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This is the main control board failing. My symptoms were identical (intermittent display and clicking), and eventually the clicking didn't go away and the freezer got hot. I replaced the main board yesterday and all is well (display works and no clicking). I was able to find the correct part number using the GE website (entered refrigerator model PD22S1S and then selected PDS22S1SARSS from the drop-down list). My part number was WR55X10656. The GE price was shown as $157.50, but I bought mine from ApplianceZone.com for $101.68. Hope this helps.

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This is the main control board failing. My symptoms were identical (intermittent display and clicking), and eventually the clicking didn't go away and the freezer got hot. I replaced the main board yesterday and all is well (display works and no cl ... GE PDS22SIS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Clicking sound coming from the main control board, constant click sometimes for several hours, the compressor is trying to come on but with each click from the control board it does not engage. Somtimes it engages and the refrigerator will run fine for a few hours, then back to the clicking sound again for another 10 to 12 hours. Then sometimes it just won't work at all no sounds nothing and everything in the freezer melts., then another day it's working fine, then the next day the clicking agai

There is a stuck relay on the control board.The control board will have to be replaced. ... Hotpoint Refrigerators

My ice dispenser and water dispenser were slow to react a few days ago. it would tek multiple attempts amd then finally the ice/water would dispense. Last night it would not dispense at all, and the refrigerator started to make a clicking sound from the back. We tried one last time, the clicking noise stoped, and the refrigerator is no longer cooling. The lights come on, but the motor is not coming on now. Help!

What is the model # please?THanks ... Refrigerators

Freezer is not keeping food frozen, and is making a clicking sound. The sound seems to be coming from the computer board on the back of the unit.

Sound like the starting relay may be bad, get a 3 in one relay and replace the components ... Hotpoint HSS25GFT 25.0 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with GE SmartWater Filtration, LightTouch

When refrigerator tries to kick on it starts clicking, the lightd dim each time it clicks, and sometimes lasts up to 30min. It sounds like a relay on the circuit card is clicking.

Good day,\015\012That is the compressor you hear trying to start and can't. Before anything else, the compressor has to be tested independent of the machine.\015\012Service tech's carry a starting cord for that purpose an ... GE Refrigerators

My refrigerator has been having problems staying on. When it goes out I can hear a clicking noise every 5-10 secs. It might click several times before attempting to start again. I can hear the compressor cycle on but then goes of in about 3 seconds. Temp of compressor is sometimes around 110 degrees. Not sure if the compressor thermal protection is keeping compressor for coming on. Any ideas. Im not sure how to trouble shoot the solid state control board. That is where the clicking sound co

Sounds like it the compressor starter/overload relay. It's located near the compressor and should click when it tries to start the compressor. If it's bad it will rattle when you shake it because the internal parts can be burnt. The 110 degrees doesn ... GE GSH25JFR Side by Side Refrigerator

Maytag MSD2454GR Freezer not freezing and fridge not getting cold... there is a click we hear then like 8 seconds of something happening maybe?? then another click... fridge is not cold, looking into the freezer I can see ice building up on the back panel. Last time this happened I had to buy a new circuit board ($150). Not sure why but the defrost heater must not be working.model # msd2456dew

Im going to be honest with you,to me it sounds like 1 of 2 problems,\015\012either you need a re gas on your fridge or you need a compressor.\015\012Let a repair man take a look for you just to tell you what it i ... Refrigerators

Refrigerator temperature will not stay in 30 degree range for any period of time. It seems to repeatedly go up to 55 or 60 degrees and then drop back down to 38 degrees for a bit. In contrast, the freezer section appears to be holding steadily at 4 to 8 degrees. I have replaced the main computer control board and the evaporator fan and fan blade and still haven't cured this problem. Please offer some suggestions besides me getting another refrigerator.

Have you done a continuity test on the t-stat and the heater also when you did replace the fan did you assure that you defrosted the airport holes that go from the freezer to the fridge area lastly if the t-stat and the heater check out to be working ... Samsung RS2630WW Side by Side Refrigerator

My GE GBS22HCRWW is making a clicking sound in the back. It sounds like a relay switch is tripping. When I unplug the Red Blue and Purple wires that plug into the bottom of the circuit board in the back the clicking sound goes away.

