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Maytag ref top freezer door pops open when frige door is closed and freezer door does not close all the way

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Ck the cams on the door hinges also the door seals may not be strong enough and need replacement . mm

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Maytag ref top freezer door pops open when frige door is closed and freezer door does not close all the way

Ck the cams on the door hinges also the door seals may not be strong enough and need replacement . mm ... Refrigerators

The freezer (left side) is not closing all the way and I can't seem to figure out how to put the side detachable baskets back into the freezer door. any help? I made sure to clear out any food that would refrain the door from closing but when I do close it, the door wont hook shut. Like when I open and close the right door the freezer immediatley opens up.

GE has a design defect where the latches fall off, so the doors won't stay closed. http://www.repairclinic.com/GE-Refrigerator-Parts ... GE GSH25JFR Side by Side Refrigerator

The freezer door of our side-by-side Maytag makes a loud, metallic clunk when open about half way. It will no longer swing closed on its own and sometimes closing the refrigerator door will cause the freezer door to open slightly. We tried taking everything out of the freezer door but we still have the problem. The unit is level.

I suggtes check and try this procedure to obtain properly-aligned---side-by-side-refriger ... Maytag Refrigerators

The freezer side of my fridge/side by side is working fine and the fan is blowing cold air. but, the other side is not cold anymore just slightly cool,even with the thermostst turned up all the way. i found a small door behind a cover in the upper left fridge inside with a small actuator motor attached to it. it goes through to the frezer side. i opened that door to let the freezer side air in. but after a while the door closes automatically. could this be the thermostat or is it stuck in d

Hello,it's your compressor that is the cause of it not blowing.all you need to do is to get a new one and also get your fan serviced.take care. ... GE GSS20IEPWW / GSS20IEPCC Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an Estate refrigerator by whirlpool Corporation, model # TT18DKXRQ01 with a 12-07 mfg. date. When you open the refrigerator door, as it closes, the freezer door always opens and closes. Apparently the magnetic gasket is not strong enough to keep the door from opening. I had to throw away 3-4 garbage bags of food due to the freezer defrosting overnight. We think due to the freezer door opening so easily that something that was stored in the door of the freezer fell down when we opened the

I also own a model # TT18DKXRQ01 Estate refrigerator and my freezer door pops open when I close the refrigerator. As you stated, this is caused by the magnet in the freezer gasket not being strong enough to hold. As far as I know, they do not make a ... Estate Refrigerators

The alarm beep which tells you to close refrigerator or freezer door now beeps even after either door has been closed. It beeps three times at approx twenty second intervals, then beeps continuously for about five minutes. Then only way to stop this is to press the button inside refigerator at back (near top), and only during the continual beeping. When I open fridge to do so, I notice that interior light is off. The light must reset after a while because it later comes back on. The beeping also

Hello,Sounds like you have a bad door switch. Depending on the age of the fridge, it might still be under warranty. If it's not, then you might be able to access the door switch yourself and pull it out & replace it. ... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart® E522BR Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Model 79577314600 lights stay on when doors closed. the lights get very hot and both go off until cooled. You can actually feel the heat coming from the light assembly. The freezer appears to be fine. This has been going on now for about 2 days. The ref. stays cool but I think because of the heat from the light assembly ,the items on the top shelf feel a little warmer than they should be. When the lights are on and I have the doors open I press both light buttons on the top of the ref. and the l

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Refrigerator top freezer door slightly rubs to inside freezer bottom while closing the door that opens on right side. Due to this after closing the freezer door, the door opens less than a mm near the left gasket and humid air gets inside the freezer to form ice. Is there any adjustment on the top hinge to bring the freezer door up by about 2mm (1/16 to less than 1/8"? It seems the freezer door has dropped slightly from the factory setting. In my judgement, there is enoug room on the top of the

I think I can help. Usuly the doors have been swapped around in this case. look closely at the freezer door on hinge side. there should be a small metal piece that covers the hinge to prevent anything from jamming hinge. thi ... Whirlpool ET1FHMXLQ / ET1FHMXLT Top Freezer Refrigerator

Freezer door is popping open, and stays open when you close fridge. Could not find any obstructions, making pop open, such as too food in the way.

... LG LBC22520 Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

I have a top freezer. Whenever the refrigerator door is closed, the freezer door pops open. There appears to be a good seal around each door... How do I keep the freezer door from poping open, when the refrige door is closed? Thanks

Take a rag and spray windex on it. Wipe down the entire gasket as many times as necessary till it comes up spotless all the way around. Do the same to the mounting surface on the freezer. After this, see if the rear gasket surface at the hinge side l ... GE PTS22LHR Top Freezer Refrigerator

Every time the top frig door is closed the bottom freezer door opens sometimes only 10 or 15mm so that the alarm does not detonate. The reverse also happens, ie top door opens when the bottom door is closed with only reasonable force. The seals appear tight and flexible with no gaps and the frig and freezer work fine for as long as the doors are closed! The frig is in excellent conditions - no dents etc. It is mounted fairly level, probably slightly tilted to the back a degree or two.

