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Water from defrosting unit in freezer is draining inside the bottom of the refrigerator ,not in the water pan under the unit

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That means the drain hole is clogh in the bottom back inside the refrigerator.Put hot water in until it goes through, the best way to clear it is blowing presurise air through it but i8f you don't have acompresor you can do it very careful sticking a wire until it goes through to the drain pan and once in a while put bleach through the hole to keep it clean(every 3 or 4months).

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Water from defrosting unit in freezer is draining inside the bottom of the refrigerator ,not in the water pan under the unit

That means the drain hole is clogh in the bottom back inside the refrigerator.Put hot water in until it goes through, the best way to clear it is blowing presurise air through it but i8f you don't have acompresor you can do it very careful sticking a ... Refrigerators

Our Whirlpool top freezer unit is leaking water into the refrigerator. The model number is ET21NKXGW01 and at the top of the inside of the fridge, water is draining out into the fridge. The defrosting drip pan at the bottom of the fridge is empty. It seems like there might be a clog. Is that possible and if so, how do I remove it?

We were able to fix the freezer water leak. We unscrewed the false freezer floor and the inside back panel. Ice had accumulated on the freezer floor and the defrosting drain was frozen. We removed the ice by using a blow dryer then poured boiling ... Refrigerators

Thermostat control Dear Experts, I have this Whirlpool side by side refrigerator model EP20PKXWN00. This has a thermostat controller - control knobs for the freezer (A B and C) and refrigerator (1 2 3 4 5). I had turned the freezer to B and the ref between 3 and 4. I was surprised that it defrost by itself after running the unit for 5 hours and the water lid pan almost filled up with water. I had it drained and adjusted the control to lower. Freezer to A and Ref to 2. Again, it auto defrost afte

Your system most likely has an automatic defrost system. The auto defrost system should actuate every 8 or 12 hours. Under normal conditions the water from the drain pan will evaporate between defrost periods. The defrost is controlled by a timer and ... Whirlpool 19.8 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator ED20TQXF

The drain line in the freezer freezes up. ever time the freezer goes into defrost the tray under the coils fills up and eventualy over flows into the frige. I have to turn off the unit and let the ice melt in the freezer and the drain line. once its drain the water out I pour hot water into the drain line to make sure it drains into the pan in the bottom of the unit. I have fished a wire into the drain line till it comes out in the bottom pan to make sre something isnot clogging the line.. I ha

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator and Refrigeratornot Cooling or Fridge not ... Refrigerators

Water is forming on bottom of refrigerator interior. I do not see any water in the drain pan below the refrigerator. There is no drain in this area below the two crisper bins. There was large amounts of ice in the rear of the freezer. I used a hair dryer to defrost it and removed the excess water. I do not know if the defrost timer is working correctly or if the drain line is plugged or if the defrost heater in the freezer is working.

In the back of freezer behind the main plate is the drain and it has iced over . clear it with hot water ( turkey baster ) . and make sure frig is level. this should control problem . it may need a drain heater . . ve ... Amana Refrigerators

When refrigerator defrosts, water drains down into the bottom section and collects under the crisper drawers. We vacuumend the condenser coils and took off back plate and checked for excessive lint or dust. The drain pan under the refrigerator was dry. We can hear the water running during the defrost cyle but is not draining into the pan at the bottom of the refrigerator. It is draining inside as described above.

I have the exact same problem...anyone??? now my fridge won't get cold at all and the freezer is still frozen ... Whirlpool GR9FHMXP Top Freezer Refrigerator

Where is the defrost drain plug in the freezer compartment? There is water in the refrigerator part of my unit. The water is not making it to the drip pan under the refrigerator.

... Hotpoint  14.9 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

I have a model ET19RKXFW01. The water drain pan freezes in the freezer section and water drains down into the refrigerator section. I have taken out the bottom pan and defrosted the drain pan area in the back so the water drains down to the floor level through the tube to the collector pan. I then have put the freezer back together and the same problem occurs within 2 weeks.

