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I have a Dometic Model NDR 1292 refrigerator in my motorhome. The refrigerator will work on gas but not on electric. I have check all the fuses and they are all good. When I connect the refrigerator to 120 Ac and turn on the refrigerator on the front. The AES light will come on for a brief moment and then the AC light and then the AC light will go off and the refrigerator will revert to gas. I check at the rear of the refrigerator electic outlet and I have electricity. What could be the problem

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I have a Dometic Model NDR 1292 refrigerator in my motorhome. The refrigerator will work on gas but not on electric. I have check all the fuses and they are all good. When I connect the refrigerator to 120 Ac and turn on the refrigerator on the front. The AES light will come on for a brief moment and then the AC light and then the AC light will go off and the refrigerator will revert to gas. I check at the rear of the refrigerator electic outlet and I have electricity. What could be the problem

... Dometic NDR 1292 Refrigerator

The refrigerator works fine on electric, and on gas when a/c power is not present. If you have a/c power connected and then push the "gas" button to run the refrigerator on gas, the burner won't light. The gas solenoid valve opens but there is no spark (ignition), and it eventually locks out and the "check" light comes on. If I unplug the refrigerator, the gas burner lights almost immediately. What's going on? How do I run it on gas when I'm plugged in?

Turn of you power to refrigerator this will allow this will allow gas circuit to take over ... Dometic NDR 1062 Refrigerator

I have a Dometic RM2820. The refrigerator does not cool on electric or gas. When put on electric the freezer cools but the refrigerator does not cool. I replaced the control board. When on gas the burner ignites runs for a minute and then shuts off and the check light comes on? What can I do?

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I have a Dometic model DM2864 in my 2006 CrossRoads. It has recently stopped cooling altogether. The gas burner heats up but no cooling. When switched to 120 VAC the check light does not come on nor does the automatic light. When switched on and off there is a one time click noise heard coming from the back of the refrigerator. ???

It has a leak in the ammonia system check around the burner for a yellow residue ... Dometic RM2852 Refrigerator

My dometic rm2652 check light comes on after a the refrigerator is turned on with either gas or electric. What could be the problem?

First things to check would be the receptacle that fridge is plugged in to at back for power to it. You may have tripped breaker as well. Either way, you need to confirm that you have AC (hydro) voltage going to fridge, as well as test for min 11-12 ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I have a Dometic DM2652 refrigerator and the check light comes on when I hook up to electric & cut off the gas.

... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I purchased a 1988 trailer with a domentic RM 2607 model gas referigerator. The unit has been out of service for the last 4 years. I started the refrigerator on electric, it cooled with no problem for one day then the check light came on, I. switched it to off and back on it tried to light on gas but failed to for several tries. After the gas lines got purged it lite and switched back to electric.rhe check lite came on and the same thing happened again. while burning on gas I could hear a click

Don't know too much about those, but I will tell you what I know. It operates like a stove with a standing pilot light. Things get dirty and build up. Clean the end of the capilary that rests in the flame with steel wool. Give me a thumbs up if it ta ... Refrigerators

When i open the door on the refrigerator side, the light does not come on nor due the refrigerator and freezer setting led lights come on. I checked the light bulb and it works in a table lamp. Charlie

Hello charlie, if you have checked the lamp and it comes on then this is what you should do trace the lamp switch in the fridge it is usually a small mechanism around the door which gets depressed as the door swings open. If this is located try ensur ... Whirlpool GS6SHEXMB / GS6SHEXMQ / GS6SHEXMT Side by Side Refrigerator

My dometic rv refrig is not working on electricity. when it is cut on, the light comes on as if it is working. after about 30 sec the gas igniter starts clicking. with the gas off the check light comes on. if the gas is on the refrig works fine.

Check to make sure your getting 120 volts to the unitBreaker tripped ? ... Dometic RM2193 Compact Refrigerator With Ice Box

We have a ZISB420DMB side by side refrigerator. All of the lights on the refrigerator side will not work. The freezer side lights are ok. I checked the master light switch and its on. There are 2 things that come to mind and hope you can help.. 1. According to the schematics there is a inline fuse for the refrigerator side lights only but I cant find the fuse. 2. There is a heat sensor that if the door is open too long the lights will turn off. Perhaps that sensor is out. Again I co

\015\012Why are the lights inside my refrigerator not working?\015\012\015\012\015\012If the refrigerator is getting power, the refrigerator compartment light should come on when the door is open.\015\012If the refrigerator compartm ... GE Monogram Side by Side Refrigerator

Whirlpool gold side by side refrigerator. Light does not come on in refrigerator side. Changed light bulb, still did not work. Pulled door switch and checked continuity on switch - appears OK. Check voltage on wires to switch, read about 36 volts ac.

Nice job on the voltage checks! Now, are you checking 'across' the switch, or one side to ground?If you go across, or one end then the other end to ground, you should see 120 volts to ground. If you measure one end to the other end it should be ... Whirlpool 25.6 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with In-Door-Ice Dispensing System

I had to replace the WFCO power converter, as it had gone bad. The refrigerator would not work either, with the check light staying on all the time, even with a good battery and no AC powere connected. Now that I have replaced the converter, the refrigerator still won't work on gas or electricity. The check light stays on. The 3 amp and 5 amp fuses are still good. What could it be?

