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Our 5 year old Amana Refrig has developed a new & strange noise in the last few days. Mod ARB2557CW, Mfg PARB2557CW0, S/N 10918811CV. Only happens when compressor is running. The noise is a faint sympathetic vibration which starts, continues awhile (say 17 seconds) then shuts off abruptly (like someone flipped a switch) all while the compressor is still running. It can repeat this cycle more than once during a compressor run. We never hooked up the ice maker. P.S. Killing power to the re

Answers :

The noise you hear is most likely the self defrost cycle. Have the evaporator motor checked out. Deforst the refridgerator for twelve hours and then check to see if the noise goes away

The problem may be caused due to a damaged noisy refrigerator \015\012compressor. A compressor is a single part, without any other moving part\015\012 and is football sized. It is usually black in color and situated at the\015\012 bottom with some tubes or wires attached to it. If this compressor is \015\012making noise, which will generally be loud enough, it needs to be \015\012repaired by a professional. The compressor might also be needed to be \015\012replaced and of course, it is quite expensive.
\015\012The next cause of noisy refrigerator can be the condenser fan. Dust and \015\012debris can jam the fan blades leading to improper functioning of the fan\015\012 leading to a noisy refrigerator. Generally the fan is covered by a thin\015\012 panel. In order to fix this fan and hence the noisy refrigerator, first\015\012 of all unplug it. Now remove the panel and clean the blades using a \015\012small cloth or a toothbrush. If you find that there is no lint or debris\015\012 collected over the fan blades, its motor needs to be replaced.

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Our 5 year old Amana Refrig has developed a new & strange noise in the last few days. Mod ARB2557CW, Mfg PARB2557CW0, S/N 10918811CV. Only happens when compressor is running. The noise is a faint sympathetic vibration which starts, continues awhile (say 17 seconds) then shuts off abruptly (like someone flipped a switch) all while the compressor is still running. It can repeat this cycle more than once during a compressor run. We never hooked up the ice maker. P.S. Killing power to the re

The noise you hear is most likely the self defrost cycle. Have the evaporator motor checked out. Deforst the refridgerator for twelve hours and then check to see if the noise goes away ... Amana Refrigerators

Amana BH20TL compressor makes intermittent whirring noise, and runs too long til shuts off. Fan OK, still cold. Best used 20cf top frig/bottom freezer? Or SXS better?

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Refrigerator stopped cooling. Compressor not turning on...No clicking or switch noises heard when attempting to actuate thermostat control- Fan does turn on and run when controlled by thermostat. Can also control fan by actuating pot in defrost timer. Do not hear "any" switch noise at compressor relay - even when attempting to control by actuating thermostat or defrost timer. There was no warning when fridge stopped cooling - no compressor noise or other odd sounds.

First, check to see if the light comes on or if there is any fan, motor, or other sound coming from the appliance? If so, the refrigerator isn't really completely stopped--go to the specific problem you are having. If not, try adjusting the thermosta ... Refrigerators

Kenmore 41514 side by side had the clicking noise. Had the relay on the compressor replaced, but still makes the clicking noise. This started on Sunday and its now Tuesday. Everything is still cold on both sides. I believe that the fan is what we still hear running, which it does more than usual. What is the next step. Could it be a warning before the compressor goes out? Repairman seems to believe we have a bad wire harness causing a short.

One other thing I would check is the gear drive on the ice maker.I have seen them get a broke or chipped tooth on gear and make a clicking noise trying to engage.May not help but it costs nothing to try. Thank you and hope you have a good new year. ... Kenmore 41512 / 41514 / 41519 Side by Side Refrigerator

Electrolux icon e42bs75eps. runs perfectly for about 18 hours, then stops running. compressor will not turn on after that time. If I press the on/off switch, it will re-cycle, compressor will run for 18 hours, then the same thing occurs. I have replaced the printed circuit board, still have the same problem. The compressor is fairly warm when the unit is running, my guess approximately 120 degrees farenheit. The unit cools, make 4 batches of ice, and works as designed, until it stops...then

Is the compressor fan running the whole time? are the door seals hot at all?oh wait a minute you said after 18 hours the compressor shuts off goes into its normal defrost mode around this time which shuts the compressor off and then the interior he ... Electrolux Icon 42'' Professional Built-In Refrigerator Free Delivery

KIC 230L double door fridge 3 months old. 1. Compressor runs non-stop (I'm convinced it must be intermittent, thus switch off and on automatically). 2. A few weeks ago, pipe at the back was leaking gas and was sealed & it worked. Now a few days ago, it was running on very low noise. then there was a power cut and after attempting to switch it on it did not respond whatsoever. A pipe was then found to be blocking gas flow from compressor and is due to be replaced. Are these problems linked to th


Lsc27931 my freezer stop making ice then the compressor kicks on and off. Then my fridge got warm then the fans still works.now after a day of that the the refrigerator hot no cooling at all compressor still shutting on and off. Can it be the capacitor or a relay switch or an overload switch?please help I don't want to pay $500 to fix a 5 year old refrigerator.

