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Frigidaire GLRS264ZA not cooling. GFI popped on the circuit earlier today. Reset, repopped a few hours later. Fan running, but no heat coming off condenser coils. Compressor itself is warm-hot to the touch. Has my compressor took a dump? My wife said lately sometime when starting up or shutting down there would be some clunking noises.

Answers :

Sounds like the relay on the compressor went bad and is causing arching which trips the breaker

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Frigidaire GLRS264ZA not cooling. GFI popped on the circuit earlier today. Reset, repopped a few hours later. Fan running, but no heat coming off condenser coils. Compressor itself is warm-hot to the touch. Has my compressor took a dump? My wife said lately sometime when starting up or shutting down there would be some clunking noises.

Sounds like the relay on the compressor went bad and is causing arching which trips the breaker ... Frigidaire GLRS264ZA Side by Side Refrigerator

Moved refrigerator to new house, power was off for a few days.The last time the power was off for a bit, a few years ago, it would not cool.Repair man came over took a handfull of snow and placed it around a bulb near the compressor. He said something about energy saving design and hot gas when starting. Worked like a charm for the last eight years.Did the samething ....worked for a few days then zip. The fridge is in an unheated area, is this part of the problem?

No!! ? never hear of this kind of vodo treatment :) what is your model#? and what is it doing now? is the compresor working? is the fan in the back runing? ... Kenmore Refrigerators

Fridge issues im having a fridge issue, plugged it in worked great next day nothing. freezer melted fridge went bad and now its blowing out air but its not cold or hot air...and i dont know how to tell if a compressor is shot or anything else. i took the back panel off and when i put my ear to the computer board i hear a humming sound and the board is warm...also is there supposed to be a green wire with a metal ring at the end just dangling?

Hi adamvovo.\015\012It sounds like the compressor isn't running. The way you can tell if it is or not, is to pull the back off of the refrigerator, and listen, or put your hand on the compressor. It's the small black thing at the bottom, with t ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

Hello. I went to get a bottle of wine out of my Danby model DWC 350 BLP wine cooler tonight and my cooler was warm inside. I first thought maybe it was because my light was on, and turned it off but to no avail. I check behind it and the compressor was very hot. I shut it all off, unplugged it for a couple of hours and then re-plugged it in, but after another couple of hours, the inside was very warm and the compressor once again hot. This wine cooler was bought in December 2009 therefore my gua

... Danby DWC350BLP Wine Cooler

Compressor/motor on mu Whirlpool frige is really hot. face of fridge/freezer divider is hot to the touch, too. Fan does **** warm air from compressor. Doesn't blow towards compressor. I s this cor

If your condenser fan is running and your divider is still hot then your condenser coil is dirty. ... Refrigerators

MSD2756DE, freezer warm, open doors and hear clicking noise - lights dim,bright, dim/brite. Repair man said the Tecumsin(sp?) compressors tend to lock up. No need to replace the relay, as it is probably the compressor. $570 repair estimate. He said on the newer models with the Embarco compressors, he would try a relay replacement, but not on my model. Any truth to this? He recommended that we buy a new fridge, so he doesn't seem like he's trying to swindle me.

... Maytag MZD2766GES Side by Side Refrigerator

True back bar unit- Very old, Compressor fan works, condenser fan works but blows only warm air-I looked at previous posts and checked smaller tube from compressor to see if it was hot, it was not. The compressor was hot though. Think it might be leaking coolant?

I agree. start there before investigating further. ... True TBB-2 Beverage Cooler

The compressor to my refrigerator is very hot. Too hot to touch for more than 1-2 seconds. The coils have been cleaned off and are not warm. The vent is blowing room temp air to freezer and refrigeration. I am hearing a "click" every few minutes from the compressor. I have unplugged the refrigerator and letting the compressor cool down. What could be the problem? What shoudl I do?