There is an air duct that connects the fridge to the freezer. When the opposite door is closed air is trapped and forced out the other door pushing it open.\012The door seals contain a magnetic strip that hold the door to the fridge, these magn ... Fisher and Paykel E522BRXFD Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator


... Kenmore 57022 Side by Side Refrigerator

Have GE TXF27F. Ref door has lost its tendency to close so if I open the door half way or more, it swings wide and slams against its casing.

... Refrigerators

Have GE TXF27F. Ref door has lost its tendency to close so if I open the door half way or more, it swings wide and slams against its casing.

... GE Refrigerators

I have a kitchenaid refrigerator - 8 years old - the freezer compartment door won't seal because the rail/track for opening and closing the door is cracked - I have been chasing replacement parts for 6 months - always 20 days on backorder - is there another valid source of these rails - or is there a way to get Kitchenaid to get them for me now vice waiting for the computer parts-ordering system to finally kick in

You need to replace the door seal, this is not a difficult operation.You find parts and diagrams by entering model number here. \015\012\015\012 ... Refrigerators

Just opened my freezer on Roper fridge model RT2TDKXKQ, got out some ice cream and it was loose/melting. Then opened the fridge section; light was on turn cold control all the way high then to off and back to middle. Closed the door and did not hear compressor come on, which it usual does under the circumstances. Where is the re-set for this fridge? I would like to try that before cleaning the bottom coils and calling in a repair person. Do you think a re-set might help? Got any other idea

Hi there.\015\012\015\012It's possible the thermostat contacts have stuck.\015\012\015\012You should hear a click when turning from max to 0. \015\012\015\012Sometimes a light tap on the knob frees it off without d ... Roper Refrigerators

When I close the frig door, it blows the freezer door open. The same when I close the freezer door, it blows the frig door open.

That is because the unit is sealed. If the doors are staying opened I have posted a how to fix it linked just below.Doors ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

The bottom freezer door opens when the top fridge door closes. I have replaced the seal on the freezer door but it continues to open when the top door closes.

... Kenmore 72232 / 72234 / 72239 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Freezer door We have an LG bottom freezer (swing door) and it is 8 months old. When the upper door is open you can notice the freezer door is pulled in slightly. When the upper door is closed, the freezer door pops open approximately 1/4". It seems to be a new problem. Can you offer some suggestions on how to resolve this?

You may have a door alignment problem and requires a qualified LG technician to find the problem. ... LG LRBN22514ST Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a LBC22518ST refrig. The prob is that the seal on the freezer door has stopped being very effective. When closing the top portion, it causes the freezer door to lose its seal and open open slightly. I hadn't noticed until I found freezer items unfrozen. The door doesn't pop open enough to cause the alarm to sound. I bought it 2 years ago.

... LG 22.4 Cu. Ft. Bottom-Mount Refrigerator - Smooth Black

Roper fridge Okay I have a standard roper fridge freezer on top the freezer works fine but the fridge has stopped working when opening the freezer door you can feel the air blowing and see the cold air so I dont think its a fan when u have the freezer door open and feel where the cold air is supposed to be coming the the fridge u can feel it but when u close the freezer door it stops any suggestions? please help

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong...Refrigerator ... Roper RT21AKXKQ Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Maytag side by side refrig. freezer Mod. # msd2735grw ser.# 11732026ej The refrig. side is not cooling. theres no air being blown in to the refrig side from the freezer. Once you open the freezer door air blows in to the refrig. side and starts cooling. Does the fan only blow when the freezers open? Seems this way because it, refrig. side only cools with the freezer door open.

Hello,First check the air vents on the refrigerator. These are located at the bottom and normally blow out warm air. If the air vents are blocked or clogged with hair and dust, the refrigerator won't run efficiently. Unblock the vents or clean ... Refrigerators

Ice and water dispenser light turns on and off when freezer door is closed. There is also a clicking sound coming from the top of the fridge. Everything stops when you open the freezer door. I've tried troubleshooting and even when the freezer door is open and you press the door switch it starts blinking again.

... LG LRSC-26922 Side by Side Refrigerator

I had to open a cover in the fridge compartment of my Maytag MSD 2656kgb and then immediately felt that the spring which holds the little door in between the freezer compartment and the fridge compartment fell off. I opened that little door but now cannot close it because it got stuck in the open position. (This probably happened because there's no spring over there anymore.) As a result of having the door open all the time the food in the upper shelf gets frozen if put relatively close to the d

I think you're referring to the damper, which opens to cool the refrigerator. I'm not a refrigerator tech, but I did find a neat web page with your model on it, and diagrams of how things go together, and here it is:\015\012 ... Maytag Refrigerators

On Saturday, I tried to turn the alarm off in the freezer section whilst loading it. And it didn't work, so turned the power button on and off. Since then the temperature has been slowly working its way back up to -15. Last night it started making a big noise, and is still doing it. It stops when I open the door, but starts again when I close it. I only moved into the house 6 weeks ago and there's no manual. Can someone please HELP???

... Liebherr SBSes 74S2 Premium NoFrost

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