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I want to replace my refrigerator door's bottom end cap so from where can I get it.model no .E-285 elite.whirlpool.

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I think mastatech meant:\015\012
\015\012Also; Sears can supply parts for thousands of non-Sears appliances.\015\012Go to the link below, enter your brand and model # to see if they have an illustrated parts breakdown for your unit.\015\012If so, you can order it from there:\015\012
\015\012Sears Parts
Go to repair clionic .com

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I want to replace my refrigerator door's bottom end cap so from where can I get it.model no .E-285 elite.whirlpool.

I think mastatech meant:\015\012\015\012http://www.repairclinic.com/\015\012\015\012Also; Sears can supply parts for thousands of non-Sears appliances.\015\012Go to ... Refrigerators

After replacing the water filter on a Maytag refrigerator model mfi2266aeu, I cannot get any water or ice from the in door dispenser. I took the new filter out and put the bypass cap in which didn't work either. What is my next option ?

Try this\015\012Here is a solution I found for my fridge from another site. \015\012http://www.justanswer.com/questions/2ce ... Maytag MFI2266AE Side by Side Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Roaring sound My LG french-door refrigerator model LFX25960 ST has suddenly started making a roaring sound. The refrigerator is barely a year old and has already had the ice-maker replaced. The sound stops when either of the refrigerator section doors are opened. The sound gets louder when the bottom freezer door is opened. The sound seems to be getting louder as time passes.

I have had the same issues. I have owned my LFX25960 for 18 months. All the cooling, noise, and condensation problems are related to 2 fans. One for the freezer/refrigerator compartments and One for the Ice Maker. The fans, apparently, are not suf ... LG LFX25960ST Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator

Ge profile refrigerator tpx21prxd 1996 side/side Refrigerator side keeps freezing everything no matter what setting. I found a random spring I think holds the trap door in air damper control closed. However. replacing this doesn't help. weird part is top shelf will get frost but bottom shelf and crispers freeze. This has been going on for over 4 months. 2 months prior the indoor ice maker door would open and close randomly as if someone was trying to get ice. I put a piece of dense foam over

... Refrigerators

My Samsung RS2544SL refrigerator is no longer cooling either the refrigerator or freezer compartments. The interior light is on, the there is only one segment blinking on the control panel, and the ice chute closure door is open. I've pulled the wall plug twice and reset it hoping the refrigerator might reset itself. Is there any reset function for this refrigerator or does the control panel have to be replaced to get the refrigerator working again? How difficult is replacing the control panel i

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We have here the parts diagram ... Refrigerators

Maytag refrigerator I have a Maytag French Door refrigerator and it is about 5 years old. I have the double door version. It began to get warm in the refrigerator part. The freezer works fine. I was told unplugging may reset this problem. I also was told it may need to be defrosted. Do you have any idea what may cause this problem. I had a motor replaced last year.

I think the fan is not working ( inside the refrigerator, not at the back) ... Refrigerators

I've got a GE side by side refrigerator that's approx.7 years old. This past weekend, I resolved the problem of not getting water out of the cold water dispenser. After replacing the two-way water solenoid valve, I realized that the downstream water line inside the freezer door upstream of the dispenser was also plugged with ice. After shutting down the refrigerator for some time and warming up the door, the water pressure was able to blow out the ice plug. I restarted the refrigerator and was a

Check around the door gasket to see if gasket pulls off or is it held on by screws if there are screws you can separate the door and insulate the tube if no screws than replacing the door is the only repair. ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have modle GC5SHEXNQ03 side by side refrigerator with water and Ice in the freezer door. I am not getting water in the door but the ice cubes are making and dispensing. In the lower back right (looking at the back) is the water valve with 1 intake and 2 electromechanical valves. The Ice maker valve is the tan solonoid and the water purple. I am getting a vibration on the tan one when the 120v is activated. I am getting 120v going to the purple one but no vibration. I have also just replaced th

Good day,\015\012Vibration of the coils is not really a viable test.\015\012If you are getting 120 volts to the water solenoid, and you changed the filter only two possibilities are possible.\015\0121. The W ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Kenmore 596.50692000 refrigerator. Every time I shut the refrigerator door, the freezer door pop open. What can I do? Do I need to replace the magnetic strip around the door? Who can give me instructions? and where can I get the part at a good price?

Replace a door gasket on a refrigerator....\015\012\015\012 \015\012 \015\012Replace a door gasket on a re ... Kenmore Refrigerators

There is a huge scratch on my lg lsc26905tt and want to replace the refrigerator side door. I just want the door, don't need the handle or anything else. Where can I get this? Or, is there a wa

... LG LSC26905TT Side by Side Refrigerator

Pin broke on right end cap on Maytag refrigerator deli drawer (Model MFF2558VEM4). How do I access the end cap and replace it with a new one?

