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The door handle is loose on my Kenmore side by side refrigerator. I want to tighten it but the trim covers the screw tops and the trim piece does not appear to "pop off". How do I get to the screws to tighten them?

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Good Day to You,
\015\012There are two basic ways to remove the trim that cover the screws depending what style you have. I will give you both ways.
  1. Apply firm pressure with your hand on the face of the trim. Slide top trim up and bottom trim down away from handle. Lift trim pieces of shoulder screws.
  2. \015\012
  3. Apply firm pressure on the handle to slide it up and off of the shoulder screws.
\015\012I hope this has answered your question if you need any more assistance with this please comment back and I will be happy to help further, thank you for using FixYa. Have a great weekend. Jeff

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The door handle is loose on my Kenmore side by side refrigerator. I want to tighten it but the trim covers the screw tops and the trim piece does not appear to "pop off". How do I get to the screws to tighten them?

Good Day to You,\015\012There are two basic ways to remove the trim that cover the screws depending what style you have. I will give you both ways.\015\012\015\012Apply firm pressure with your hand on the face of the ... Kenmore 56549 / 56542 / 56544 / 56546 Side by Side Refrigerator

RE: whirlpool refrigerator side by side ED25RFXFW01. I accidentally severed the water line inside the freezer door. How do I get to it? It appears that the shelves and insulation are glued to the door, rather than screwed on. This looks like a nightmare.

The water line can be replaced by removing the dispenser cover and disconnecting the tubing and then pull the old line down from the bottom hinge area. once out, you can install your new line back up into the place it came out of. it goes through a ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

How do you get to the screws to tighten the handles on a side by side ref handles

Each handle should be two pieces, the decorative insert can be pried out of the case metal part to expose the screws. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Just installed new gasket on older model kenmore refridgerator. The old gasket, though damaged, seemed to seel evenly on all 4 sides. After installing the new gasket, I am not getting a good seal (approx 1/8" - 1/4" gap) on the bottom left corner, opposite of the hinges. Did I torque the door when I reinstalled/tighted the gasket screws. Should I loosen the screws, shut the door, and allow it to find it's own "right place" and then re-tighten? Suggestions welcomed!

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Can someone assist with instructions for reattaching the freezer door handle to the door? The brackets are firmly attached to the door; the screws holding the bracket to one side of the handle (the side that fell off) were loose, and I tightened them up. Now I can't figure out how to get the two brackets to connect. thanks! Z

Here is the manual:\015\012\015\012http://shop.amana.com/assets/pdfs/literature/Use%20and%20Care%20Guide%20-%2012 ... Amana ABB1924DEB / ABB1924DEW / ABB1924DEQ Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Cannot get handle off GE side-by-side GSF25TGTA WW to tighten screws underneath

The handles have two caps one on the top and one at the bottom , just remove them with a small screw driver and you see the screws ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool gold side by side door handle is loose.I can't find the way to tighten. IT appears the screws are underneath the rubber gasket, but I am a little wary of tearing it loose without anew gasket.

Most door handles now are front repairable. I can't tell without the model number which style you have, but most units have an insert in the door handle. You have to pry this insert out, to get to the screws for the handle. Some handles actually cl ... Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire Model FRS6R5ESBF that is 3 years old but did not get installed until 4 months ago. The freezer appears to be working fine but the refrigerator side is getting warmer by the day. It seems like the air coming through the vent from the freezer to the refrigerator is not very cold or forceful. The air flow on the freezer side appears to be OK. Any suggestions?

Could be that the freezer is icing up stopping the air flow coming up into your fridge, try switching it off for at least 12 hours with the freezer door open. ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a Whirlpool EC3JHAXRSOO side by side. I need to remove the refrigerator side door. I have the proper screwdriver (a T30), but I can't get the screws to budge. Corrosion perhaps. Any tips on getting them loose?

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I have a ge side by side. icemaker paddle is weak and does not spring back and forth. only make ice when i move the paddle manually forward. can i tighten screw under paddle at the spring area. is the screw a phillips. hard to see screw.

... GE Profile PSW26P Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

I have bought a Kenmore Side by Side Coldspot Ultra Fresh refrigerator model number 59507990. It has a filter opening in the bottom grill but it did not come with a filter. I bought a screw in filter but I cannot get it to screw in. The other type of filter is a push button filter but I don't know if it is the right one. Which one is correct. The second part of the question is I have hooked up the water and the ice maker works fine but the water dispenser is not working. Does it require

... Kenmore 56549 / 56542 / 56544 / 56546 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Samsung RS253BABB side by side that is leaking water from the front corners on the underside. It seams to be running down the corner supports or front wheels to the floor. It is not constant and I cannot seem to get it to happen by getting water or ice from the dispenser. When there is a leak, it is not a rushing leak and it does not appear to be a lot of water. This even happened after I had shut off the water to the fridge. I had a repair man come out but it was not leaking at th

I hear the same problem from 4 out of 10 costumers - the drip pan is in the\015\012 back of the unit, completly dry (you have to unscrew the panel to see \015\012the compressor unit/drip pan). I you ask a tech support expert they suggest to \015\012r ... Samsung RS2530BBP (25 cu ft) Side by Side Refrigerator

Found the defrost timer on my Kenmore side by side model # 59569990 but can get the housing off screws out but still won't come out/off. get the housing off to replace...I have all the vis

... Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore Coldspot side by side Model 59502990. The freezer works great, but the refrigerator won't get very cold at all (maybe 55 if we are lucky). It appears that no air is getting through the vents at the top of the refrigerator in the back. When we push the door switch we don't feel any change in air movement coming out of the vents in the back/top of the refrigerator. Does this model have a damper on the door switch? Which components are more likely to have failed? Are thes

Hello,\015\012First thing that you would assure is that the evaporator fan motor is working on the inside of the freezer area. You can usually hear it running as well as feel any cold air being blown around by the fan or you can remove the rear ... Refrigerators

I have a kenmore side by side refridgerator. Model # 106.5843*700 in black. With the ice and water despencer. The door that opens for the ice to fall through fell off. I think I can get it back on but I can't see how to get the cover plate off. It looks like it snaps off. There are no screws that i can see under the drip tray. How does that cover plate come off?

