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Noticed a sound from my Kenmore 106.41512101 refrigerator. It was a buzzing sound that lasted about 12 seconds and then shut off for 2 minutes or so and then start buzzing again. This was an endless cycle. Aslo discovered the fridge and freezer temps were rising. I then pulled out the fridge from the wall and removed the lower cover. Discovered the sound was coming from the compressor area. The compressor was also very hot. The fan was also constantly running. I thought there may have been a ba

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You will need to test the compressor on your device to know if it is still good, follow the procedure below to test if your compressor is still good.

At the bottom rear of the refrigerator you will see a large cylindrical \015\012object. That is the compressor. On the right side (in most cases) you \015\012should see a box with wires coming out of it. Remove the cover from this\015\012 box. The cover will be held in place by either screws or retaining \015\012clips.
With the cover off, you should see the relay, the overload protector and\015\012 the terminals for the compressor motor. The relay can be removed simply\015\012 by pulling it straight off of the compressor.\015\012
Use the needle-nose pliers to pull the wire connector off of the relay. \015\012Pull it off by gripping the connector, NOT the wire. Inspect both the \015\012connector and the relay for any signs of corrosion. If there are any, \015\012then you should replace the corroded part.

On the compressor motor you should see three terminals. Set your \015\012multitester to read ohms, usually the RX1 or X1 setting, depending on \015\012the model of tester.
Touch one of the tester's probes to one of the terminals and leave it \015\012there. Then, use the other probe to touch first one of the other \015\012terminals and then the last one. The tester should display a reading of \015\012"zero" ohms for each test.\015\012
Move the probe you held on the first terminal and hold it in place on \015\012the second terminal. Use the other probe to touch each of the other \015\012terminals. The tester should continue reading "zero" ohms with each \015\012test .Hold the probe on the last terminal and touch the other two terminals \015\012individually with the other probe. Again, the readings should all come \015\012up "zero" ohms. If the compressor motor fails any of these tests, it \015\012will need to be serviced by a professional refrigerator repairman.\015\012
While you are testing the compressor motor, you might as well test the \015\012compressor for ground. Keeping your multitester setting on ohms, touch \015\012one probe to the side of the metal box that houses the relay. With the \015\012other probe, touch each of the three compressor motor terminals one at a\015\012 time. The tester should read "infinity" every time. If it doesn't, the \015\012compressor motor will need to be serviced by a professional.

For the parts of the refrigerator, follow the link below to search for the parts and order for the relay part needed.


Type the above link on your web browser to see the information it contain and search for the part needed.

Take care.

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Noticed a sound from my Kenmore 106.41512101 refrigerator. It was a buzzing sound that lasted about 12 seconds and then shut off for 2 minutes or so and then start buzzing again. This was an endless cycle. Aslo discovered the fridge and freezer temps were rising. I then pulled out the fridge from the wall and removed the lower cover. Discovered the sound was coming from the compressor area. The compressor was also very hot. The fan was also constantly running. I thought there may have been a ba

Hello,You will need to test the compressor on your device to know if it is still good, follow the procedure below to test if your compressor is still good.At the bottom rear of the refrigerator you will see a large cylindrical ... Refrigerators

Yesterday started hearing a buzzing sound from the fridge. Came home today with a pool of water in the kitchen coming from the fridge. Opened the freezer, ice is melted and inside is relatively warm. Fridge side is still cool but warm. Moved fridge from wall and and did not take the back off. Buzzing sounds like the compressor turning on. ( example..Sounds like the buzzer on a clothes dryer heard from another room as the cycle ends.)No clicking, just buzzing. Bad Compressor?