... Refrigerators

I have a kitchenaid refrigerator - 8 years old - the freezer compartment door won't seal because the rail/track for opening and closing the door is cracked - I have been chasing replacement parts for 6 months - always 20 days on backorder - is there another valid source of these rails - or is there a way to get Kitchenaid to get them for me now vice waiting for the computer parts-ordering system to finally kick in

You need to replace the door seal, this is not a difficult operation.You find parts and diagrams by entering model number here. \015\012\015\012 ... Refrigerators

No water getting to ice maker. Water valve replaced. when attaching a live wire to the icemaker solenoid water comes out but not with the refrigerator wire. Got a new diode part #5303918287. It has a single wire (brown) out one end and a yellow and brown out the other. The refrigerator wiring has 2 browns and 2 yellows coming in one end of the diode and a single brown out the other. I am now confused. The directions that came with the diode says to cut the 2 blue wires and attach to the b

If you tested the new water valve and it shots out water then it is the ice maker that's bad,the icemaker is not calling for water from the water valve-does that make sense?-mike ... Frigidaire GLRS264ZA Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice continues to build up behind the back wall of the freezer and the vents on the back wall of the freezer and it blocks the cold air from getting to the refrigerator. I have to defrost it every two weeks. If I do not, the refrigerator gets too warm. I had the gasket on the freezer door replaced but the ice continues to be a problem.

... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have a Whirlpool Gold Conquest Mod# GS6shexnt00 side-by-side. About 18 months after buying it the refrigerator section stopped getting cold but the freezer section still worked even though it had iced up. The repair guy de-iced behind the liner and told me the diffuser door in back of the control box was broken and would not open or close according to the settings on the control box. Would replacing this get my refrigerator working again? right now it is barely keeping things cold no matter wh

Yes, the difusser door is not allowing cold air to enter the fridge section, a fridge freezer is actually just a freezer, some of the cold air is drawn off from the freezer to chill the fridge protion, if the door is stuck, broken no cold air is gett ... Refrigerators

Sub Zero wine refrigerator model 424. Not cooling. The solenoid that engages/cycles the refrigerant is not kicking in. I have vacummed beneath the door per instructions. When pushing the light and on/off buttons I get the following error codes: 12 EC 10 EC Which tell me that the upper and lower temps are too high (duh). Service indicator light is NOT on. In the past I have had the computer board replaced and one of the thermistors replaced. Any thoughts?

... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

I have a Samsung refrigerator (RB194ABRS) that no cold in frige with alarm beeping. When I open the frige door, the light in the frige is not on, but 5 minute later the light on automatically. I close the door and the frige is getting cold. But two hours later same problem happened. Could it be the door switch no good? I could not find where the door swich is and how can it be replaced.

... Samsung RB2155 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool ED22ZR and the door stop brackets on the bottom of the refrigerator door and on the freezer door are broken off. Thus the doors open all the way back against the side of the unit. Can you tell me the part numbers and where I can get replacement parts? THANK YOU very much for your help.

Hey Harry,\015\012\015\012Yes there are a couple of pieces you`ll want to insure are ok and identify which you need. The door bracket/stop which attach`s to the bottom of either door is # 2195952 while the door "cam`s" which apply to both ... Refrigerators

I have a G&E Profile single-door bottom freezer refrigerator. I had a leak and found a ton of water under my carpet. I got behind the refrigerator, and not the water supply cord (the one that connects to the house's water supply), but the tube it connects to (the one that goes up to the top of the refrigerator and back down) is ripped. Where do I get this replacement part?

... GE GDS18LBR Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a ge side by side model gss25qgmd bb. the water dispenser is not working. I have narrowed the trouble to the tube which enters the bottom of the freezer door and ends at the spigot in the door. I have hit it with 100psi in both directions and the "clog" won"t budge. How can I get inside the door without destroying it so I can fix or replace the hose?

I had the same problem. My fix was to disconnect the tube as it enters at the bottom of the freezer door and allow room tempurature( to warm the inside of the tube) and melt the ice in the tube. It took about an hour or so and it worked.\015\0 ... GE Refrigerators

Why does my ice maker not get cold enough to produce ice? I have a Samsung RFG297AAWP French Door refrigerator that I just bought and installed May 9th. Everything is functioning except for the ice maker. Water is getting into the ice maker but it never freezes the water. I can tell by feeling inside that it isn't getting cold at all. The fridge temp is set at 40 degrees and the freezer is at 0 degrees. I have even tried 38 and -4 with the power freeze mode on. Still no ice. When I depress

... Samsung RFG297HDRS Stainless Steel

GE GSH25JSRFSS refrigerator, water dispenser does not work. Water does make it to the inline connector near the bottom freezer door hinge, but does not go any further. Running a thin wire up the water line inside the door encounters resistance after about 2-2.5 feet. Running same wire in from dispenser end encounters resistance after 4". Is there an internal valve or 90 degree fitting? What else inside the door could prevent water from being dispensed? Is there a fix other than replacing t

Hi,there is an internal valve in the door that is blocked that needs to be throughed out,however,you do not need to change the entire door but only a technician has the skill and technical know how to take apart the door and clear out the internal va ... GE GSH25JSRSS Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

Door gasket The refrigerator (not the freezer door) is not closing/sticking to the metal, the door stays open and the food gets warm. Do I need to replace the gasket? if so I already call and the part is backorder 30 days I can't wait that long !!! Do you know how can I find the part sooner??? Thank you !!! Madelyn

Try to find a mechanical closer/clamp from a hardware store for a temp. fix until parts arrive. ... Avanti FF8SSR Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a whirlpool refrigerator modle GD5RVXVY05 The "6 sense" icon came on and continues to blink I have checked to make sure the doors on the refrigerator are closed. The temperature indicators read 0 degrees for the freezer and 37 for the refrigerator. How do I get the 6 sense icon stop blinking

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

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