Sound like clogged drain line(s) ... Refrigerators

Jenn Air JTB2488AE Freezer Top refrigerator. Water puddles inside the refrigerator space beneath the vegetable crispers. The ice maker has been turned off and the water still appears. The amount of water is enough to soak 2 paper towels a day. There is no sign of any water dripping for anywhere inside of the refrigerator space. The freezer defroster gutter and drain tube does not have any clogs or frozen ice buildup.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with your refrigerator and why it is not cooling ... Jenn-Air Refrigerators

My maytag side by side model mzd2752gr is leaking water on the floor from the freezer. This model does not have a drain pan. I am sure the drain port in the back of the freezer is not draining, but could it be a problem with the evaporator system that using compressed air to blow through the drain port may cause damage somewhere. One week ago, I replaced the defrost timer and defrost thermostat/heating element due to the freezer freezing up and the refrigerator not cooling. This water leaking pr

Are you sure the drain port isn't frozen over and thus not allowing water out?If it is, you simply have to defrost it and if that doesn't work then clearing these plugs can be tricky and sometimes\015\012requires the application of a care ... Refrigerators

I have an old , perhaps 15 years old, hotpoint refrigerator with a top freezer. Defrost water runs down the inside back of the refrig compartment. It appears that the unit is designed for the water to run down this way. Is that possible or is there a drain tube that I have not yet found?

Yes sir. take that whole freezer compartment apart. bottom, back, all that good stuff. you will see the hose. ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

Water, apparently from the freezer defrosting, collects in the refrigerator (top shelf, bottom crisper). I am unable to determine how it is getting there instead of running to the pan under the fridge. There is often a sheet of ice on the bottom of the freezer cabinet. Refrigerator and freezer work fine in all other regards. The unit is equipped with an icemaker but no water has ever been supplied to it. The unit is in an unheated, no AC garage.

This is a common issue on some fridges. It is caused by:1. Broken drain pipe.2. Clogged drain pipe.most of the times, the drain pipe gets clogged. It is hard to clean and not easy to replace. It should be visible at the b ... Roper Refrigerators

My Kenmore refrigerator freezer defrost water isn't draining out to the evaporating pan. It's accumulating in the bottom, inside.

Your Defrost drain is cloged. you will need to remove the back wall to get to the drain and then defrost it with hot water. have lots of towls ready. and make sure the hot water is poured in the pan under the evpaerator. you might also look at the ... Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have two whirlpool refrigerators. Both have the same problem. The defrost drain and drain pan under the evaporator coil freeze. Then the defrost cycle causes water to drip down into the frig section. At that point I have to remove the ice maker and evapoator cover to access the frozen drain pan. After getting the ice to thaw all the way down in the drain hole, I get to put it back together and reload the freezer. Do you have any solutions for this evident design flaw. I had bought the second r

Under the cabinet in the back is a drain tube with a loop for air seal. this loop will sometimes become plugged. Clean it and it may resolve your problem. I use a small section of automobile speedometer cable as a mini roto rooter. ... Refrigerators

Defrost drainage During defrost cycle, the water flows into the bottom of the freezerinstead of the drain pan under the unit. Looks like the line (as seen from the front of the freezer box) is frozen. Wonder if this unit drain line is heated by some sort of a electrical wire during defrost cycle. If so, could I replace it or is it complicated and requires a service person?

Very simple to fix. Remove freezer panel at the back of the freezer. Thaw collector pan at the bottom of freezer in the back. Make sure hole in pan is also thawed and cleaned. You may have to remove the panel on the back of the refrigerator to clean ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Whirlpool refrigerator, top freezer frost free. Water leaking from freezer unit. Fridge temp good freezer temp good, it seems that the water is not properly draining to the pan on the bottom, would the drain tube be plugged? Faulty heat trace or something.

... Refrigerators

We are having water leak down into the inside of the 20 year old 22 cu ft Amana frost free refrigerator rather than down the drain tube into the pan. We took everything out of the freezer section and left it open thinking that maybe the tube was frozen and made sure the refrigerator is tilted toward the rear but the problem still exists. How can we make sure the tube is open to drain the water?