... GE Â 17.9 Cu. Ft. Top-Freezer Refrigerator

Refrigerator and freezer sides are worm. Fan is running. When I plug it in to power outlet, it makes a click sound like a relay, then sound like ?bzzzzzz? for about 5-8 seconds, then clicks again and that?s it. It cycles every 1-1.5 minutes. So basically CLICK ? BZZZZ (5 seconds) ? CLICK ? 2 minutes quiet and so on. I heir that clicking somewhere next to black round compressor at the bottom of refrigerator, on the back side of it. If anybody knows what?s wrong with it, please help. I have my foo

Your problem is probably the "relay" attached to the compressor. \015\012\015\012Contact an appliance service company. ... Electrolux Refrigerators

Kenmore top-freezer fridge makes a loud grinding noise for different periods of time - sometimes for 10 seconds and sometimes for 5+ minutes; and sometimes it won't happen for a week and other times it happens every half hour. It sounds like it's coming from the back of the freezer.

Remove the back wall of freezer. If the coils are frost solid youll need to advance the defrost timer(top inside refrige part) w/ a small flat screw driver, the defrost heater should glow red within a good minute. also youcan turn blade to be sure it ... Kenmore Refrigerators

I have Whirlpool model # GS5SHAXNL00 with different problems, first the compressor fan was stuck by a bended cardboard. Now, the fan is working but its not cooling and every time I open the fridge door (not the freezer side) the fan stops working. I have to unplugged it and plug it again. If I leave the refrigerator for a while I can hear several click sounds and a high-pitched ringing sound followed by two click sounds. Please, if anyone can help me I will greatly appreciate. Thanks

... Whirlpool GS5SHAXN Side by Side Refrigerator

Our fridge seems not to be running. A few days ago I noticed that things were a bit warmer than they should be. So I turned the temp settings to coldest and heard it click on again. With no problems kept it on that setting for about a day then last night turned back the dials to normal. I noticed this morning that the fridge is quiet and that it may not be cooling again. So I turned the dials back to coldest and this time I have not heard it click back on like it did the other day.

Replace the start relay on the compressor. ... Whirlpool 25.4 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator w/Thru-the-Door Ice & Water - Satina Stainless-Look

Ge refrigerator makes constant relay clicking sound compressor does not run.Hi I have a 2002 ge with a bottom mount freezer. I plug it in with controls set to off position, I turn on the control which this is the encoder type dial controls, and then there's this constant fast paced relay clicking sound comming from the circuit board in the back, also the light inside fridge pulses with the clicking. The dc condenser fan does not turn at all, but evap fan runs. I disconnected the solid sta

... GE PFSF0MFZ (19.5 cu. ft.) Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Clicking sound When my mbf1958wew1 maytag frig starts to run there is a clicking sound that lasts for about 10-15 seconds. It sounds like something in the back is loose. All bottles and cans in inside were removed to no avail. The frig is a few weeks old.

Of course it is a loose connection. But don't try to fix it your own. You are well inside the warranty period. You can complaint about it to your dealer who will provide you free assistance. ... Maytag MBF2556HEW / MBF2556HEB / MBF2556HEQ Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I am having a problem with my GE refrigerator (model # GSH25JFRF BB). The ice and water despencer will not work half the time. Sometimes it works fine other times when you press the despencer the despencer light grows dim and nothing happens. There is a clicking in the back of the refrigerator on the left side if you are facing the front of the refrigerator. Sometimes it will clikck for a long time and nothing will work even the condenseor. Then later everything will work for awhile.

Check the water inlet for clog, also check to see if you're fitting the\015\012filter right. the part where you have to press to release the filter\015\012should come back to it's normal position when you insert the new\015\012filter.Than ... Refrigerators

I have had the Adaptive Defrost Control on my Jenn Air fridge replaced 3 times in the last 2 months, and it appears to be out again. Mdl JCD2389GES. This time the freezer side is frosted up in back but otherwise not cold. The fridge is not cold at all. I asked the last repairman if something else could be killing these circuit boards and he said no. He is due to come out again tomorrow and replace it again. What else could be wrong? I really cannot have this problem again!

