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Ice is forming on upper coil and around wire harness at fan in back of freezer in Kenmore 596.57587790 refrigerator. Ice also forms in ice maker as if there is leaking water that freezes. I take the back panel off and melt the ice with a heat gun and it all works for a few weeks and freezes again. Seals are fine and temp is set at 4 and cools and freezes fine until it ices up. Thanks Tom

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You need to replace the heater more than likely. read this nifty page with pics my finger gets tired from the redundancy

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Ice is forming on upper coil and around wire harness at fan in back of freezer in Kenmore 596.57587790 refrigerator. Ice also forms in ice maker as if there is leaking water that freezes. I take the back panel off and melt the ice with a heat gun and it all works for a few weeks and freezes again. Seals are fine and temp is set at 4 and cools and freezes fine until it ices up. Thanks Tom

You need to replace the heater more than likely. read this nifty page with pics my finger gets tired from the redundan ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

GE TFX20SA back wall of freezer freezing (snow like more than ice) we took the fridge apart about a month ago and blew out and let everything behind the back panel melt as it was frozen solid, it then worked fine for about 3 weeks then started freezing on the back freezer wall again, stuff is not staying as cold also. Fridge is about 10 years old. Is there a way to defrost it? Not the most skilled repair person on my own. thanks

CLICK HERE for an expanded view of your freezer section.\015\012\015\012Can you see the evaporator fan moving when it is plugged in? ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

My 6 yr old Frigidaire FRS23LH5DSR refrigerator has started buzzing. When it does this it appears to go on defrost. But it gets too warm. The refrigerator side isn't too bad but the freezer side gets too warm. All my frozen food thaws out, ice cubes melt. After several hours the buzzing stops and the refrigerator starts working fine again. Freezer freezes fine after that. But, maybe a week later, it starts all over again. Buzzing sound comes from low in the back. Thanks, Roger

It sounds like your defrost thermostat is bad. I'll describe the defrost system and how it all works together. I'll highlight the part about the defrost thermostat. DEFROST PROBLEMThe evaporator coil behind the cover on the back wal ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Hello, I have an Amana bottom freezer refrgerator. We noticed the freezer was not freezing that well. There was a fair bit of frost on the back panel inside the fridge. I removed the panel and in behind was a huge block of ice/frost covering everything tons of ice. I unplugged fridge and melted ice. I plugged fridge back in after all ice was gone and fridge worked fine for about 10 days till we noticed freezer not freezing that well again. I just pulled back panel inside fridge off again t

Either defrost heater is bad, defrost t-stat or the defrost control. Usually the t-stat is the first problem which is connected to the evaporator coils with one lead going to the heater. Hope this helps. Rick ... Amana Refrigerators

I have a fridge maybe 10 yrs old, freezer below is working fine, but top part started become a frozen block so defrosted and with week or two it is iceing up again and have turned it to lowest, it was also icing up all veges in bin at bottom of fridge, why is back peice freezing up, it has stopped freezing veges since taking vege bin out and moving stuff away from fan and back of fridge. What else may be the problem, time for a newby??

... Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

We have a GE profile PSS26LGSB side by side.Experiencing ice melting w/freezer temps above freezing when this occurs the fridge crispers freeze and top of fridge is warmer.water line in back of fridge freezes too.This seems to run on cycles & when fridge is shut off and turned back on it operates fine for a while again.Turbo cool feature doesnt seem to be working properly.Repairman replaced freezer evap fan, but still problematic. Was told circuit board may be bad.Does this sound like a good pro

... Refrigerators

2 weeks ago the ice box was not cooling.. We turned off and back on and it worked fine except the bottom shelv in fridge was freezing items.. Now my freezer is not working.. tried the off and on and it worked, but the next day it is not freezing at all..

Could be a defrost problem. When the coils get froze over it quits coling. Turning it off will temporarily defrost a portion of the coils and it works for awhile. Check behind the freezer wall for frost buildup. If it is, you will have to determine i ... Kenmore 50522 / 50524 Side by Side Refrigerator

At first the refrigerator side was freezing everything and the freezer was fine, except the ice & water quit working. I replaced the filter & it worked for a few days then it was back to the same thing. Now both sides are not as cold, still no ice or water & my icecream is melting. sometimes the fan would make a loud sound, now I don't hear it at all.

