with a jumper wire and if the light remains on or lights up,then just replace the ... Fisher and Paykel E522BRX Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hi, I have a Maytag MFI2568AES and it trips something inside the control panel on the front of the door. I plug it in and it sounds like it starts only for 1 maybe 2 seconds and then I here a snap sound in the panel and then it stops. everything else seems to work lights,temp settings,fans,ect. what could be the problem? and how do I access the panel in the door? thank you Lee

I think what you are hearing is your ice maker when it makes ice tray turning your ice maker off and see if you still hear the sound. ... Maytag MFI2568AES Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

How do I access evaporator section to change fan or remove ice. When door is opened noise winds to a halt. Defrosted unit for 12 hrs, noise went almost away, however, it came back a few days later. Model is Samsung RM 255 LASH. Note: Rear of unit has only small access panel at bottom and no screws to remove elsewhere. Wondering if access to evap section is through inside of box?

... Samsung Refrigerators

I have an Admiral LTF2112ARZ refrigerator. Water is leaking from the ice maker fill tube down into the bottom of the freezer at the beginning of each ice cycle. The ice maker itself seems to be fine. I want to have a look at the fill tube and valve, but I don't know how to access them. There is a small removable panel at the bottom of the back of the fridge and one large panel covering the rest of the back. When I took all of the screws off, the large panel remained stuck to the fridge. It

... Maytag Admiral Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Hi, we just replaced our control (Jazz) board on our Admiral Fridge Freezer (not sure if Admiral is just a Maytag brand for the UK market). We got the usual 00's when we switched it on and followed the instructions meticulously as follows: Press light button and hold > Press Freezer Down 3 times > Depress light > Press Freezer down once more > Enter your code > Hold the freezer down button until it the digits flash. Everything goes according to plan until the very last part. We hold th

Hello Steve,\015\012\015\012I think for the most part you are going about this the right way...with perhaps one exception I suspect. On a lot of those control`s the issue with entering the code is mis-understood. If it indica ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator temperature control panel not lit. This happened last week but corrected itself....not sure how....but now display panel is off for good, it seems. Main Refrigerator lights are still working, which indicates power still getting to frig.. 3 year old, GE model PDS22SBSARSS. Could it be a fuse? Will frig still work without this display not showing temperature? Could this be the temperature relay, or would temperature display panel remain lit if it were only that problem? Refrigerator a

Your Refrigerator Has a main controlboard located in the rear of the machine. This Controlboard sends power and reads the user information. if your user display (Temp Control panel) is not working it can only be 2 things The user display or the mai ... Refrigerators

Not defrosting I have a GE Model GSS201EPHWW every 2 weeks I have to remove the inside back panel to expose a frozed solid evaporator coil to defrost it. this unit does not have a timer I believe it is controlled from the circuit board in the back.How do I go about troubleshooting the defrost element and thermostat to determine if i need a new panel or other part?

First thing is to check the defrost heater if it looks black it is bad the part number for the heater is wr51x10053\015\012i have replaced a ton of these ... GE GSS20IEPWW / GSS20IEPCC Side by Side Refrigerator

There is water pooling and freezing on the bottom of the freezer section of my frost free unit. It is an LG GR359SQ. I am in the middle of thoroughly defrosting it using a hair dryer. I am not sure this will work. I am following the solution for a blocked water drain in it. I went to take off the inside back panel but after taking out 2 screws I see the side panels appear to be interlocked with the back and I hesitate to go further as I feel a bit over my skills limit. (probably more my confiden

Defrost is OK, but you need to be sure you defrost the water drain outlet !\015\012see this page with images that might suggest the fix.\015\0 ... LG Refrigerators

Kenmore bottom freezer 795.77304600. Heat from the light bulbs heated the reflector plate and subsequently melted the plastic mounting socket on the control panel cover. I purchased a new cover but I can't figure out how to uninstall the electronics/display subassembly from the existing cover. I don't see any clips or screws and am afraid to pry off the display in case I screw up the whole works. Can you tell me how to get this subassembly out of the old cover and into the new one?

I'm going to send you a link of a discussion of the same problem you're having. Go down the page to spkaro's post. Apparantly, they complained and Sear's is going to make it right. Other's are suing. This is a BIG problem with that applianc ... Refrigerators

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