I would check for a bad starter relay first unless you can verify that the sound is comming from the compressor. How to check stuff>\015\012\015\012http://www.acmehowto.com/howto/appliance/refrigerator/refrigerator.php ... Frigidaire PLRS267ZAB Side by Side Refrigerator

My compressor is getrting real hot, the realy is also bad, i managed to make the fridge to work the fans worked the compressor was making noise again like a buzzing sound that it normally makes. but t

No telling til you replace the start relay. ... GE Refrigerators

GS5SHAXNQ00 side by side refridgerator made "popping" sound when fridge side door opened and interior light filckerd & went out. Now has rattle from compressor area when door opened. Replaced interior light and still does not work nor do LED indicators. Fan runs and sound coming from or near some sort of electrical box at lower left rear behind inspection cover. Sounds like an electrical relay not making contact to go full on. Any known culprits for "rattling noise"?

The popping sound could be a blown capacitor. Please check the and look for a burst cylindrical object. It may even have some wax around it. It should be replaced for the fridge to work again properly. ... Whirlpool GD5SHAX Side by Side Refrigerator

Insulation You said: Normally in back there is a removable panel to access the condenser and compressor area. make sure you reinstall the cover after you are done. It is critical to proper operation and cooling of the system. When I removed the panel, the piece of insulation attached to it is falling apart. The fabric -like cover is broken and the fibrous material is falling out in clumps. I'm afraid the clumps of material will cause the fridge to not operate properly, but am also worried that t

The insulation you spoke of is only for dampening sound that may come from the compressor area. You can remove the loose material and it will not cause any problem. The panel determines proper air circulation over the compressor and condenser. ... Refrigerators

Every 3-4 minutes the a very loud buzzing sound occurs for ~20 seconds. It sounds like it is coming from the compressor area. The fridge and freezer are both working well.

It sounds like the starting components on your compressor are bad. the buzzing is your compressor trying to start and then shutting down on its overload. You will need to replace your starting components on the side of the compressor (start relay and ... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

The light on the fridge side is out and there is a buzzing sound. Also the LED for the Temp Controls are out. When I take the light bulb out the buzzing sound goes away and the LED for the tempature controls come back on. I replaced the bulb with a new bulb and the problem does not change. It seems like something is wrong with the electrical system on the fridge side. It is like the bulb is loading down that part of the system. Also when I disengage the fridge light switch the sound goes away.

Try shutting down your unit, unplug it from the wall and wait a few minutes - plus it back in and turn on see if it solves the problem otherwise you may have a faulty board. ... Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire sidexside, purchased in May 2005. The compressor does not come on, and will produce a 'buzzing' sound for approximately 17 seconds. Then the 'buzzing' sound will cease and all is quite. In a little over 2 minutes the 'buzzing' starts again and still no compressor coming on to cool fridge. This action is now all the time. Thank you

Your symptoms are classic. What you are hearing is the starter relay trying to start a warm/hot compressor by supplying it with an extra jolt of electricity, but because of the faulty compressor (or if you are lucky a faulty relay) that's warm ... Refrigerators

I am having big issues and the tech can't come out till next week. This morning my fridge was making a louder than normal sound. When I opened it up.....the crisper at the bottom was freezing my meat. The last hour, my freezer temperature has gone up 2 degrees and sounds like the fan is blowing air into the crisper area. Also, my water dispenser is now not working. Sounds like my fridge is working overtime. I am afraid my fridge will blow up (literally).

When did you last do a total manual defrost/clean vents and drain holes.if after, you still have problems call tech.this way is cheaper....also check door seal is touching frame all around ... GE Monogram® ZISS420DMSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Loud sound coming from back of fridge. Pulled out from wall. sound like it's coming from the lower left corner when looking at it from the back. Looks like i'd need to take the lower panel off to inspect further. Hard to describe the sound it's making. Sound like a compressor or pump going bad of some sort. ??? Any ideas? The fridge is about 4 1/2 years old. Thanks- Rick M.

Hi Rick,\015\012Sounds like the now infamous 'fan icing up' caused by a design fault of the fridge evaporator cover assembly & evaporator heater.Contact Samsung.You may find that these components are covered by by an extended 5yr. guarantee ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator

My Amana fridge (model ARSE67RBB) compressor has stopped working. It locks up when it gets too hot, and then makes a high pitched buzzing sound. I purchased the fridge used, so I don't think Amana is going to step in to help. My question: is it worth it to replace the compressor, or am I just going to run into this same problem? Am I better off purchasing another fridge?