What you are hearing is that the compressor is trying to start but can't..... The compressor could be bad (Locked Rotor) or the start capacitor could also be bad... I would try a new start capacitor or have the old one checked to make sure it i ... Refrigerators

Found the unit circulator fan running but not cool in the freezer or fresh food compartment. I unplugged and replugged and the compressor started running shortly. I checked the frost-free feature already (clicked the light switch in the fresh food compartment 5 times in 6 seconds). I took the cover off the back of the cabinet and the compressor is now hot, but not too hot to touch. The unit is just not cooling off very quickly. I know the compressor is only 1.1 to 1.6 amps and that's not much. I

The compressor CAN run and still be defective. It's like having a car engine with a bad cylinder-it loses compression and therefore loses power. Unfortunately, this is indicitive of Frigidaire refrigerators. If the compressor will try and start, m ... Frigidaire FRT17G4B Top Freezer Refrigerator

My whirlpool fridge is hot, took the cover off of the coils inside freezer, look ok. Took back cover off of the back and the compressor is hot

Hi jason;\015\012Shall take it that you have a Side by Side setup? If so with rear cover off, when you start it does the cooling fan come on beside compressor? Also remove front grille and clean front condensor coils, full dust and hair all pro ... Whirlpool Gold White-on-White 21.9 cu. ft. Conquest Side-By-Side Refrigerator with Ice and Water GD2SHAXLQ Side by Side Refrigerator

I don't know the model number but our refrigerator is approximately 6 years old and is a side-by-side model. My problem is that the metal frame that separates the two compartments which touches the rubber when the door is closed is extremely hot on the refrig side. We looked in the manual which said it was normal to be warm. It's more than warm, it's extremely hot as is the top on the freezer side.

Usually when the outside of the refrigerator is hot, there is some problem in the refrigerant cycle. I suspect that if you reach under the refrigerator and touch one of the coils, it will be very hot, too.\015\012\015\012First, look at t ... Refrigerators

Compressor/motor on mu Whirlpool frige is really hot. face of fridge/freezer divider is hot to the touch, too. Fan does suck warm air from compressor. Doesn't blow towards compressor. I s this correct?

... Refrigerators

I have an Amana 26 cu.ft. side by side approx. 3 years old. The refridgerator side was warm so I cleaned the coils and it began to cool down. The compressor began to function and I thought all was well. About three weeks later both freezer and refridg became warm. I removed the food in freezer, took panel off and found a block of ice, everything was frozen. The fan was the only thing running. The compressor had not run for days.

... Amana ASD2626HE Stainless Steel Side by Side Refrigerator

PDS22SBRLSS My GE Frdige is running warm. Been 2 days **w. 4yrs/old PDS22SBRLSS Settings are Freezer-0 Fridge-38oF. Currently reading 6oF, 43oF I've verfied the coils and dust areas are clean. I've unplugged the unit for 10min...** difference. GE changed mother board about 1yr ago for similar problem. Was also an "upgrade" mother board for transient **ise from compressor. Seems like problem has returned? I'm also finding the compressor extremely HOT. Too hot to touch.

Hi is there any ice built up at the back of the freezer. is the fan motor going if no ice or frost build up in freezer and fan motor is going . check the compressor. thanks the appliance doc ... GE PDS22SBRLSS Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

I just returned from a 5-day trip and found the inside of my GE Profile Arctica (PS123SC) hot and everything spoiled. After emptying everything, I pulled the back lower cover off and found that the compressor is not operating. Is there a reset button or technique to restart the compressor? The fan is blowing cool, not hot or warm air, from the back of the unit.

Need to call ge for serviice it could be the compressor or the main control mother board , it also could be the compressor overload but it would be better for eyes on on this one since the parts are quite expensive if it trial by error\015\012 ... Refrigerators

I have a Kenmore model 106.58964700 that both the freezer and refrigerator stopped working. The service technician said it was the start relay (Sears part number 2319792). I replaced the part with one from a local appliace parts store and after running from approximately 45 minutes, the temperature is 0 and 36 for the freezer and refrigerator, respectively. I also noticed that the compressor and copper tubbing running into the compressor is very hot (so hot it would instantly burn me if touch

Daleb870, Compressors on referigators run hot to the touch. You are experinceing a couple diffrent issues. First off 0 and 36 is a very ideal temp. The compressor and tubing are most likely hotter than normal as it was trying to cool down a fridg ... Refrigerators

Frigidaire compressor model # FRT21LRGW5...replaced overload relay..compressor still buzzes for 15 sec then clicks...gets very hot soon after. Just blows warm air...did not come with icemaker. Places want to charge $200 for new compressor and $50-$60 just to walk in the house...Fridge is past warranty (8yrs old). Any chance of replacing the compressor myself? Do new compressors come with refrigerant already inside? I'm finding compressors with electrical for $150-$180 online all over the place