... LG LSC27931S Side by Side Refrigerator

My refrigerator (RB1855) runs excessively long. Down time 15 minutes and run time 20 minutes. Noise comes out from the compressor. Even raiseed the temp setting (-18 to 17 and 3 to 4) when it is running but the compressor still does not stop in quite minutes (till now). evaporator fan was replaced a couple of months ago and the fridge was running ok.

There are about four different versions of your model. If you like I will send you the manual and we will work together as this refrigerator is very complex. Let me know, Thanks, Sea Breeze ... Samsung Refrigerators

Refridgerator question: Kenmore model #596.52672200 Mfg#p52672000w0 Ser#10307373an Problem: Refridgerator runs but does not cool freezer or fridge. Noticed prior to not cooling a fan noise by the compressor area. Checked all fans and they are all running.Checked condenser coils and they are clean. Checked panel behind compressor and can hear clicking noise at the compressor where switch relays are locataed. Thinking it could be a start relay or overload protector at the compressor by looki

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1. is light on in side when you open the door. If not check breakers or fuses.2. Can you hear the compressor running. If not do you hear any clicking sounds.3. If you hear clicking sounds, try putting a fan on compressor and unplug refrig ... Maytag MBB1956GES Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

My refrigerator and freezer are warm. Everything is warm and melting but the refrigerator is running i have a frigidaire commercial upright freezer modelffu20fc6aw4. The fan works and the kight shut off when the door switch is pusheed in. The compressor does not appear to be running. The temperature control switch has been set to 3 to 5 with no response from the comprees. this freezer has a temperature sensor box mounted on the wall as you look inside the dreefer on the left wall.

Bring all the controls to zero..unplug the unit for 10 minutes..plug it back in..and then bring the controls up to full range..it is equivalent to having an engine that is flooded..if this is not working to resolve this, then the compressor or the ca ... Refrigerators

My vinotemp 28 bottle wine cooler makes a terrible noise when it is running. could it be the fan? I unplugged it for several days, plugged it back in, and it ran quietly for a couple of hours before making the noise again. It still cools when it is running, so I don't think it is the compressor. Thanks.

... VinoTemp (TC32GB)

We have a Kenmore Elite 596.76522500 bottom freezer refrideragtor. It is approx. 4 years old. It will not cool. The fan is running and when the compressor kicks on there is a high pitched hum. We have cleaned the coils, unplugged the fridge and plugged it back in. Still doesn't seem to be cooling and is still making the noise. Is there a reset on the compressor?

No there is no reset on the compressor. It sounds like you have bad starting components on your compressor. The buzzing is your compressor trying to kick on and then shutting off on its overload. You will want to replace your start relay and overload ... Kenmore Elite 22.4 cu. ft. Bottom Freezer Refrigerator with Adjusta Cube Ice Maker

Refrigerator and freezer are not cooling. can here it running (clicking) but will not get cold. We think it cools and then shuts off. New house just got keys yesterday. it was running on Tuesday?Spoke to a couple of repair guys and they thought it could be the relay switch or compressor. What do you think? Can we repair the relay switch?

Yes replace the start relay and overload. Part number 4387835 or 4387535 or 8201799. If that doesnt help it then you need a need compressor. Most of those factory relays have a capacitor on them. You need to pay attention to how they are wired up. ... KitchenAid KSRS25ILSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Compressor stops running and keeps cycling every few minutes. It buzzes as if the compressor is gone. the compressor is hot. If the thermostat is turned to off for 6 to 8 hours and then turned back on the compressor works fine with no buzzing noise for aprox two days and then it happens again. I thought maybe it was the relay on the compressor but it wasn't the problem. The compressor still froze after installing the new relay.

