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Freezer My freezer doesn't close completely. hi,i have a problem with both my fridge and freezer .The fridge has some kind of element thing at the back which keeps dripping onto the glass shelf so much so i've had to put kitchen roll to catch it. The freezer does not need defrosting so i'ts not ice build up,the door wont close it makes a strange hollow noise when i try to close it.Do i need a new fridge/freezer please help?

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There are what are called door "cams" on the bottom of the doors. One piece is on the bottom of the door and the other one is on the hinge. Both pieces need to be replaced and it is possible both your doors may need them. The parts come as a hinge assembly. That means you need to replaced the hinges on the bottom and they should come with the piece that goes on the bottom of the door also. You may also have a blocked defrost drain. There is a hole in the center rear, under the evap plate there where you see the dripping. that may need some air pressure blown through it to clear it. remeber, ever time the unit defrost, you will get that water.

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Freezer My freezer doesn't close completely. hi,i have a problem with both my fridge and freezer .The fridge has some kind of element thing at the back which keeps dripping onto the glass shelf so much so i've had to put kitchen roll to catch it. The freezer does not need defrosting so i'ts not ice build up,the door wont close it makes a strange hollow noise when i try to close it.Do i need a new fridge/freezer please help?

There are what are called door "cams" on the bottom of the doors. One piece is on the bottom of the door and the other one is on the hinge. Both pieces need to be replaced and it is possible both your doors may need them. The parts come as a hinge as ... Hotpoint HSS25IFMCC / HSS25IFMWW Side by Side Refrigerator

I defrosted my Miele KFN 8462 S frost free fridge freezer today because of an ice build up on the bottom of the freezer and in the drainage hole in the fridge. I (incorrectly) used an air heater on a chair in front of the open freezer door for about an hour, thinking that there was a wall of ice inside which needs melting and I don't have a lot of time. Fast forward 12 hours and all ice seems to have been melted away and water cleared up ... but, none of my freezer shelves (bar the bottom

... Miele KFN8462S Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Sharp SJ-42-WH self-defrosting fridge. Freezer works fine, but fridge doesn't cool down - no airflow to fridge. 1. Damper working perfectly and not jambed in closed position. 2. Fan working perfectly 3. Thermostat in freezer fine 4. Evaporator fine - no ice build up, so auto-defrost seems to be working. Turned fridge off and left doors open overnight. Did find water on the floor. Switched it back on....it worked fine for 2 weeks, but problem is back - no airflow to fridge - checked damp

I recently had exactly the same problme with this model refrigerator. I found the problem to be the defrost timer. It is located behind the panel on the back of the refrigerator where the mains cord is located, you will need to replace it with the ex ... Refrigerators

I've got a Fisher and Paykel fridge freezer (fridge on top. The freezer appears to be fine (although have had problems with build up of ice in the past). However the fridge is too warm- it takes it being closed overnight to get down to the right temperature. I've thoroughly defrosted the freezer. I think it is the fridge fan that isn't circulating the air properly. Does this sound right or any other ideas? I've checked both the fans and they are intact and moving freely and I've checked all obv

Assuming you have no ice build up on the evaporator, you may have the return duct from the fridge blocked or partially blocked with ice. often difficult to access as it is usually hidden behind the evaporator. best way is to leave switched off for 24 ... Refrigerators

Purchased my Jenn-Air refrigerator 11 years ago model JRSDE249T. My freezer keeps on icing over leaving puddles of water. I've discontinued using the ice maker thinking the water was the cause of this icing over. I have turned off and manually defrosted the freezer, but to no avail same problem. I have notice I no longer have suction when closing either the freezer and/or fridge door. I'm thinking I need a new door seal, how can I obtain a new door seal? Can I replace this myself or is a tec

... Jenn-Air Refrigerators

Fridge leaking we have an integral fridge freezer with the fridge on top. the fridge seems to get a build up of water and the back has ice on it. not sure of the make. the freezer now looks like it needs defrosting. any help would be much appreciated. i have to put a make in, but please ignore as i don't know the manufacturer.

If the evaporator coils behind the back panel of the freezer\015\012are icing up because of auto defrost failure\015\012\015\012check defrost timer, defrost heater, defrost thermostat. In\015\012most newer models the timer has been replaced by ... Refrigerators


If the defrost is not working ...just ..power it off ...open wide ...and let it defrost by itself.... do not try any head device to do it quick ...cause the difference in temp ..on a short time bases...cause dilatation ...and might cause cracks or ot ... GE GSH25JFR Side by Side Refrigerator

Avanti 1008W The freezer is cold but the fridge is warm. We had this problem once before and I believe the service tech defrosted the freezer (there was ice build up around the compressor maybe?) I am defrosting now, but do I need to remove panels or replace any parts?