... Refrigerators

Have an N'FINITY wine refrigerator. Just has a problem wtih it cooling and then warming up. Repair person came said it the start capacitor and fixed it. It now holds the temp, but the the compressor buzzes on and off every few seconds for about 5 minutes before the compressor turns on. Told that the compressor is damaged and needs to be replaced and told its $600. Fridge was only $700. Does this sound correct, and is there a way I can buy a compressor cheaper? Told its a standard 1/8 HP u

... Refrigerators

I have a sidexside mod#706.50512001 ser#2629838 The relay attached to the compressor clicks on and then then off again within 10 seconds. The fridge i snot cooling. I have cleaned the whole underside of dust and debris. The fan is working ok! After 1 hour of running the compressor is warm to touch and stll no cold air? When I put my fluk to test the red and white wires that go to the relay attached to the compressor the red is hot and I assume the white is netural but it has no sign of power t

Hi klm_99114,This issue is often caused by a bad relay or the compressor is failing. To figure out which pull the power for the unit, please follow the troubleshooting steps below.Before testing, please unplug the refrigerator ... Kenmore Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a Kenmore model 253, and the refrigerator section stopped working yesterday but the freezer was fine. I de-dusted the back, and when I checked the compressor was hot to the touch. At a paid site an online tech told me the compressor was broken and had to be replaced (a $200-400 fix on a 6 year old $350 fridge). When I checked it this morning the compressor was just warm to the touch, and the fridge was cool, but not up to the correct temperature. I'm not sure if it's related,

Hello,Sounds like you have a defrost problem since the freezer side is working okay . It probably is not blowing cold air into the refrigerator side , so to check the defrost circuit , unplug the refrigerator and inside the refrigerator s ... Refrigerators

I have a Maytag side by side refrigerator when it is very hot and humid days, it stops working. The relay makes the noise every few minutes.It tries to start but then stops. After 24 hours, it will start again and work again for several weeks till it is hot again. I called a technician and he changed the starter (relay capacitor) and it did not do anything. He said it is compressor. However, I still have a question : why does it start working again and works for many weeks till it is a hot and h

Hi,\012When changing the relay the capacitor should also be changed... also the motor could be getting hotter on hot days causing longer run times and then the overload kicks out....that should also be changed but some compressors have the overload i ... Maytag MSD2756G Side by Side Refrigerator

I had my 4 year old Kitchen Aid Side by Side stop running. The digital panel on the top inside was also not working but the lights inside worked and so were the lights on the front for the ice maker. Called Kitchen Aid and they said they would send a repairman. A very nice man came from a local company and took a look and said it is probably the computer board inside. He said that sometimes they loose their memory just like our computers and printers and they just need to be reset. To reset you

Always here to help thanks for commingthumbs up ... KitchenAid Superba KSRG25FK Side by Side Refrigerator

Hi, i have a haier beer dispenser model hbf05ebss. noticed it went warm overnight. compressor felt hot. i unplugged it and then plugged it back in. the over load protector clicked and then compressor stopped after 10 seconds. does this indicate a compressor concern?

... Haier (HBF05EAVS) Beverage Dispenser

Refrigerator does not get cold (model# frt17l3fw1. frigidaire). the blower fan in the freezer runs, but the freezer is warm the compressor at the back of ref is too hot and i don't see a blower motor fan to cool the compressor. the compressor don't seem to be running. please advise

Hi,The condenser fan at the compressor may be bad and it contributed to the compressor not running...Turn it off completely and let is cool over night and then plug it back in and see if the fan runs and if the compressor runs... ... Refrigerators

I am in Australia. I have an XRBR904BW, about five years old. It is a terrific fridge and we love it. Recently it has been acting up. It makes a buzzing noise when starting the compressor, and then clicks off. This will happen a couple of times and then the compressor starts, but now it is happening for long periods of time and the compressor doesn't seem to be working. The freezer melts and the fridge gets warm. We had a local repairman look at it, and he said that it needed a new compre

Hi,I am making an intelligent guess since I am not there....I think the\015\012start relay is going out and I would have this checked real soon. If\015\012you feel capable, remove the rear cover and check the connections at\015\012 ... Refrigerators

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