You can replace the relay with a 3 in 1 made by supco. i generally just use a supco 0410.www.supco.comit is a start relay, overload, and start capacitor all in one. works great for residential systems. ... Frigidaire FRS3R5EMB Side by Side Refrigerator

The compressor will not stay on. Will not stay cold. Every few minutes you hear a click and the compressor will kick on but about 6 seconds later it clicks again and shuts off. The fan continuously runs. We Cleaned all dust and coils. Nothing is hot in the back(coils,compressor etc) and there is no condensation back there either. Do you think this a bad relay switch or something more serious like the compressor needing replacement. Thanks

If it was my fridge in your place i'd try and replace the comp start device first and if that does not work you will prob need a new comp.try this website: ... Whirlpool ED5LHAXWB 25 cu. ft. side-by-side refrigerator with in-door

I have a Beverage Air MT 27 and t isn't cooling. Sounds like the compressor ties to kick on but then doesn't. There is a click each time it tries to go on then clicks off. Almost as if there is a charge or signal being sent to the compressor but doesn't fully turn on the compressor. The fan and motor still run fine. There have been a couple times when the compressor starts for a second or two and then has tripped the gfci outlet it plugged into and then the whole unit shuts down. Any ideas?

I have the exact same problem on the MT27. What did you find was the problem?Thanks Lee ... Beverage-Air MT27 Beverage Cooler Commercial

Admiral system 2000 fridge (1990?) compressor shakes and gives a loud rattle when it shuts off only. When the compressor is off, I can shake it and get the same noise. I have tried to get new ''motor mounts'' but are not available anymore. So I have firmed up the compressor greatly using some old conveyor belting...but to no avail...is the compressor toast? It still cools down the fridge easily.

Yes but not today i have known compressors to run for years like that ... Admiral Refrigerators

I have a Magic Chef refrigerator. Model# CTN1511GEW Serial# 10381240ZB, It wont stay running. The freezer is staying cold but the bottom part is not. Been about 3 days not working properly. I can turn it off, by the control. Turn it back on, and it sounds like it wants to run, but then makes a snap noise, then shuts pff. Fan still runs int the back. Please HELP!! Susan

Your rtc overload contactor on the units compressor body is making that snap noise,you need a new overload,remove the spring wire that holds it to the compressor,unplug the rtc overload and capacitor and get a new one and reverse procedure to in stal ... Refrigerators

My compressor cooling fan quit- the compressor still runs. I unplugged the unit then plugged it back in. The cooling fan ran for about 15 seconds, then shut off again. Is the problem with the main control circuit board or with the compressor control board?.....

The problem is most likely the condensor fan motor is starting to fail. This is easy to check, First remove the back cover and when the compressor is running you should have voltage going to the fan motor if you do the fan motor needs replacing if no ... KitchenAid Superba Architect KSCS25INSS Side by Side Refrigerator

Compressor cycles I have a Kenmore Elite Model 106.54609300 fridge. Two days go I noticed that the ice had melted and the frozen food had thawed. It is still cold, but not freezing. The fridge section is also not as cold as it should be. I have cleaned all the coils and the fan. While cleaning, I noticed that the compressor will kick on for about 5 seconds, then shut off. It does ths about every 3-4 minutes. Also, the fan runs continuously. I swapped the relay from aother fridge I have (same par

Yeh The klixon relay is not at fualt its the compressor im sorry to say that in my opinion that the compressor has failed.\015\012the clicking sound is the compressor trying to start but inside its all burnt out and jammed.. If you need any mo ... Refrigerators

Model scd23vbw stopped cooling on freezer side but compressor still making noise & fan still running

... Amana Refrigerators

My Frigidaire just this morning me and my husband begin to hear a humming noise and everything inthe freezer begin to deforst, but the fridge itself is still running. Could this still be the compressor and can my husband replace it.

Ghsd ... Frigidaire FRS23R4C Side by Side Refrigerator

Inglis Refridgerator Hello I have a new fridge that is 3 mos. old. Since it's arrival I have been dealing noise issues. The fan is TOO loud and runs for ever. I just put groceries in the fridge at 2:30pm and the fan has still not shut off. I had the same problem yesterday. The fan started at 3pm and stopped at 7:30pm. Is this normal? The noise just gives me total grief. Can I open the back of the freezer and remove the fan? Thank you. Linda.

No the fan must stay or your Fridge will not cool, I hear this same problem from a lot of people that have new Fridges. all new fridges are louder that the older ones, check to see what setting you have your control set at. Try turning it down to 3 o ... Frost Inglis 17.6 Cu. Ft. -Free Top-Mount Refrigerator - Silver - IT18SKXRD

For a couple of days now, my Frigidaire RL6003B small fridge ,the compressor keeps running all day and night and does not switch off. I have felt the compressor and it very hot. The fridge seems to be still getting cold. Can you help me diagnose what the problem is.

It is possable that a thermostat or sensor is faulty or perhaps the compressor is low on gas you will probably have to call service engineer ... Refrigerators

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