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My wine cooler simply quit running. The light works and the control LEDs are working, so it has electricity. The compressor is very hot. I cannot find the thermostat to check if it is working. How can I determine the problem?

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My wine cooler simply quit running. The light works and the control LEDs are working, so it has electricity. The compressor is very hot. I cannot find the thermostat to check if it is working. How can I determine the problem?

... GE Profile FreeStanding Deluxe 29 Bottle Wine Chiller, PWR04FAN

Sharp SJ-42-WH self-defrosting fridge. Freezer works fine, but fridge doesn't cool down - no airflow to fridge. 1. Damper working perfectly and not jambed in closed position. 2. Fan working perfectly 3. Thermostat in freezer fine 4. Evaporator fine - no ice build up, so auto-defrost seems to be working. Turned fridge off and left doors open overnight. Did find water on the floor. Switched it back on....it worked fine for 2 weeks, but problem is back - no airflow to fridge - checked damp

I recently had exactly the same problme with this model refrigerator. I found the problem to be the defrost timer. It is located behind the panel on the back of the refrigerator where the mains cord is located, you will need to replace it with the ex ... Refrigerators

Ice will not dispense (cubed or crushed). This seems to be an intermittent problem but more not than working. Motor does not seem to be jammed or over loaded. I cannot determine the voltage from the electronic buttons to determine if it is the switch or control panel. Can you direct me to find a service manual and schematic for this unit?

... Whirlpool GS6NBEXRL Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello: Freezer works well. 0 temp. and makes ice. no frost in freezer or coils (checked). Refrig.section temp. reading does not correspond with the 3 guages placed in the refrig. Set temp.at 33 deg. and the dig.read-out will say 37 and my guages (3) say 45 or 46 deg. The damper door will open on command. Is there a temp. reset procedure or a bad thermistor? Schematic shows a thermistor but cannot find. Is this a mother board problem? Refrig. 5yrs old and have had problems from day 7. The

Im sorry your experience with FixYa hasn't met your expectations.You should be aware that all "Experts" on FixYa are not experts.Before leaving - I will attempt to answer your questions.Your original posting is indicative of a ... Refrigerators

I have a model RB17C-3A 16.6 cu. Ft refrigerator, made in 1985. The unit does not shut off, and the freezer gets cold, but the box cools to only about 15 degrees C. I read that the problem might be the thermostat, but I cannot find a way to access the thermostat to check it. The entire interior seems to be encased in molded plastic with no obvious way to dis-assemble. So, my question is, how do I take the plastic casing out so I can observe the control circuitry and evaporator coils?

Thermostat is located underneathe the base panel.The thermostat is part 6 on the diagram below: ... Refrigerators

My kelvinator fridge stopped working, and I have discovered a problem. On the side of one of the compressors sits a, what I think is a relay or thermostat of some sort. The following is the description on the part: NECCHI TR 4 - ETR4 220/240V/50Hz 5340333 The fridge was purchased in Greese some 15 yrs ago, and I have then moved to Australia with it. I cannot find this part anywhere, and is it possible to still purchase this part?

What is the model number and long serial number inside the fridge ??? ... Refrigerators

Hello,rn Hello, I have an Amana BB20VPSE/P1321302W E fridge with the freezer on the bottom. The freezer still works but the fridge is not staying cool. I took off the cover in the freezer and the evaporator fan was not coming on. I replaced it and it still does not come on. Any suggestions on what to check next. I did find the defrost timer on my unit and turned it until it clicked and the motor went off. The unit did not defrost. Could this be a problem with the thermostat? I do have a volt m

Hi Don, I do commercial refrigeration, air conditioning, and heating repair. It is good you have a volt meter. This is a residential unit, so it would be a maximum of 120 volts a/c. Depending on the range of the meter, make certain it is set above 12 ... Refrigerators

My fridge compressor stopped working. After checking the main control board I found a burnt transformer.I replaced it with a new board. It still did not work. So I checked the cooling coil and found a burst thermostat sensor. I replaced it with a new one. I still have the same problem. Compressor, water dispensor, thermostat controls are not working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Try to check your compressor resistance using ommeter or connect one test prod to terminal of compressor and one test prod to the body of your ref, if the pointer move or you read resistance it means your compressor burn out need replacement. or try ... GE Refrigerators

