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Have some problem with Frigidaire FRS26ZGG, when turned on compressor start correctly and after 15 min shut off everything even both fans, exept lights inside, turned off for few hours and turned on again, start correctrnafter 15- 20 min shut off and not started. Checked start relay and capacitor. Turn on again, but after 15min shut off again automatically

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Have some problem with Frigidaire FRS26ZGG, when turned on compressor start correctly and after 15 min shut off everything even both fans, exept lights inside, turned off for few hours and turned on again, start correctrnafter 15- 20 min shut off and not started. Checked start relay and capacitor. Turn on again, but after 15min shut off again automatically

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

This started yesterday...lights in frig work fine...I have to turn the knob around on the temp control and after awhile it will "click" or "pop" almost like the sound of turning a breaker on or off...not as hard though...this lasts for 20 or 30 min and it shuts off again...any ideas?

This sounds like your thermostat is bad. You can replace it where the control knob is. There should be two screws to remove it and then you are able to take the part to a supply house and get a new thermostat for the fridge. ... Frigidaire FRT8B5E Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have had this refrigerator for about 3 years. It will cool fine, but will randomly shut off and not turn back on. It may cool for a week and the shut off at some point. I have to turn the thermostat to off, then turn it back on and it will start cooling. The compressor is hot to the touch, there is no dirt to speak of. Any ideas?

... Haier HNSE05SS Stainless Steel

Small fridge shut's off won't start back up unless i turn the switch off and wait a few seconds then turn it back on then it will run till it shuts off again

I am assuming the switch you are referring to is the thermostat. unplug the unit.get a lubricant of WD-40, spray it inside the thermostat to lubricate the mechanical parts inside which is getting sticky.then test it agai ... GE Refrigerators

I own a Kitchen aid refrigerator KSSC42QMS00, it was working perfectly untill today my wife went to the supermarket and decided to fully load it with a lot of stuff and the fridge remained like 1 hour with the door opened. after that the over temperature reset alarm just started and we reset it and waited for like 4 hours and nothing happened. i turned off put down the circuit braker for about 10 Mins and re started it. No it turns on we hear a fan working but it doesnt cold also it has the CALL


I have a U-Line model bi-98 ice maker which stopped making ice. I found it with a ice bin full of water and not running one day. I cleaned ti up and shut it down because I didn't need it for a couple of months. I just tried to start it up again to no avail. After turning the water on and pushing the power switch to the on position the compressor and condenser fan do not come on. The ice maker fills with water and the cube ejector mechinism starts turning and the mold heater comes on. It does

Look at the thermostat and at the programmer/control board - they are the ones that control the power to the compressor. Check first that the power is transmitted to the compressor, then if it's received. If it's received you can do one more check of ... U-Line Refrigerator Ice Maker

Kenmore 596.57587790 I have a Kenmore 596.57587790 refrigerator, the unit runs and gets to the right temp than it goes off, but after that it starts to defreeze. If I shut it down and turn if back on it starts again and does the same (gets to the temp and it goes off). I have notice when I turn it back on same times it does not work, it clicks off, but if I do it again it works. Any suggestions what could be causing this problem? And can I fix it?

You have pinpointed your problem to the temperature control. Replacing the temperature control may very well solve your problem. A new temperature control ( cold control) can be ordered by your model number from the same place of purchase. If you are ... Kenmore 73502 / 73504 / 73509 Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I have an Electrolux icon 22.6 cu ft counter depth frig. The problem I am have is the the ice dispenser will turn on by it's self and dump all the ice inside the freezer. It turn on for about 20 seconds then it will turn off for about 20 min. then it starts all over again. It's been doing this for the last couple of days. Can you help??

... Electrolux Icon 22.6 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Refrigerator Free Delivery

Hi, I have a Westinghouse Virtuoso and it has recently started to beep every 30 seconds or so. If i turn the fridge off or press the alarm reset button it stops for a while but then starts up again. The display while beeping shows the the code "SC" and where the clock is comes up with the word "Error". I have tried shutting it off for a while but then it starts again after a few hours. Can you please help Thanks

Hi abhilash_men,Do you have further inquiry about your machine?Thank you for using FixYa. ... Westinghouse Refrigerators

Dometic rv fridge runs fine on elec, lights on gas but in one min shuts down. Dometic RV S1621 fridge runs fine with elec, when start gas operation. The burner runs for about 30 seconds then shuts off. There must be some type of flame sencor that is not working. when the flame is not senced, the unit shuts off.

It is key that all control switches are in the correct position, depending on what power source you are using, gas, electric, etc. If the switches are not in the proper setting, the unit will not operate.\015\012\015\012Here's the manual ... Dometic RM2193 Compact Refrigerator With Ice Box

When I turn the control to "coldest setting" compressor runs and keeps running unless I turn the control down, then it shuts off. Then it may not start up again until I turn it back to coldest setting.