RVIARecreatio Vehicle Industry Associtionhttp://www.rvpartwholesaler.comDometic 9108677537 A&E Carefree RV Awning Pull StrapDometic 3307834.006 A&E Carefree Window Awning Pull Strap 28"WFCO 8955 55 am ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

Refrigerator was off for the winter. Now, nothing works. The "auto" "gas" and "check" lights never open. Nothing seems to have power. The battery have been checked, the fuses (AC and fridge) have been checked, the gas line works. it is a Dometic RM 2612. And since we switched the fuses, there is a really short blue wire that hangs by itself and there is no way to know where it should go... could you suggest anything? thank you

These wires should go to the main board as there is no power you stated and you have mentioned that you have checked the fuse, it seems to have some disconnection with the board, you can check that out and if you dont know much about it i would recom ... Dometic Refrigerators

My kenmore coldspot side by side refrigerator is not making ice. Water comes out of the water dispenser. Water does not come out to fill the tray. I checked the optics and they seem to work. they blink twice and then pause. Then when I push in the emitter the light goes solid. I took out the ice machine and check to see if the electricity was reaching them and detected a circuit on the by connecting J to H and so fourth. Not matter what I do water does not come out and the motor does not move. D

... Kenmore 55612 / 55614 / 5561 / 655619 Side by Side Refrigerator

Morning, I have a RM 2852 Dometic camper refrigerator that suddenly stopped working. We checked fuses, changed the heater but on 12V, plugged in, or LP it will not cool. The canister around the heater gets very hot, you can hear like it wants to work, but not cooling. The check light does NOT come on indicating a problem, but check light does work. Any thoughts

... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

My Model RM2852 Refer will not change from electric to gas. It tries. The igniter is working and gas appears to be on for about 30 seconds and then kicks off and stays off. Inside the "Auto" light is on but after about the same 30 seconds the "Check light comes on and stays on. Any ideas on what to replace? I am 1500 miles from home. Thanks for any suggestions.

The same thing happend to me, Try changing the thermocoupler. it's a probe that is mounted just above the flame or get the coupler tested. this part only cost me $23.00 easy to change.But if not it might be the lower circuit board. ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I have a GE Profile refrigerator TPX24BPBG) and the lights are out on the refrigerator side. I've checked all the bulbs and they seem to be ok and I've pulled the door switch and shorted the wires together but the lights to not come on. Is there a fuse anywhere? Do you have a suggest on where to start debug? Also have a problem with the icemaker fill tube freezing. Any suggestions?

All ice box's have a door switch which operates the light. When that door gets closed it shuts off the light. It could be stuck in the off position or just simply died. ... GE Profile TPX24PBDCC Side by Side Refrigerator

Refrigerator--KBF042FTX purchased April 2010 The freezer door does not always completely shut. On 3 occasions we have come back to find it open. The last time it stayed open long enough for ice cream to completely melt. The red light in the refrigerator was on alerting us to the fact that temp was too high in freezer. However, we never heard an ALARM. We read the owner's manual again and reset the alarm. How do we check to be sure this alarm is working properly? Should it come on auto

... KitchenAid Refrigerators

Check light comes on in gas setting at random times

Make sure you have good hot batteries fridge should be getting 13-14 volts Could be a bad ground unplug them and spray with electric parts cleaner, but most likely the main circuit board is bad. Take the black cover off the circuit board and if it is ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

I have a GS6SHEXNS00 and have had it for about 5 years. Last night I opened the door and the lights don't come on, including the digital lamps telling me what settings I have selected for the freezer and refer sides. The refrigerator is still cooling fine and the lights on the freezer side work fine. Is there a fuse that needs to be changed? If so, where do I find it? I did check the bulbs and they are fine.

Hi sandethere is a possibility that the LED on the control board has been disconnected or the power going to the indicator and the lamp has been disconnected due to corrosion as well as a short circuit.If you have the service ... Refrigerators

Top refrigerator is not working, freezer is OK. When I unplug then plug it in again the indicator light for the refrigerator comes on but after a few minutes goes off, During the ime it is on there is a very low sound similar to a dull clicking. I checked to see if there was ice blocking the vents in the freezer area but there was none.

Your refrigerator gets its cold air from the freezer by way of a fan that \015\012transfers air past the freezer coils to the refrigerator. If the fan isn't working the refrigerator will not get cold. I your coils in the \015\012freezer are freezin ... LG LRBN20510WW Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My Dometic 2652 just quit getting cold it is 10 years old, it is not working on electric or gas however on electricity the light is on and the check light never comes on

Needs R12 ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

Dometic RM3662 works on electric, not on gas. it times out and check light comes on, gas is on.

... Refrigerators

We have a Kenmore Elite side by side refrigerator. It was working just fine earlier today, but all of the sudden it appears that it is no longer cooling in either side of the refrigerator. The buttons at the top of the right side of the appliance are not lit up and we don't feel any cold air coming out anywhere. The lights on both sides are working so we know that it is receiving power. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We're not sure what to check or troubleshoot.

HiThanks for using FixYa. Start out with the easy stuff first...make sure the lights go out when you close the door(s), make sure the doors are closing properly and the gaskets are closing ... Kenmore 57029 Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a norcold 3163 rv refrigerator in my eurovan and have had a problem with the burner not staying lit when i release the safety valve. i hear the burner light when i push it in and the green light comes on but after 15 to 20 seconds when i release it it goes out. I have cleaned the burner with alcohol and air pressure as well as the oriface to no avail. could it be the thermocouple? i checked its relationship with the burner

HiCheck to following instruction\015\012\015\012Make sure the refrigerator is plugged in securely\015\012Check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker\015\ ... Refrigerators

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