The buzzing noise is the compressor stalled and trying to start. Is the condensor fan working? (the fan at the back by the compressor) as if it's not it could cause this issue. If the rest of the unit is in good condition then yes I'd replace the co ... Amana ARSE67RBB / ARSE67RBW / ARSE67RBC Side by Side Refrigerator

I have an Amana SxS (model DRS2663B) that is about 8 years old. About a week ago, it started making a sound - kind of a buzz coming from the compressor area (or the little box I identified as a Relay/overload with start capacitor) that is attached to side of compressor. It buzzes for about 10 seconds and then does not buzz for 60 seconds or so. Fan is on all the time, does not get cold in refrigerator or freezer. I am not sure how long the warranty is as I cannot find the manual.

You may have a bad relay/overload part number 12555902 runs about $15 but if the compressor is going bad it may not work.If you take the relay/overload off  turn it into your hand and shake it if you it sprinkles out like a pepper shaker go with ... Amana DRS2663B Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a 8 year old Refrigerator Freezer Model number ARB9059CS. It has been making a buzzing sound. I had a repair man who replaced the relay. We were away for a few days and came home to more buzzing and the freezer is completely defrosted. The defrost thermostat was replaced in 2008. Now the repair man thinks we need a new compressor. Does this sound correct? Does it pay to fix this fridge? The repair man said it would probably be about $500.00. Why so many problems with this model?

Personally i would replace any item in the home that cost more than $500 to repair,you can save that much in lower running cost for a more upto date version.but ....its your money. ... Amana Refrigerators

There seems to be a leak problem in the freezer area. what started as constant running fill on the ice maker is now looking like a leak in the baclk wall above the freezer coil, Is there a vlave or other part prone to leaking there? After we got the water flow stopped in the ice tray filler, the leak in the back wall seems to have developed. I turned off the water supply to the fridge. The sound was like an intermittant spritsing sound. It did stop when i turned the water supply off. I have a

Sounds like you may need to change your water fill valve located in the rear of the frigde.The would be the main cause of water leaks ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

I have a Kenmore Coldspot Model #106.9552812. The serial number is SG0635267. Manufacturing date is 02/97. The fridge just stopped cooling. Both freezer & fridge are warm inside. I hear what sounds like a relay clicking on and off every now & then. I'm assuming the small black tank is the compressor. The fan is also on all the time. This just happened suddenly 2 days ago. Is this something I can repair myself? If not, is it an expensive repair? Any manuals available? I also get a "propane" smel

If the compressor is running then the GAS has leaked out and needs a refill.\015\012If the compressor is not running then it may have got burnt.\015\012I feel that it is the first as you say you can smell gas in the fridge.\015\012In both cases it is ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

I have an Amana bottom freezer fridge model ARB2517CSR the freezer stopped working I cleaned the coils and the fan was working and the fridge was making a buzzing sound. The sound stopped, so did the fan and it hasn's started since. Been an hour. The compressor seems really hot.

If the coils were really dirty, the compressor is probably just overheated. Let it cool down overnight then try again. If it still won't stay running it needs serviced. Could be the start relay or internal overload/overheat sensor in the compresso ... Stainless Cruise 49 Marine Refridgerator - Measures 20 " H x 15 " W x 18 " D. - Steel model - CR0...

PDS22SBRLSS My GE Frdige is running warm. Been 2 days **w. 4yrs/old PDS22SBRLSS Settings are Freezer-0 Fridge-38oF. Currently reading 6oF, 43oF I've verfied the coils and dust areas are clean. I've unplugged the unit for 10min...** difference. GE changed mother board about 1yr ago for similar problem. Was also an "upgrade" mother board for transient **ise from compressor. Seems like problem has returned? I'm also finding the compressor extremely HOT. Too hot to touch.