If it is getting cold enough or even too cold then replace the control.Eric ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

Hi, I,ve got a samsung fridge freezer, Model SRS582DSSB. It shuts down after approx. 24 hours, the compressor stops and the display is flashing displaying the temperature set by the factory on start up. I turn the power off, wait for 10 to 15 minutes and restart, then it works normal for a day then it shuts down again. The unit is operating like this for about 2 to 3 weeks now. What could be the problem? Many thanks for your response, hope there is a solution. Regards, Ernie

Sir please check the temperature settings this should be in minimum temperature. then check how it works. ... Refrigerators

I have a Frigidaire FSC23F7DSBP Side by Side Refrigerator. It keeps beeping once and turning off the light on the Freezer works but that is it. If I unplug it and plug it back in it will sometimes work and other times do nothing. I will let it sit for a couple of min. and try again most of the time it will start back up and run sometimes min. or hours or days or sometimes weeks then do it againg. How can I get this fixed I have had two tech. some look, and say they will call me back with a quote

I have had problems with the control board causing similar situations. losing ground or just power. control board part#241511101(sugg retail $165) may want to have a frigidaire certified tech come out and diagnois first. ... Frigidaire Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore #10685696810 refrigerator that shuts down. I have discovered the red reset botton on the back side of the thremostat panel. I have pushed it a couple of times due to shut off. Is there a special way of pushing the reset since it has ccw indentation groves on the contact surface like it is suppose to be able to turn with the appropriate tool? When the button is pushed it starts up and runs fine until it quits again and needs anouther reset. Since I have no schematic I can only su

There is NO reset button on a refrigerator,yours included.What you are pushing is the defrost thermostat. It is designed to be turned clockwise when necessary to force a defrost cycle.If you can push on it and the refrigerator works corre ... Kenmore Refrigerators

N'finity 170 bottleis dual bottle zone wine refrigerator. Unit will begin cycle when turn off and on. Gets down to set temp and will cycle correctly maybe 2 times and then temp will slowly rise. Unit will not start to cycle and cool until I shut off and then turn back on. Fans seem to be running all day. What can be the problem?

Hi, there are some little thermal switches, and or 2 fans that may not be working properly. In both cases they are not cooling the unit down enough for it to maintain the set temperature. This unit is pretty much low grade, high cost, JUNK. Your mino ... Refrigerators

Door alarm will not turn off...unplugged unit for 5 min. or so, plugged back in after 20 min the sound started again

... General Electric Profile PFSS2MIXSS Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

My fridge and freezer will not cool. The fridge and freezer will turn on when the doors are open and turn off when doors are shut, but it never gets cold. We replaced the control board, thermistat , temp control and also the start relay.. still nothing.

Have you also replaced the overload on the compressor,depending on your model which overload it should be ... GE Refrigerators

Have G E model # pss25ssnass The freezer temperature was saying it was up to 20 degrees and the fridge is saying 49degrees and doesn't seem to be getting colderthe fan sounds like it runs then shuts off I turned off power and then turned it back on and it started to make noice but nothing is getting colder

Check to see if the coil is frozen up. it should be behind a panel in the freezer. the thermo sensor is likely bad. you can defrost it with a blow dryer when open. make sure the power is off. ... GE Refrigerators

Our Kitchen Aid Superba started making these loud grinding sounds...may be coming from the freezer side. Turned off ice maker and reduced temperature for the freezer side but still making those loud noises. Shut off freezer completely then when I put it on again, it immediately started making those sounds. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. thanks! Dia

Motor bearing on the evaporator fan is all I can think of. The noise could be produced by the fan blade hitting excessive ice buildup and that is a defrost problem. 99% of the time it ends up being a failed defrost heater. ... Refrigerators

Hello, I have a Westinghouse Fridge/Freezer model BJ383 (approx 4 years old) and have started have problems with the temporature alarm for the freezer activating. In reading the manual it's suggesting the temperature is getting too warm but it appears fine when I check the freezer, and the door has been kept closed. If I reset the sensor it just goes off again 50 minutes later (as the manual states it will). If I turn off the fridge completely for 5 mins then turn on again, the alarm activate

Hi,I checked the model number given and it does not come up, so I assume it is wrong or incomplete.However, you should get a thermometer in there to check actual temperature, so you know for sure what is happening.Then I would chang ... Westinghouse Refrigerators

Checked unit found ref indicator light on steady found some what dirty filter. cleaned filter restarted unit water pump came on then compressor started but only ran for about 2 min then tripped out. condenser fan ran for a bit then shut off. After a bit the fan came back on but no compressor. Finally when the compressor tried to start the over load just tripped on compressor. I'm thinking compressor is either getting to much back pressure or is tripping out on over load,tight compressor any thau

... Scotsman Ice Machine - 290lb Self-Contained Air-Cooled Cuber - SCE275A-1H

9 months ago I purchased a Kegorator Mod KRS-2000. Last week it shut off. I unplugged it checked the cord and plugged it back in. It blew somekind of internal breaker as soon as I turned the thermostat on. I turned it off and the breaker reset. This repeats every time I try to start it up. There are no obvious shorts that I can find. Whats wrong?

... Nostalgia Electrics Refrigerators

The water line just won't stop when the water is on, I can shut off the source but as soon as I turn it back on the water starts flowing out even when the ice cube dispenser is selected. This did start as a result of a power failure. In fact before this happened the water dispenser would not even work when we wanted it to.

With the water turned off , pull the refrig out and remove the back lower panel . Remove the 1 screw , holding the water inlet valve on the refrig , and pull the valve out slightly . On the coil with the larger tubing attached under it , remove the w ... GE Refrigerators

Whirlpool gd25SFXHS04 starts to cool down than shuts off before it gets cold. Turn unit off and restart. will run for a while than shuts itself off again. will not go to cold temp.

... Refrigerators

I have a 18 Cubic Ft Whirlpool Model # ER8AHMXRQOO The Refrigerator only not Freezer kept coming on and off rapidly clicking. I guess maybe the thermastat? Click click click that's all it would do and finally shut off or come on which ever was happening Sometimes I would physically turn the dial off then turn it back up on 3 and when it would come back on a few mins later it would not do all the crazy on and off stuff. The Freezer is fine, no problems so far. I'm Disabled and need to fix this my

First off...The model # you supplied does not seems to be correct. Could it be ER8AHKXRQ00, could not find any with a M in it also the last 2 of the madel should be zero's. The rapid clicking most likely could be the start relay (image 22) on the com ... Refrigerators

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