... Jenn-Air JCD2389G Side by Side Refrigerator

Not cooling/freezing 10 year old Kenmore, fan runs, compressor is very warm, nearly Hot. under condenser coils were extremely clogged full of dust. Last few days fridge has a popping sound every couple minutes, Also something else will click and humm for 10 seconds or so then it clicks again and the humming stops. All this sound is coming from the back near the compressor/relay. I inspected the overload relay and it rattled when I shook it (read this means its bad), so I bought a new overload re

"Pop" My friend, you already know the answer. "POP" relay, relay, relay..........You have a good sense of humor.. ... Whirlpool GS6NBEXR Side by Side Refrigerator

Http://www.fixya.com/PostAnswer.aspx?thid=2924903&prdid=541148&ref=unslt I hope this link shows up.... Clicking sound ....has been getting more and more for last 10 days (but not continuous).....this morning when clicking.... all temp displays showed nothing (first time had seen this)... pressed buttons and got large negative temp readings.....kept clicking for another 15 minutes...(lights also slightly flickered at each click)...then clicking stopped again temp appears to be changing (-39

Yes these boards are very susceptable to failure,especially with from the problems you say you have incurred,the flashing lights especially in the refrigerator will send transient surges thru the motherboard and destroy them quickly, there is a new b ... GE Profile PDS22MBS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Whirlpool side-by-side refrigerator, model gc1shaxmb00. Recently, a clicking noise started from the back of the fridge. The clicks would last for a minute or two, then stop. This would happen 3 or 4 times a day. The fridge is working just fine, except for one thing. When the clicking occurs, the water dispenser sputters when dispensing. If either door is opened, the clicking stops and the water dispenses normally. This has been going on for over a week and now the clicking is

HI. This will be an issue that concerns the main power control board. There are multiple damaged components located on this board. You have stated that you observed weak fan rotation, during your inspection of a particular fan motor. Thi ... Whirlpool ED5FHEXMQ Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a GE refrigerator model# PFS22S1SBSS. One day I noticed that my temp display was out. I called Ge and they said it was a bad motherboard and they sent me a new one at no charge. Now, the refrig started clicking, and the compressor makes a humming sound while taking 3-6 clicks to start. Everything else seems to work. GE sent me a second new motherboard that only lasted about 12 hours and the click is back again. I removed the lower rear panel and discoverd the click is coming from the sma

Replace Relay. ... Refrigerators

Clicking Fridge I have a 3 to 4 year old Kenmore fridge. To date there doesn't seem to be any problem with the fridge working properly; everything stays cold in the fridge and frozen in the freezer. However, over the last couple of weeks we have noticed that it has been making a clicking noise. Every few minutes it sounds like it's clicking on and then right after it clicks right back off. It does this quite frequently and occasionally it makes a bit of a thud noise. Any help would be greatly ap

I used to have a whirlpool fridge, they are the ones who make kenmore too. It used to make a loud thud noise. It was the compressor turning off. sometimes it was loud enough to wake me up at night. It did this for years and I never had any problems w ... Refrigerators

Hi, I have fisher and paykel E522BLX bottom freezer fridge. It is making beeping sound sometimes when I open the door. It also has green light flashing on the control panel all the time. Both fridge and freezer seem to be not working properly. Sometime they cold enough sometime not. Please help.

... Fisher and Paykel E522BLX Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The model number is: ATB1832VRW00 The fridge has been making strange noises, the fan will run for a few seconds, click, turn off and then run again. It will do this several times and then run properly. It happens maybe 3 to 4 times a day and the end result is the fan running all the time, the fridge itself does not stay cold and we discovered when we took the back panel off in the frezzer, that it is completely frozen over. This has happen twice in the last 3 months, we've had to move all our

Hi,Check out these tips...they can help you figure out whats going wrong with yourrefrigerator and why it is not coolingRefrigerator not Cooli ... Amana Refrigerators

I have found this unit overheating multiple times. Each time the coils were not totally frosted, but defrosted them with hair dryer and restarted. Unit runs fine for weeks. Last time, discovered the fan in freezer was not running. Unplugged, plugged back in and unit cooled to setpoint. Is this a circuit board issue or fan problem.

... GE DSS25KGT Side by Side Refrigerator

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