Came home to find water on floor ,opened freezer to find its not working fans on no cool air , checked frig side same problem , i could here it kick on buzzes for a second and shuts off , so it seem like it wants to run ,i checked coils on bottom there clean check fans there running ,frig is only about 6 years old cant belive it never ever had a problem with any whirlpool i owned , i hope yo can help ,pretty handy so i think i could change parts

The clicking could be the start relay.If the start relay is bad, the compressor will not start and you will hear a clicking noise in 2-5 minute intervals. The clicking noise is the overload cutting the compressor off when it overheats from t ... Whirlpool GS5SHAXN Side by Side Refrigerator

Ice maker cannot eject cubes. I took off the front cover and found several contact points for checking the motor, water valve, thermostat, mold heater. There is also a line voltage and neutral contact. Are these contacts live only during certain parts of the cycle? I suspect the heater isnt working More Ice maker cannot eject cubes. I took off the front cover and found several contact points for checking the motor, water valve, thermostat, mold heater. There is also a line voltage and neutral co

It sounds like you are on the right track.\015\012\015\012Most compact and modular units work in similar fashion. When the thermostat senses the chamber is cold (usually 18 to 19°F) is assumes any water in the mold is frozen and star ... Refrigerators

Morning, I have a RM 2852 Dometic camper refrigerator that suddenly stopped working. We checked fuses, changed the heater but on 12V, plugged in, or LP it will not cool. The canister around the heater gets very hot, you can hear like it wants to work, but not cooling. The check light does NOT come on indicating a problem, but check light does work. Any thoughts

... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore model# 253.73754300. The problem I'm having is the freezer works but when it goes into the heater/defrost mode, it won't shut off the heater . The freezer compartment will get completely warm nearly hot, defrost everything and then after a while the cooling system will restart to freeze again. It will then work normal until the next cycle when it happens again.Would the problem be the thermostat or timer switch? Or something else completely? and how do I access these things to c

It sounds like the Termination Thermostat is bad , it's job is to turn off the defrost elements.You can get to it from the front inside the freezer. It's a small disk about the size of a quarter and about one inch tall. It will be attached to the eva ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Frigidaire plht189sska top freezer fridge problem. Freezer is cold, fridge is warm. About a month ago, had the problem of frost build up in freezer, water pooling under veggie bins, warm fridge. Defrosted for 2 days, cleaned up water, found a clogged drain pipe. Plugged in, worked fine up until now. Warm fridge again, only this time no frost build up, no water leak. What to check next- timer, defrost thermostat, fan, condenser? should I check them in a particular order? Fridge is only 3 1/

If the defrost heating element, defrost timer or evaporater fan weren't working, you'd develop a block of ice on the evaporator. Is the compressor running? If it is, it might have bad valves from the frost buildup scenario. Liquid refrigerant coul ... Frigidaire PLHT189CSB Stainless Steel Top Freezer Refrigerator

I 4-year old Frigidaire upright freezer. It has always been in the garage and has worked fine. I'm in TN, and it is quite hot, but again, it has worked great for years. But in the last few days--I think--the internal temp will not get below 25. That is based on two new thermometers. I have set it to full cold. Nothing unusual has happened lately, and there were no hot foods added or anything like that. I also see some water puddling on the floor. I cannot find anything pertinent in the o

You need to check the follow:1. did you ran out of gas? during time, gas can leak out and you need to refill it. one way to check it is to see if close to where the cold air is getting out from the compressor is cold or warm, if it's warm most ... Refrigerators

While away on vacation, the refrigerator quit working and went to room temperature. Turning the thermostat down on return made it start working again but cannot get good temperature control. Is the thermostat the most likely problem?

Hi,\015\012 Check whether thermostat knob turned to the proper setting? If not, reset it.Hope this helps\015\012Thanks\015\012Smith. ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Hi I am wondering if the PCB is gone as the fan stopped working causing an increase in temperature in the freezer. There was ice on the tubes at the top which I let melt. On running the unit the motor starts after a few mins but the pipes do not get very cold. The fridge seems to be working. I have checked the fan and wiring to the PCB both seem ok. I I have not checked the thermistors but assume they are OK. I don't want to go to the expense of a new board and find there is another problem. Is