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The refrigerator portion gets too cold, even after setting the temp range on the fridge down to it'sa lowest setting. Also, performance on the freezer for making ice is less than stellar. Clearly seems like the damper is malfunctioning. Can't get the diagnostics on the panel to run, only diagnostics I have are for the Monogram side by side. Also, the cold damper appears to be behind a plastic duct work assembly at the top rear of the fridge, and it is not evident how to remove that duct work

It has been my experience that the damper motor RARELY fails... most problems occur on the circuit board. WR55X10552.Many times there can be an accumulation of frost/ice so the damper cannot move. You will need to unplug your fridge for a ... GE Refrigerators

Model JCD2289AEW - Maytag Jenn-Air Side by Side refrigerator; serial number 11844676wu: trying to replace the Dispenser Control Panel. I have the replacement ready. I have removed all the screws to pull out the housing. Do I pull the rubber actuator pad off? Is there a screw behind it? I cannot seem to get it to release. Any info would be appreciated. It has been 7 years since this part was replaced. The repairman said it was easy enough for me to handle it next time. I just cannot reme

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It appears that no water is getting to the ice maker in my kitchen aid superba side by side refrigerator. I know it is not a frozen water line because I still get filtered water through the door. Any ideas?

Selenoid valve to the icemaker can be malfunctioned.they can be found at the back side.Generally icemaker water line is seperate then the water dispencer so it is possible that it is frozen. ... Refrigerators

Jcd 2389GT frig side by side does NOT appear to be getting cold. What could be wrong? Thermostat? Compressor? How can I test it? Fan for freezer is running but also appears to be generating cold air. Can you help??

Normal\015\012 0\015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 \015\012 MicrosoftInternetExplorer4\015\012 \015\012\015\012\015\012st1\\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) }\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012\015\012 / ... Refrigerators

My 6 yr old Frigidaire FRS23LH5DSR refrigerator has started buzzing. When it does this it appears to go on defrost. But it gets too warm. The refrigerator side isn't too bad but the freezer side gets too warm. All my frozen food thaws out, ice cubes melt. After several hours the buzzing stops and the refrigerator starts working fine again. Freezer freezes fine after that. But, maybe a week later, it starts all over again. Buzzing sound comes from low in the back. Thanks, Roger

It sounds like your defrost thermostat is bad. I'll describe the defrost system and how it all works together. I'll highlight the part about the defrost thermostat. DEFROST PROBLEMThe evaporator coil behind the cover on the back wal ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

Two ques.on GE ESL22XGRB side-by-side (purchased 2007) plz: 1) whining noise (like "whoooooooo") that wavers constantly, shuts off very infrequently (usually occurs after opening ref. door for a period), and appears to be coming from left freezer side; 2) ice/water dispenser does NOT dispense water at all (ice dispenses okay, so water is getting to the unit); water filter is replaced on regular 6-month schedule; unit is in three-sided alcove, three inches from wall all around; unit cleaned a

Lets try these solutions first \012COOLING Dust on the condenser coils can cause overheating, observe safety precautions then clean coils. Switch off the unit before you clean them. If the problem persists, test the compressor for overheating. ... GE Refrigerators

The freezer side of my ge side by side , mod.# PSF26PGTA SB, won't maintain temp setpoint. Its been this way for a few wks. (Been observing what its doing or not doing. ) now it appears the fridge side is doing the same. I've tested defrost and i had 22.1 ohms. Thats as far as i've gotten. My time is limited durin the day and i see that this fridge needs a few hours of my time. When i get ready to takle this beast, where should i begin. I notice a lot of these post are sayin the opposite of me.(

... Refrigerators

I have a GE fridge side by side, model GSL225JTFABS. the problem appears to be that that the freezer works ok, but the fridge side runs but doesn't get cold enough.

Http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/Troubleshooting_Guides/Bottom_Refrigerator.pdf\015\012check food not cold ... GE GSL25JFPBS Side by Side Refrigerator

After taking off the back panels inside my freezer and defrosting my MZD2766GEQ, the freezer works fine but the fridge side is still not getting as cold as it should. I cannot get the hood off that surrounds the temperature controls. I can only drop the front of it down a few inches. It seems to be held in place by a couple of plastic tabs that is prohibbiting me from removing it completely. Is it neccessary to get this off? It does not appear that the damper is blocked although very little air

Hello,putting the temperature controls on the coldest mode doesn't have any effect on the fridge or the freezer either.Check the back wall or floor of the freezer section for frost. Check\015\012the freezer( evaporator) ... Refrigerators

I have a whirlpool conquest side by side and it stopped cooling on both sides last night. I cleaned the coils and blew it out good and plugged it back in and the fan is working and the compressor appears to be working as it gets very warm over time but not cooling.

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... Whirlpool ED5FHEXMQ Side by Side Refrigerator

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