If the fan was loud you could have a bad evap fan motor,is there ice on the inside back wall of the freezer?if there is you have a defrost problem and ice could be built up around the fan motor and the blade,when the blade hit the ice that could be t ... GE PSS26LGR Side by Side Refrigerator

Samsung side by side mod#rs2454sh The coils inside freeze and ice builds up and in abut 2-3 months there is about 1-2 inches of ice build up.to a point where the frig is not cold enough. I havr to take the panel away melt the ice and put it back together. its fine for few weeks and the same thing over again. I am pretty handy. is there any repair I can do to fix this problem>

1. First check if your door rubbers seals properly. if not, try and adjust yor doors so that they seal properly.what happens sometimes is that moisture leaks into your fridge.2. It is also possible that your unit is overgased. you can buy yours ... Samsung Refrigerators

My frig and freezer seem to work but not cooling anything, all my ice in my ice maker melted. there is some cool air in there. all the seals around my frig and freezer look fine. its been not freezing anything for about 20 hours. i left if alone last night and nothing. usually my kids leave it open and when i close back to normal, but not know. what can it be.

Suggest you do a 12 hour defrost then re switch on. most of the time excess ice is the problem. ... Maytag Dual Cool 25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator MSD2556

Sharp SJ-42-WH self-defrosting fridge. Freezer works fine, but fridge doesn't cool down - no airflow to fridge. 1. Damper working perfectly and not jambed in closed position. 2. Fan working perfectly 3. Thermostat in freezer fine 4. Evaporator fine - no ice build up, so auto-defrost seems to be working. Turned fridge off and left doors open overnight. Did find water on the floor. Switched it back on....it worked fine for 2 weeks, but problem is back - no airflow to fridge - checked damp

I recently had exactly the same problme with this model refrigerator. I found the problem to be the defrost timer. It is located behind the panel on the back of the refrigerator where the mains cord is located, you will need to replace it with the ex ... Refrigerators

I have a Kitchenaid refrigerator that the coil in the back of the freezer will freeze up and not make ice or keep things cold. Had this problem a few years ago,after a power outage and a service tech checked it out saying because we didn't let it defrost all the way that it would cause the defrost control to fail. Anyway I replace the control two weeks ago and the fridge works fine for about 2 or3 days before it start doing this all over again. Can some one give me a hint of what to do to fix

... KitchenAid Model: KSSC42QTS

The ice maker was turned off for a few weeks and when I turned it back on, the water wouldn't feed the tray. So no ice. I put some water into it manually and it made the ice dropped it into the bucket but still no water flow. Unplugged fridge for a couple of seconds and checked, no water flow. Unplugged a second time and shut the ice maker off, then plugged back in, turned ice maker on, no water. Water dispenser works, everything else works fine.

Good day,\015\012Nice explanation. Should join the club\015\012Only two possibilities.\015\0121. The water valve in the back failed.\015\0122. A common occurance, is the water valve will leak a small amount even though not en ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Defrost works fine but ice builds up in return air channel and fridge gets warm. model 106.55622500. Fan Ok, no ice on coil after defrost defrost timer ok. settings on middle of range after 3 weeks ice blocks lower air passage and freezer gets -25 and fridge gets warm. I melt ice and it works fine again nothing blocking air vents. top vent clear

Hi!!\015\012\015\012You may have the temp. set TOO HIGH for the freezer, set it in #2, leave the fridge setting in the mid range for now. Check after 24hrs. and adjust as necessary.\015\012\015\012Good Luck!! ... GALAXY Microsystems 25.4 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Filtered Ice and Water

Model # for refr. 106 50037000. module # for ice maker 106 626636. it quite.i felt the ice froze in the maker but it didnt flip it out. i took the maker out let the ice melt.put maker back in , it worked for a week & quite.i took it out again let it melt, put it back it worked 2 days & quite . help me please.

Sound the the bi-metal is starting to fail or the freeezer is not getting cold enough. If you put a thermometer into the freezer and it gets below 8 degrees and does not harverst then your looking at the ice maker which is a Whirlpool part number 431 ... Refrigerators

22 cu ft. GE Profile bottom freezer. The refrigerator section is not cold and i hear the fan. the freezer section works fine. all the lights work fine the ice maker works fine. shut off everything for a couple of days and then turn back on to have everything works for about 5 to 6 weeks and then refrigerator section stop getting cold again.