Hi is there any ice built up at the back of the freezer. is the fan motor going if no ice or frost build up in freezer and fan motor is going . check the compressor. thanks the appliance doc ... GE PDS22SBRLSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Buzzing sound My refrigerator started making a buzzing sound, lasting about 10 seconds, and repeating about every 2 minutes. I came home today to discover neither the fridge or freezer is working(light is on but neither are cold). Can you tell me what this is and will it be expensive to repair?

The buzzing sound is the compressor trying to start. Unfortunately, it is locked up and the overload is cutting it out. It resets every couple of minutes or so. The problem is the compressor. You can try a hard start capacitor to see if it breaks loo ... Amana ATB1935HR Top Freezer Refrigerator

Model # FRS23LH5DS2: There is a knocking sound in the compressor. The sound comes approximately every 4 to 5 hours. It has been doing this for some time. In the last few days the sound is getting louder. We pulled the frig from the wall and removed the cover at the bottom. We have vaccumed it out and the sound is not as loud as it was before. Any idea what could be causing the knocking sound? Thanks for your reply. Linda O.

Http://www.acmehowto.com/howto/appliance/refrigerator/check/compmounts.php ... Frigidaire 22.6 Cu. Ft. Side By Side Counter Depth Refrigerator, FSC23F7DSB

Have an N'FINITY wine refrigerator. Just has a problem wtih it cooling and then warming up. Repair person came said it the start capacitor and fixed it. It now holds the temp, but the the compressor buzzes on and off every few seconds for about 5 minutes before the compressor turns on. Told that the compressor is damaged and needs to be replaced and told its $600. Fridge was only $700. Does this sound correct, and is there a way I can buy a compressor cheaper? Told its a standard 1/8 HP u

... Refrigerators

I have the same problem on my Samsung fridge (RS253BASB). I just had warranty work done, they put in a new evaporator two days ago, and now the outside of the freezer wall and the inside divider between the fridge and freezer side is hot to the touch. It also now has a loud clicking sound coming from the back of the fridge, it starts about every hour and continues for 10 mins or so. This concerns me because prior to the repair being done my fridge never made any noises like this. Does anyone hav

It sounds unrelated to the evaporator change unless they were working behind the unit. The evaporator is in the freezer. I think you're having a condenser fan problem which is around back behind the cardboard cover. It should be running when the comp ... Samsung RS2630SH Side by Side Refrigerator


Why don't you believe him?  If you've got a hole in the walls, they often contain refrigerant gas.  If it leaks out...unit is dead.  Did you ask him to repair it?  If he said he could...the problem is repairable.  If not, he ... Refrigerators

Fridge freezer intermittently not switch on to keep temperature at freezing temperatures. When you switch off at wall and then on again compressor starts and within a couple of hours temps are ok. The compressor then seems to cycle on and off ok with temps ok also. Then several hours later the temps are up arround 0 degrees and compressor is not switch on until, you switch off at mains and back on again. Then the process is repeated.

Hello Patdorrian,Welcome.0 Degrees is okay!How long has the compressor been off when you need to switch it off and on to make it start again?Perhaps it was on when you were out of the room for a short period? ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Hi, my zi918/12k fridge freezer fridge compartment isnt working.freezer comp is freezing but the compressor is running continiously. there is a sound coming from it like a heavy blowing or breathing .there was ice building up in the fridge compartment previously.the freezer compartment also had to be defrosted very regularly

Hi,As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freeze ... Zanussi ZI918 / 12K Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Jenn-air JCD2389DES stopped cooling in both the refrigerator and freezer. I hear a click sound every now and then. It sounds like it is clicking on but then nothing happens. The clicking sound is coming from the area where the round egg shaped thing (maybe compressor). The fan is also running in the back.

2 things may cause this condition.\015\012\015\0121. The relay and overload which starts the compressor has failed.\015\012 This is an easy fix.\015\012\015\0122. The compressor has failed. \015\012 The compr ... Jenn-Air Refrigerators

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