Re:How can we make sure the tube is open to drain the water?The first thing to do is a complete defrost, according to your description you have done ths already. Second step is removing debris from the drain line. To this purpose use a th ... Amana Refrigerators

Defroster leaks my refrigerator leaks water from the inside of the unit. i had an technician check the problem. he said it was the defroster that was leaking the water. what should i do? soon i'll have to replace my flooring because of the water. please help with this problem. water leaking down the left side into veg tray Whirlpool Model ET8RHMXK004. Water is not supplied to the ice maker in the top freezer. The bottom portion is dripping water from the ceiling or top down on the first shelf

You have a clogged defrost drain tube. removing back panel of freezer will give you acess to drain trough, melt away the ice with a hair dryer, youll find a drain hole under there somwhere,pouring boiling water down the drain will clear it pretty qui ... Whirlpool (ET8FTEXSQ) Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a top freezer Maytag refrigerator. Water condenses on the "ceiling" of the refrigerator section enough to drop onto the top shelf and form small puddles. Otherwise, the refrigerator seems to keep the contents as cool as ever. Also, I still hear the defrost water (I assume) drain into the pan under the refrigerator from time to time.

First make sure the door of your fridg is closed very good, check in your freezer behind the back wall that the drain is clean and water can flow down. ... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore model #106.57412600 . The freezer side is vey cold -10F bu the refrigerator side is 50F . I suspected a poor air circulation problem so I checked the inlet duct of the refrigerator side and it was full of frost. I then exposed the evaporator to check for frost and ice there. It was normal frost no icing on the coils but because the freezer was so cold when the defrost cycle melted the ice the water froze at the bottom of the freezer because the pan is aluminum and the drain fro

... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

The fredge space became warm, the freezer was OK.I have found out that the problem is in the clogged drain hole in the bottom of the freezer. After I had defrosted the refrigerator, the cooling of fridge came back to normal. After several weeks situation occured again. Even after compliete defreezing melted water stays in the freezer and nothing gets to the pan of condensed water below. Where the drian hole is situated and how can I get to it for its cleaning up?

Sounds like you are having a defrost problem. If the problem was only with the drain hole, the refrigerator section would still maintain temperature and not get warm. The fact that when you defrosted it, it started working properly, indicates a defro ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

The drain for the defroster is frozen and probably dirty. Any ideas? We are allowing it to defrost now, after removing all the ice from the bottom of the freezer. We made a mistake and squirted water into the vents from the refrigerator unit. We have done this before and it lasted only a week or two, so the drain pipe must be dirty.

The evaporator coils frost up in normal use and every eight hours or so the entire unit shuts down and the defrost heater comes on to melt the frost. This cycle last about 20 minutes. The melted frost drips into a drain pan and through a drain tube t ... Amana Refrigerators

Ice freezes in freezer bottom and drain stops up causing water to drip into refrigerator floor. Have to remove freezer pan and use hair dryer to thaw out drain line. Maybe the defrost heater is not working right.

Also check for bad door gasket or door left open for long period of time. There is a solution, you can install a low heat heater into the drain hole and connected it to defrost heater wires. Good luck. ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Model: Hotpoint CTX18LYZDRWH About 13 years old. Water drips from the top of the refrigerator compartment (under the freezer) and collects in the bottom of the unit (under the crispers). Freezer works fine, temp in fridge is fine. I assume that some defrost drain tube is plugged. We are moving in the next day or two. Is this inexpensively fixable, or should I leave the unit where it is?

Just go through this link...http://www.ehow.com/video_112132_fix-leaking-refrigerator.htmlLet me know if you need further assistance ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool Imperial Series Refrigerator - water pools in both the refrigerator and freezer parts - believe it's a result of the defrost cycle but not sure why the water is pooling inside instead of being drained outside

... Whirlpool Refrigerators

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