My pcb too much noise before defrost hi did not this problem coming\015\012but and side the noise coming clic and clic hi dont no\015\012give the solution a this problem tankyou ... Hotpoint FFA70 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Hi, I have a westpoint WPS1602 fridge and the problem is defrost not working. I checked the thermostat, it suppose to be NC contact at low temperatures. but is showing open circuit always. The thermostat cable is running from tube compartment to back side small door opening. Could you help me in the procedure to replace the defrost thermostat?. Thanks

My fridge is not cooling last 2 days What's the solution??? ... Refrigerators

I think i have a grounding problem with my Kitchenaid side-by-side fridge. I feel a shock when i touch the freezer door if i'm not wearing any shoes. Also i just checked the back of the unit and i get a shock from touching the back even with shoes on! I've checked the wall receptacle and that's working fine, so it's definitely something in the fridge. Can someone suggest possible causes or where i hould check to find the cause? Thanks, Andre Simons

I would buy a tester and check the wall receptacle to make sure the ground is right, they are like 5 dollars.Then yes you have a loose ground somewhere check the compressor first . ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Samsung RS2555SW Side by Side Fridge. Recently the cooling side quit cooling and i had the defrost heating unit replaced which had iced up and quit working. That solved a problem for a while. Then the cooling side started freezing everything even though the temp indicated 4 degrees. The thermostat or temp sensor was checked and appeared to be working ok. It stopped freezing and worked ok for a week or so and then started freezing everything again. It stopped freezing things but now app

Hello,Your fridge not working is a fridge repair job that you can do without the help of a professional. Often the fridge has a frost-free failure, or the compressor is faulty but there are many other reasons for a fridge not cooling properly. ... Samsung Refrigerators

Refrigerator warm Hi, Kenmore elite fridge, model # 106.54606300, freezer works fine, fridge however only down to 30s overnight when coolest in the house...otherwise 40s-50s.  air coming in on the top left of the fridge so i think that's fine, only some ice on coils in the freezer and thawed that out this am (minimal).  fans all working.  gotta believe its the defrost heater, timer, and/or thermostat but don't know where to find those or how to determine one or the other.  please help...don't ha

This particular model has onlya defrost thermo and heater. the defrost timer is actually built into the electronic control.behind the kickplate there should be a tech sheet to aid in r\\troubleshooting the unit.all are a little different but youll b ... Kenmore 54602 / 54604 / 54609 Side by Side Refrigerator

I purchased a franklin undercounter ice maker. It just stopped working. I redid my kitchen and cannot find the company that I purchased it from. Franklin will not help me. The red light is on and I can't get the other lights to work. There must be someone who can tell me what the problem is.

The lights are warning lights. if there is a problem in the system the lights will come on. You can try resetting they system by unplugging it for at least 24 ours. If the problem still persists, than you will have to get it serviced by an electronic ... Refrigerators


Your refrigerator has a defrost timer located inside the fresh food compartment if bad this will stop the defrost, I did not see a circuit bort for the model ... Whirlpool ED5FHEXMQ Side by Side Refrigerator

We have an older Kelvinator Deluxe refrigerator purchased in 1974. The freezer part works. The bottom barely cools regardless of the temperature setting. It has survived three hurricanes Rita, Gustav, and Ike, and we have no idea where the manual is. Due to sitting 37 days with the power off after Rita, much scrubbing with bleach was required, and we can find no identifying numbers. We had the same problem about 20 years ago, and the thermostat was replaced. This part was difficult to find

Problem solved,and another preventive maintenance trick was learned. For $19.95, I'll  spill the beans.  Your nick name is Schmutsky and your password is 4-15-forever.  to change your name and password to something you can more easily ... Gladiator GAFZ21XXMK Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Samsung rsh1nhmh has stopped working, i.e. it is dead, The unit was working fine with no odd sounds or any problems whatsoever until it stopped. I have checked the plugs and fuses etc etc and can not find any fault, is there an internal fuse or something else that need to be replaced

... Samsung Refrigerators

I have a GE Profile PSS26MSWASS 26.6 cu. ft. side by side with ice dispenser. The control panel on the front by the ice and water dispenser is out. Could the problem be with a power supply or the control panel? How can I determine what the cause is? The ice maker makes ice, but does not dispense. The water dispenser does not work. The freezer and refrigerator temps are fine, but cannot be adjusted because the control panel is not working.

... GE Profile 26.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Dispenser TFX27PRBWW

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