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Hello, I have an Amana fridge (on top, freezer below) the fridge (top) had stopped working the freezer seemed to still work, unplugged it for a couple of days cleaned all dust underneath. Plugged it back in worked for 2 more weeks, same problem. Is this the condenser or could this be a thermostat issue or time for a new Refrigerator? Thanks

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Hello, I have an Amana fridge (on top, freezer below) the fridge (top) had stopped working the freezer seemed to still work, unplugged it for a couple of days cleaned all dust underneath. Plugged it back in worked for 2 more weeks, same problem. Is this the condenser or could this be a thermostat issue or time for a new Refrigerator? Thanks

... Amana ABD2533DEW / ABD2533DEB / ABD2533DEQ Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

LG LFC25760TT fridge/freezer french door; 3 years old. No problems until this week. We returned from vacation to find the freezer working fine but the fridge light would not turn on and the fridge was room temperature. The digital display numbers were still showing (35 degrees and -1 degrees). I unplugged the unit and plugged it back in. The fridge then started cooling again and the light works. My questions: Is this a fluke? Is this problem likely to happen again? Just wondering how to best pro

Hi Stephen.The problem was either a defective defrost thermostat, or a frozen damper fan.Problem is fixed by defrosting the unit completely. If problem was the defrost thermostat, or a problem concerning the defrost system (th ... LG LFC25760TT Titanium Bottom Freezer French Door Refrigerator

My 8.5 year old MZD2766GEQ has been working fine now for a couple of weeks, but I'm still not confident that my problems are over. Two weeks ago I experienced my fridge side getting 'not so cold' and made several inquiries to find a resolution. I took the back panels off rear wall from inside the freezer and the radiator looking park was encased in frost/ice. I took a hairdryer and melted everything off, then kept the doors open overnight. The next day I plugged it back in and by dinner time, t

The coils should get a coat of "frost" but not ice.If there is ice that soon - check the door seals to be sure they are sealing out humid air properly... and also the defrost timer may be faulty. It may not giving the evaporator (radiator behin ... Refrigerators

Sharp SJ-42-WH self-defrosting fridge. Freezer works fine, but fridge doesn't cool down - no airflow to fridge. 1. Damper working perfectly and not jambed in closed position. 2. Fan working perfectly 3. Thermostat in freezer fine 4. Evaporator fine - no ice build up, so auto-defrost seems to be working. Turned fridge off and left doors open overnight. Did find water on the floor. Switched it back on....it worked fine for 2 weeks, but problem is back - no airflow to fridge - checked damp

I recently had exactly the same problme with this model refrigerator. I found the problem to be the defrost timer. It is located behind the panel on the back of the refrigerator where the mains cord is located, you will need to replace it with the ex ... Refrigerators

Hi, i have a zanussi zd 19/5 bo fridge and i am facing the following problem. after moving the fridge to my cottage the freezer works fine but the Fridge is not getting cold. i tried to search for an evaporator fan but the there are no screws in the freezer compartment. also after unplugging the fridge for a couple of hours, i lift it slightly forward by pressing it from the top back. then i plugged it back, i could hear a noise that the fridge was working, the back of the fridge got slightly co

... Zanussi Refrigerators

Fridge worked perfect for 3yrs, one day i took everything out of the fridge side (left freezer door closed) to clean it, left the fridge door open for about 30 minutes as i cleaned the shelves, cripser etc. Next day the fridge side stopped cooling but the freezer side was normal temp and making ice. Unplugged the unit for one day, plugged it back in and it worked perfect for 2 weeks, after that both sides (fridge and freezer) stopped working.

You may have a big problem not sopose have the door open so long better you call service ... Frigidaire PLHS267ZA Side by Side Refrigerator

We have a 3 way Dometic fridge in our caravan. Have lived in the van for last 12 months ( grey nomads) have had no probs until trip home this week from Yulara to Victoria. Pulled up at night and freezer was starting to defrost & fridge not real cold. ( 2 door fridge). For two days fridge did not want to work. Got freezer part to work on gas. Now today the whole things seems to be back working on 240 volt. Does anyone have any idea what the problem is???? BTW we think it is something to do wit

Temperature does play a big part in the efficiency of the fridge. The condenser at the back of the fridge needs cool air flow to allow gas vapour to be converted back into a liquid.again. ... Dometic RM2652 Refrigerator