Hi.If you: "shut off everything for a couple of days and then turn back on to have\015\012everything works for about 5 to 6 weeks and then refrigerator section\015\012stop getting cold again."Then it is likely the defrost syst ... GE GBS22HCR Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Siemens fridge freezer model KA58NA50GB. The fridge section works fine but the top shelf of the freezer isn't freezing and the ice maker isn't working. It keeps freezing up at he back. I've de frosted it but comes back quickly. Any help would be much appreciated.

... Refrigerators

Hi, I have a NEFF K3950X6GB American style Fridge/Freezer. Whilst decorating my kitchen a few days ago I moved it away from the wall to gain access to the wall and noticed how dusty the bottom metal grate at the back was (dust and fluff) so I gave it a quick hoover to clean it. After painting the wall I moved it back into place. Since doing so the ice maker compartment will not work. The ice tray fills with water but it will not freeze, although the rest of the freezer is working fine, it also m

I don't know about your specific problem but while you are decorating your kitchen maybe you would be interersted in changing the appearance of your appliances too... Check out this site ... Refrigerators

We had an electric shut down it came back on the refrigerator will not go back on pulled plug put back in but did not go back on the ice melted on floor food got soft in freezer did not know till water went on floor that it stopped working this has happened before but when the electric came back on it worked fine

In that case the thermostat or the control board have been fried by the power surge that occurred when the power came back so the compressors are no longer activated so no cold is produced. Sorry, there's nothing for you to fix - the refrigerator mus ... Amana Refrigerators

KitchenAid Refer KSRG25KSS04 ice maker issue. The icemaker does process if you put the water in the tray manually (meaning it freezes the ice and harvests when done). What it does not do is place water back in after harvesting. I made sure the line from the back of the refer to the icemaker was clear by disconnecting the tube in the back and pushing some water thru (i did this just in case there was a frozen line). By the way, the water dispenser in the door works fine. at the back of the m

Check to make sure the "bin full" sensor is working. If it is malfunctioning and indicating a full bin the water will not flow to the icemaker. ... KitchenAid KSRG22FK Side by Side Refrigerator

The refrigeration works fine for a few months and at a random interval will stop working. The ice melts and everything else gets warm. When unplugged then plugged back in, it works fine.

What is probably happening is you have ice buildup on your condensor(usaully located behind a panel inside freezer compartment) what happens is ice buildup over time will cause the condensor to stop cooling efficiently.One solution is to unplug frig ... Refrigerators

My fridge side by side the freezer develop a lot of ice in the back and wont defrost it supposed to defrost by it self but it wont, tried to clean the back and remove all the melted water from the back , plus it in work for 20 days then same problem exist and the the top part of the freezer wont freeze and the other side temp is way below and ice accumulated again have to shut it off.

Your problem is in the defroster circuit . Most defroster circuits contain only three components. They are : a timer , a heating element , and a temperature sensing cutoff switch.\015\012Your refrigerator defrost timer shuts down normal operat ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Freezer the freezer is cold but not cold enough,  takes a very long time to freeze.  A large piece of very lite ice formed on the lower back wall of the freezer, when it was removed it seemed to work a little better but still not freezing good.  The other side seems to work fine.  Could this be a freon problem or a theromstat?

No its a defrost problem if you will send me a model num ill walk you through checking it but don't rate me till we are done ... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator seems to just turn off for a day or so every two or three weeks and all the freezer items melt. Kicks back on after some time and works fine for another 2-3 weeks then repeats. Have unplugged and plugged back in multiple times but still have the problem. What could be causing this?

Most Refrigerators have a defrost timer which cycles every couple of weeks, typically for several hours, in order to let any residual ice melt from the cooling system. If yours cycles long enough for the freezer items to melt, it should be replaced. ... GE Adora (DSF25KGTBG) Side by Side Refrigerator

My 8.5 year old MZD2766GEQ has been working fine now for a couple of weeks, but I'm still not confident that my problems are over. Two weeks ago I experienced my fridge side getting 'not so cold' and made several inquiries to find a resolution. I took the back panels off rear wall from inside the freezer and the radiator looking park was encased in frost/ice. I took a hairdryer and melted everything off, then kept the doors open overnight. The next day I plugged it back in and by dinner time, t

The coils should get a coat of "frost" but not ice.If there is ice that soon - check the door seals to be sure they are sealing out humid air properly... and also the defrost timer may be faulty. It may not giving the evaporator (radiator behin ... Refrigerators

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