To manually defrost just unplug unit from power outlet for 12 hours,it will automatically defrost.But if these problem is occurring again n again then issue is with defrost assembly parts,the defrost timer,the thermostat and temp sensor in freezer se ... Refrigerators

I have a whirlpool Gold Model GR2SHKXKS01. My problem is ice build up under the bottom tray of freezer and when fridge defrost the tube is frozen solid and creates this build up. After cleaning all the ice out of freezer and defrosting tube that goes to the compressor. It will last about 2 weeks then our fridge leaks over and into our fridge and makes a mess. I think the tray that catches the water that defrost is defected. Have you heard of this before? Thanks Ron

I have Ice build up under the tray in the freezer which makes water run into my refig and makes a mess what would cause this is the evavorator motor out? ... Refrigerators

Our freezer/ fridge is working, but we have ice that builds up in freezer and then leaks down below into fridge. We thought it had something to do with the ice maker but after shutting water off to the ice maker it continued to build up and leak down to fridge. We have taken everything out of the whole fridge and defrosting right now. Hoping this will help but have our doubts. There is a drain plug that is also froze up. Any help would be appreciated.

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out what is going wrong withyour refrigerator Refrigeratornot Cooling or Fridge not Coo ... Whirlpool ET1MHKXM Top Freezer Refrigerator

Fisher & Paykel E521T Fridge Ice Build up behind Freezer compartment. I have had my fridge for about 7 years and ever since I bought this fridge I have to defrost it every 6-8 months because water starts seeping out the bottom under the crisper basket. I have found that this is due to a build up of ice behind the freezer compartment on the top of the fridge. I have had a technician replace nearly every part but it still doesn't seem to resolve the problem. Does anyone know how to rectify

... Fisher and Paykel Active Smart E522B Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Seems the freezer door was not completely closed. Ice started ot melt and then form icicles! Well we closed the freezer the next morning. Now the ice maker and water dispensor are not working. In addition, the bottom crisper was frozen (set at warmest setting). Will this repair itself or do I have to manually defrost the entire fridge? I would think the water tank was frozen and would defrost, but why would the ice maker stop working? Thanks!

When you closed the door, the freezer froze all the condensation/melting ice,hence the icemaker freezing.\012the best solution is a TOTAL defrost/clean out,then dry out.DO NOT USE HOT WATER/SCRAPERS,let it defrost naturally or use car de-icer.w ... Jenn-Air 21.6 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Filtered Ice and Water

I have a Sub Zero fridge about 15 years old. The Upper fridge compartment works well. The lower which is the freezer has ice buid up on the cover that is over the fan which is on the top of the lower freezer. Then the ice maker stops making ice. if i turn the freezer off and defrost all the ice build up (next day) and turn it back on all is ok for the next 3 weeks but then more ice buids up and the ice maker stops.

Try turning the thermostat down a little,..........don,t know what you got it set on ........but water freezes 32 degrees ... Sub-Zero Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My compact frigidaire (frt05lg3dwo) ices up behind the panel in the freezer and then will not cool the freezer or the fridge compartment. I'm sure there is no airflow once the ice builds up in the freezer so that is why it wont cool down but the question is why is ice building up so quickly? It usually builds up 3 or 4 days after I've completely defrosted it by unplugging the unit and letting it sit for a day or so. Isn't this a frost free regrigerator? perhaps something is wrong with the de

Mine does the same. Behind the panel in the freezer there is a sensor. The sensor should trigger the heating mechanism to melt the ice before it builds up. I believe the sensor/thermostat part number is KSD303A. I have tried to google but no such ... Refrigerators

Whirlpool side by side fridge/freezer. freezer works great, fridge isnt cold('50) the vent between the fridge and the freezer at the top left rear keeps getting clogged with frost, and the ice door in the freezer door makes a moaning sound when freezer door is closed. also, the fridge door becomes extremely difficult to reopen after initially closing(vacuum lock?) please help, the thing seems to run an awful long time yet shuts down from time to time so i think the defrost timer's working

Good day,\015\012The vacuum lock effect is normal. Indication of a tight box.\015\012The thermostat would cause the machine to run for a long time, since that area isn't cold enough. \015\012This is my sugges ... Master Bilt Indoor Step In Cooler 70""W x 70""D x 92 and three quarters""H med

The lower drawer of the freezer on my Zanussi ZRB224NWO fridge-freezer is constantly being iced in due to it freezing over. Tried defrosting manually by switching off and re-starting later, all to no avail. Temperature seems to be OK in fridge and freezer. Leaks every night due to the ice build up. The appliance is relatively new. Disappointed considering our last (non-Zanussi) fridge-freezer lasted over 20 years.

