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Ice maker quit working. water dispenser works fine. replaced filter. mechanism does not appear to be jammed. no water enters freeze tray. ejector prongs sticking up as if it had just emptied ice from tray.

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Try a hard reset. Just unplug the power cord for 30 minutes or more, then try again

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Ice maker quit working. water dispenser works fine. replaced filter. mechanism does not appear to be jammed. no water enters freeze tray. ejector prongs sticking up as if it had just emptied ice from tray.

Try a hard reset. Just unplug the power cord for 30 minutes or more, then try again ... Refrigerators

Bosch refrigerator ice maker...ice forming tray keeps refilling without emptying ice so it freezes over

... Bosch Refrigerators

Ge eterna refrigerator ice maker not working. the power light on the ice maker flashes. the freezing tray is full but it won't empty.

... GE Refrigerators

Whirlpool ed5gvexvdoo side by side When using the ice dispenser (cubed or crushed) it will not dispense. I have pulled the ice tray and the motor for running the dispenser arm runs. I have emptied the tray and washed it and allowed it to dry. When the tray is empty the dispenser arm turns. When the tray has ice, the dispenser arm stops.

This maybe a problem with you auger motor may be stripped.open the door remove the ice bin.then hold the metal u shape auger arm and try to turn it by hand or have some one try to dispence ice if the u shape braket turn easy ny hand or if it stops tu ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

This is a side by side refrigerator/freezer with water freezing on the bottom of the freezer as well as water pooling under the freezer area & seeping out the side and front of the freezer on the floor. We pulled out the refrigerator and saw no leaks where the tubing is connected. Is thare a pan under this refrigerator or some other area that this water is coming from. The ice maker is working well as is the in-door water service. How do I identify the problem? I have never emptied a water tray

Defrost wiring problem, defroster stuck on or timer not working properly , eventually wires may short out. Had this problem on my whirlpool ... Refrigerators

I have a sub-zero 550 over/under frig/freezer & have problems with the ice maker. It's probably at least 10 years old. The ice maker doesn't freeze the ice completely & when it is dumped into the ice tray as part water then the freezer which is working properly freezes the contents of the ice tray into one big block

It's easy to replace the icemaker on this model but when the ice mker in any frig quits or slows down this is sometimes a clue that there is something going on that is not normal . so do ck the fan up o ... Sub-Zero Refrigerators

My Freezer is cold but not freezing ice. There is just water in the ice making machine tray. I reckon the temperature is only just below freezing as ice creams are soft (but not runny) and I have some standalone ice trays further down which have ice in, but a glossy look (if you know what I mean!). Shame I don't have a thermometer.

... Neff K3965XO Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello, I have an Samsung rs2533sw. the ice maker stopped working. it is at 8 degree. at this juncture, the manual reset switch does not work. if I let it unthaw then it works. once it gets cold it doesn't work. It also looks as if the ice tray does not empty and the tray turns, the water poors out to fill the tray, but runs all over because the tray doesn't empty when it is turned. while it is warm, room temp, i depress the manual switch and it works as should???? help?

Hey heads up! The ice-cube maker has two parts... In fancy terms the business motor end, and the back-stop. Your back-stop is all busted. Mostly because it's been used successfully as a backstop for a few thousand times. The piece costs about $2 ... Samsung RS2534 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have baumatic titan 2 problem is it is not freezing the ice. The pipe that fills the ice tray up is hot and does not let the ice cool down enough to freeze because it is rite above the ice tray. does anyone know whats up with it

... Refrigerators

Icemaker After my icetray dumps the ice it does not level out when it returns to ice making position so the water shoots out in the freezer and only partially fills tray. Not sure what to do to make the tray level properly. Thanks for any help. I am having same trouble with my icemaker. When it dumps ice, the tray does not return to level. So when it fills with water, some water runs out of the tray and into the ice bin, which then freezes into big chunks of ice. This ultimately leads to ice n

I did fix it! I purchased a new ice tray for this refrigerator. The new tray has a higher lip on the front left of the tray, which helps to prevent the water from coming out of the tray. Also, while I can't really explain it because the higher edg ... LG LRSC-26922 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a frigidaire gallery series with the ice maker and water dispenser on the outer door, the ice maker is making ice jus not dispensing it, I have removed the ice tray, emptied it, and moved the metal coil which runs thru the ice tray with my hand, it seems to move fine, I replaced the tray into the frigde, and it still will not dispense the ice, any ideas?

Your icemaker actuator is bad,need new icemaker. Rate me! ... Frigidaire Gallery Series GLHS269ZDB 36" 26.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/ 7 Button Dispense...

The icemaker is Style 1 where you lower the wire shut-off arm to turn on the switch. When the icemaker dumps a tray of ice, it raises the wire arm as if the bin were full, but the bin is empty. Each time it dumps one tray full of ice, I have to lower the wire shut-off arm again to get another tray full of ice. How can I stop the icemaker from shutting itself off each time it dumps a tray of ice.