Fridge is on top and freezer is on bottom. Fridge is not cooling and freezer is not froze up and the fan is working. The air vents are not plugged and the air is not being returner to the lower cabin. When the freezer door is open just a bit the air blows out the inside back of the fridge. But when you close the freezer the air flow stops. So the damper has been checked and I can't seem to find the problem. And again there is no ice bilt up in any area as I have had to take the inide back panel

... GE Profile PDS22SCRL Stainless Steel Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

The fridge isn't working, but the freezer is. Defrosted everything when the same problem occured last week and the fridge started working again. But now, 10 days later, the freezer's back wall has iced up again and the fridge isn't working again - any ideas??

Its likley to be a temperamental thermostat doing this\015\012try changing it,, normaly when the thermostat gos off its will freez up or be-frost,,, ... Amana ABB1927DE Bottom Freezer Refrigerator

Defrost problem problem first started when the door to the freezer was left open all night.. i shut it down for over 24 hrs.. and let it completely defrost.. frost built up on the back wall of freezer.. after plugging back in and letting run.. it does fine for about 4 or 5 days.. then i notice the back wall frosting up again... after removing the inside panel.. the whole unit is frozen solid.. it seems to be an auto defrost problem... is there anyway to reset..?? fans are working good.. fridge

No there is nothing to reset. It could be one of three things. Let the unit defrost completley. Take the same back pannel off. Check to see if your heater at the bottom is discolored or if you can see thats its broken inside. The next thing it could ... GE (PSS26MSRSS) Side by Side Refrigerator

I have a samsung fridge rs253baww the problem is the freezer working great but the fridge its not working at all its stays 76 sometimes it goes down to 69 or 67 but still not working inside its hot its not working at all but the freezer is below zero i did disconnect it for 24 hours then i did plug it back the same thing any idea guys what part is bad and were is the part located thanks

The fault looks like the cold air flow is choked . Look behind the panel of the freezer, the duct to the fridge, there must be flow of cold air. If so remove the back panel of the freezer and check if the fan is working , if there is frost build up o ... Refrigerators

My fridge doesn't cool. The bottom freezer works and the lights in both compartments work. The "Refridgerator temp" buttons do not light up or work. The "Freezer Temp" buttons light up, but do not respond. I tried unplugging and then plugging it back in. The temp settings reset and the fridge started to cool, but after about 5 minutes, the same problem occurred again.

... LG Refrigerators

We purchased a GE Profile bottom freezer from a liquidator shop. After about 5 days of use the fridge portion began to warm and the freezer went into deep freeze. The control panel was replaced, by the store, but the problem returned. Then they replaced the damper tower, this also did not fix the problem. Then they replaced a sensor inside the refrigerator. Still no fix. Then they took it back to the store, "worked on it" and returned it to us a week later. It worked well for about anothe

Leak in the water line or ice-maker should not cause the ice-build up problem.But yes if there is ice getting blocked in the water line then this can create the same kind of problem.But now the question arise is "why the ice get clogged in water line ... Refrigerators

My Kelvinator N245C fridge is leaking water. Sometimes onto the floor and sometimes into the shelves inside the fridge. The fridge is still working fine. The freezer still freezers and the fridge is cold. But it is leaking water. I turned the fridge off for two weeks when I went away on holidays. However when I returned and turned the fridge back on the leaking water problem stilled occurred.

... Refrigerators

Freezer works fridge doesn't cool and frost was building up in the freezer. unpluged it for 24hrs plugged it back in ran great for about 2 weeks and now frost is building up in the freezer again and the fridge is getting warmer. fridge is only 1 1/2 yrs old its a kenmore

Good day, \015\012The defrost system needs repaired. There are 3 components to check and replace as needed. Most appliance parts houses carry them.\015\012 \015\012Look here\015\012 \015\012 ... Kenmore 20.6 cu. ft. Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a fridge maybe 10 yrs old, freezer below is working fine, but top part started become a frozen block so defrosted and with week or two it is iceing up again and have turned it to lowest, it was also icing up all veges in bin at bottom of fridge, why is back peice freezing up, it has stopped freezing veges since taking vege bin out and moving stuff away from fan and back of fridge. What else may be the problem, time for a newby??

... Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

My Kenmore Freezer Model # 596.722 has problem with bottom freezer it is icing up in the back. The fridge top half isn't as cool as it should be. My husband has used a hair dryer to de-ice it, removed the inside back panel and had to de-ice the coils. This helped and our refrigerator was cool and freezer worked. However only for 2 weeks. Help .

... Kenmore Refrigerators

My refrigerator and freezer is not working too well. it stopped getting cold and then i transferred the food to the refrigerator in the garage and unplugged the kitchen. about a week later i plugged it in and it was fine for 2 weeks until the same problem. i unplugged it for a couple of hours and plugged back in.it was good again for 2 weeks until now. when it is not cold it seems to always run and makes a buzzing noise about every 2 minutes and lasts for about 10 seconds

I have a maytag two door fridge it's not working the fan is working but it's not getting cold fridge or freezer can you help me sometimes it tries to cut in makes some kind of sound for a couple of sec and stops again ... Maytag MTB1953HE Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Side by Side Fridge Freezer WSE6100PA*1 which is just over 3 years old. Approx 1 week ago the Freezer Alarm went and food in the top of the freezer were soft. We turned the unit off for about 20 hours and back on again and it was working ok until yesterday (13/12/10). This morning I defrosted the coil with a hair dryer and it is back on now and running. Our neighbour who has the same fridge/freezer as we purchased them at the same time had this problem about 12 months ago and he did wha

... Refrigerators

The refrigerator side is not cooling and the freezer side is working fine. Two weeks ago this same problem occured and I moved everything to my backup frig and allowed the kenmore to defrost over night. when I plugged it back in it worked great for two weeks and now it is not cooling the firg again?

It indicates the problem with defrost timer.actually the defrost timer sends the command to defrost the ice formed inside the tube after every particular time interval.if the timer is faulty.it wont defrost at all and the ice will keep clogging the t ... Kenmore Refrigerators

GE- GTS22WC refrigerator. Both the refrigerator and the freezer stopped cooling, We put it in the basement thinking it was no good, and after a few months we plugged it back in and it worked ok for about two weeks, then stopped again. Just plugged it in again and it is cooling again! The fans all work fine on it, lights are on,etc. Seems ok once again, but I know it will stop again if we can not figure out what the problem is.

The auto defrost heat element is not working. When the ice buildup clogs the airflow the unit stops cooling. Once you unplug it and give it a chance to melt it works again. You need to have the defrost unit replaced. ... GE GTS22KBP Top Freezer Refrigerator

I have a Electrocool Model GR-382R upper freezer and lower fridge and the fridge part will freeze after about 2 weeks. If you unplug it for a day and plug it back in it will work fine for another 2 weeks.

If there is a vent control in the freezer unit, it allows cold air to fall into the refrigerator below. How you regulate those vents will affect the temperature below. If yo put a thermometer in the lower section you could adjust the vents to get t ... Refrigerators

Frigidaire FRT04L5DM 4.4 cu ft compact fridge not cold. Fan in freezer works, but neither freezer nor fridge produce cold. I unplugged unit, cleaned coils, plugged back in but same problem. Is the uni

... Frigidaire Refrigerators

GE PTS22LCR (top freezer) will periodically stop cooling almost entirely. Leaving it unplugged several hours then plugging back in seems to fix the problem, at least for several weeks to a few months. Problem is with both fridge and freezer.

Hi, Many times a freezer and/or refrigeratordo not work right because of a dirty condenser coil...there are also many otherthings that can go wrong. \012If you are hearing a clicking or buzzing then check out thelast two tips. ... GE PTS22LCR Top Freezer Refrigerator

Refrigerator GE Profile Model TPX24BIBA WW(purchased 5 years ago) The freezer and refrigerator are not cold enough. We checked the lights and they go off when the doors are closed. We cleaned the coils underneath. We disconnected it for 24 hours and after we plugged it back on, it worked very well for 2-3 days then the problem came back. Please let me know what you think the problem could be. Thank you.

Hello,A refrigerator not cold enough is a hassle, because you are at risk of spoiling the foods you store in there. Most often, this problem is caused by something easy to fix.1. Faulty Door GasketsThe door gaskets in a ... GE Refrigerators

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