... Refrigerators

Defrost works fine but ice builds up in return air channel and fridge gets warm. model 106.55622500. Fan Ok, no ice on coil after defrost defrost timer ok. settings on middle of range after 3 weeks ice blocks lower air passage and freezer gets -25 and fridge gets warm. I melt ice and it works fine again nothing blocking air vents. top vent clear

Hi!!\015\012\015\012You may have the temp. set TOO HIGH for the freezer, set it in #2, leave the fridge setting in the mid range for now. Check after 24hrs. and adjust as necessary.\015\012\015\012Good Luck!! ... GALAXY Microsystems 25.4 cu. ft. Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Filtered Ice and Water

Fridge will work for two or three days after defrosting. Then ice starts to build up on the freezer evaporator cover and after a couple of days of this the ice maker stops making ice and a day later the fridge stops cooling properly. We have to defrost it again to get it working for a couple of days again. Fridge model Whirlpool ED5FHEXVQ00.

The auto defrost timer of your fridge is faulty and must be changed.\015\012The auto defrost timer works with about an 8 hour cycle where the forst in the cooling coils gets defrosted by the help of an heating coil placed below the evaporator.T ... Refrigerators

I just bought a pretty old, used GE fridge. (It's a freezer on top model.) The fridge is cold but the freezer isn't cold enough. It just barely makes ice part of the time. Ice cream defrosts and bread doesn't get all the way frozen. It's been plugged in about a week. I don't see any frost inside the fridge or freezer. What's wrong, and how can I fix it. (I'm an unemployed single mom, and will need to fix it myself. I'm pretty handy, and pretty determined.) Thank you!

Hi,\012As the weather is getting warmer for many people their freezer and/or refrigerator do not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many other things that can go wrong. If you are hearing a cl ... GE Refrigerators

Fridge freezer my fridge freezer has been leaking and I had to defrost it repeatedly, once a week. it had ice clogged up at the bottom of the freezer. I have now undone 2 pannels from inside the freezer and indeed it is some ice there at the bottom, but there is no drainage whole, as far as I can see. where is this drainage tube that I should unblock? what do I need to do?

Hey stressy, i would suggest that if you want to do this yourself. you can improvise. but if you do have the time, i would suggest you check out the manual for the location of the drainage for the water of your freezer. you can also visua ... Refrigerators

I have a Magic Chef compact fridge. There was a lot of ice build up in the freezer compartment. I attempted to defrost it last night, but I also tried to break away the ice before it was completely defrosted. Now today the whole fridge is not getting cold, and the motor in the bottom back of the fridge is fairly hot. Have I broken the fridge? Is it unsafe to leave it plugged in to see if it will kick in. The motor sounds like it is working the same way it sounded before I attempted defro

Either the defrost heater element or defrost thermostat is open behind the rear wall where all the ice buildup was and is bad or the defrost timer in the front area isn't working to defrost the unit on a 12 hour schedule,you will need to test each co ... Refrigerators

Hotpopint freezer works for a few weeks then ices up (coils) and warms up. This has happened three times and each time I think it okay after I defrost the freezer. Compressor runs, I did not put anything hot in the fridge or freezer and the seal on doors looks good. Also, nothing is leaking. The freezer is about five years old, is it time to replace? Model HSS251FMB WW. Is there a part I need? The spring on the ice door is shot, so I know I need the spring/selinoid but have a washcloth over the

Hello,\015\012\015\012Your freezer need to recondition. the efficiency is lower due to some dirt accumulated in the condenser, Pls replace the suspected fault. If you can do it by yourself but better call repairman in your area to efficie ... Hotpoint FFU00 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Siemens fridge freezer which keeps icing up. We called out an engineer last year who told us we needed to defrost it. He took off the back panel in the freezer and I don't think he replaced it properly. About every 4 weeks the freezer temperature drops and the fridge temperature goes up. We switch it off and thoroughly defrost it for three or four days ( we also empty the evaporator tray at the rear of the unit). We've taken out all of the drawers to the freezer in case they were pus

... Refrigerators

Leaking Fridge Hi, Thanks so much for your feedback. We did as you said and there wasn't any ice on the pipework but at the back of the freezer build up. We defrosted the freezer and ran hot water through and everything looked promising, however 7 days later there is ice build up at the back of the freezer and it is making a strange noise. There is no leaking of water at this stage. Any more suggestions. Thanks.

Check to see that your evaporator motor works otherwise ice will build up and the defrost time will not be enough to melt all the ice..... ... Refrigerators

Ice Maker The door, at the ejection portion of the fridge is not closing properly. Creating ice build up at drop part of the fridge. Freezes and does not let the ice come down. I need to know how to get the door frame off to be able to look at the workings to see what I might need for repair. Thanks Muchl

Sounds like door is misaligned while both doors are closed is the gap even from top to bottom if not than make adjustments top and bottom serews, try to find out whats draging drawers not shutting all the way ect,ect ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

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