Hello, I don't know how it happened, but your cycle function timing gears are out of sync with one another. Possibly, some of the gear teeth are missing off 1 or more gears, too. I'll explain the NORMAL OPERATION and you will have a better understand ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool refrigerator Model # ETIRHMXKT 4163522 Water is leaking from back of freezer compartment and then freezing on floor of freezer compartment. Ice maker is only making partial ice cubes (not solid, water filled). When they fall into ice tray they breakup and freeze into one massive ice slab. Also, water is leaking down the back side of refrigerator compartment and then freezing. I am catching the water in containers where it freezes.

Can be worn gaskets...clogged pipes or coolant leakage.tell me about ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

Ice cubes stick to tray and motor can not push them out!

Same thing here. The ice maker works fine, but ice cubes get stuck to tray and don't fall out when dumped. Then the new water fills up in the tray and just runs over the cubes still in it. \015\012I read in the manual to periodically rinse the ... Kenmore 74172 / 74174 / 74179 Top Freezer Refrigerator

Ice freezes into one solid block and won't dump out of the tray

Remove cube tray from ice maker. clean with limeaway adn rinse. Spray with a light coating of PAM cooking spray. wipe dry and reinstall. be careful not to damage the sensor ( in center of tray) ... Samsung RS2578BB Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Maytag frid m#PBF2255HEW (bottom freeze w/ice maker. My ice marker currently works but after dumping a tray of ice it "leaks" water into the tray causing all of the ice in tray to be one huge sheet. Do I need to replace the ice marker or is it something I can do to fix this problem...Help

Sounds like the water inlet solenoid is getting stuck open, this is assuming you ice cubes are normal to large in size, Small would indicate the ice maker is leaking, You can try just replacing this valve , It's the valve that connects to the water ... Refrigerators

Samsung RF266ABPN refrigerator with SPACE compact ice maker. The ice freezing tray fell loose and a small white plastic piece broke loose from the tray so the tray no longer statys in place. Is there a replacement tray or will I have to replace the entire ice maker?

... Samsung RF197ABRS Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

Ice maker does not cut off when the ice bin is full with ice or when you turn the switch to off. Also, the ice tray is bent because the ice bin is full causing the tray to bend, causing the water to spill over to the ice bin. So the makes the water collect at the bottom of the ice bin freezing the water in a solid block of ice.

... LG LRSC26930T Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Samsung RB19ZASH. The ice maker makes ice, but when it empties the ice tray, the ice comes out fine, but the ice maker starts making a loud poping noise for about a minute after. Then, it will refill the ice tray and start making ice again. Any ideas??

I think maybe there is a number missing in your model number. But I may be able to help you.You model came with different type of icemakers and some were mechanical and some were electronic. My concern is the popping noise you hear. I just found the ... Samsung Refrigerators

Sub Zero refrigerator Model 550 does not make ice. Before it stopped making ice the ice tray froze into a solid block of ice with no visable ice cubes in the mass. The freezer never stopped freezing as far as I know. I dumped the ice mass out of the tray but it has not made ice again for a couple of months.

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Ice frozen over in ice maker, makes a clicking sound, the on off lever was obstructed and I think the tray did not empty the last cycle and more water flowed over the tray, how do I get it to empty?

Good day,\015\012It won't empty itself, you have to remove the ice maker, and let it defrost and melt itself. Do not rush it. In fact leave it out overnight,\015\012Re-install it, and check for performance. may take up to 6 hours for the ... Maytag MSD2454G Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool refrigerator model et22dq. The ice maker makes ice and dumps it but won't dispense thru the door. It seems to freeze in the ice bin. Could there be a water leak inside the ice maker? When I empty the ice and thaw the bin it will let the ice down until it freezes again. Any suggestions?

The ice door located in the ice chute in the door is not closing. Allowing wam air in your ice bin which melts the ice at the bottom of your bin there for making a huge ice dam. Replace cirercut board at cost of 295.00  ... Whirlpool Refrigerators

First, items in refrigerator started to freeze, finally noticed ice maker was making too much ice and water was dripping into frige and down into freezer and onto floor. Emptied ice and saw that ice had blocked the ice maker shut off from rising. Now, we get water through the dispensor, it does not make ice anymore, and things are still freezing in the refrigerator even after adjusting digital temp settings on door.

... Maytag Ice2O 19.8 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Bottom-Mount Freezer - White

Kenmore side by side 2000 refrigerator with water and ice dispenser. The ice does form in the tray but the piece that strips the ice from the tray is missing. I have ordered the piece to replace. The ice box produces ice however water forms on the bottom of the box and freezes so the auger cannot break up the large pieces. Is this because the ice cube stripper is missing?

... Kenmore Refrigerators

Kenmore refrigerator Ice maker overfills - intermittently. (Side-by-side Model KM23CFSXS,WOW). 3 Yrs. old; Problem began after I replaced water filter, but I don't see how that could be the problem. 2 or 3 'batches' of ice O.K. then ice trays will attempt to fill twice causing an overflow. Once, I heard the ice falling into collection bin and immediately went to take a look. "Pusher' fingers were in 2nd rotation (assuming it takes a complete 1st rotation to empty ice tray and hear the ice fall)

Hi\015\012\015\012\015\012Please make sure the icemaker is level, some of the plastic liner will move and allows the icemaker to tilt over and leak. Also check the fill valve, it might be staying on and over filling the icemaker. Th ... Kenmore Refrigerators

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